Neverwinter Anniversary EvenyThe popular free to play Dungeons and Dragon based MMO Neverwinter has come up on its anniversary. To celebrate the developers at Cryptic have set up a special anniversary special event. In this special event for Neverwinter players can earn a special Lion Throne mount, a court jester as a companion, special access to an exclusive area, and many more items that are only available during this Anniversary Event. Log on to Neverwinter now and get to work on the tasks that Elminster has for you to earn these special event rewards.

Neverwinter Anniversary Event Announcement

The Neverwinter team is extremely excited to celebrate Neverwinter’s one year anniversary with a special Anniversary Event! Lord Neverember has declared a great jubilee in honor of this momentous occasion. Few can resist the pomp and circumstance of the festivities, even the most powerful wizard in Forgotten Realms, Elminster Aumar, was compelled to travel to Protector’s Enclave to partake in the events. During this time of celebration adventurers will be able to tackle new daily quests, battle through a new skirmish event and earn plenty of rewards to help you celebrate the Anniversary!

Event Start: Thursday June 19, 2014 at 10 AM PDT (When is this for you?)

Event End: Wednesday June 25, 2014 at 10 AM PDT (When is this for you?)

What’s going on during the event?

As part of the celebrations, Protector’s Enclave will be decorated with Anniversary Banners and will include a newly built rooftop garden overlooking the Market Square. The richly decorated Protector’s Garden will be open to all visitors during the event, but afterwards will be require a Garden Key. Entering the garden after the event has ended will consume the Garden Key and grant permanent access to the Protector’s Garden.

Elminster’s Messages

As part of Elminster Aumar’s visit to Protector’s Enclave, he is seeking the help of adventurers to deliver grim tidings to the Harper agents scattered across the Sword Coast. Players will travel to various zones to accomplish missions, speaking to Harpers in the field. Players of at least level 6 will have a chance to receive two quests based on their level. Completing the quest will grant you Commemorative Figurines that can be used to redeem Anniversary items in the event store.

Protector’s Speech Skirmish

Neverwinter Anniversary Event SkirmishLord Neverember has taken this time of celebration to address the people of the city, but unsavory elements want to do anything they can to disrupt the speech. It is up to you to help prevent these creatures from disrupting this joyous occasion.

The Protector’s Speech is a scaling skirmish event that takes place in Protector’s Enclave. Each run, three randomized encounters will attack different parts of the city, and adventures will have to defend the city and defeat the creatures. Defeat the hordes and you will be rewarded with many items including Neverwinter Renown.

Sword Coast Adventurers

Players will find a special dungeon in SCA on Gateway. The dungeon features an encounter with The Protectors’ Speech, a boss that threatens to bore you out of the dungeon with non-combat challenges. Neverwinter renown will also drop from challenges within the dungeon.
Completing daily quests and the skirmish will reward you with event currency that can be used to purchase these Rewards:

New Companion

Every now and then you need a bit of entertainment along your travels through the Forgotten Realms.  The Traveling Entertainer is the perfect companion to lift your spirits and will also aid you in your battles with several firey tricks.

Ceremonial Armor and Cloak- This four-piece transmutable armor set was fashioned after the anniversary banners that are hung all around Protector’s Enclave. The transmute armor and cloak items are available for each class.

Throne of the Lion Mount

You may never be on a throne overseeing Protector’s Enclave, but you can always pretend to with this motionless mount. Sit on your throne and ponder what you’ll be doing next in Neverwinter; taking out Akar Kessell or maybe a bit of PvP?

New Fashion

Look your finest during Neverwinter’s Anniversary with the Waterdhavian inspired fashion set that is infamous for its dazzling and luxurious designs. This classy set is sought after by fashion enthusiasts along the sword coast and gives you the definition of esteem among other adventurers.

You can also receive:

Celebratory Confetti

Neverwinter Lion Throne MountA celebratory “popper” item that shoots confetti in all directions.  There’s also a chance for the Ancient Curio to be left behind, which can be taken to the Disheveled Madman for a reward.

Anniversary Ham

This slow cooked piece of ham increases maximum Block and Staminia for a short period.

Elminster’s Lunchbox

A reward pack that contains random food items from events, including the Anniversary Ham.

Elminster’s Guide to Juggling

This item unlocks the “Juggle” emote.