ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-pipes-to-datacronOn all of the worlds in Star Wars The Old Republic, better known as Star Wars TOR, there are many hidden and ancient secrets to uncover while you explore. One of the most widely sought after are the Datacrons. These Datacrons are cleverly hidden all over each of the planets in Star Wars TOR.

When you find and use these Datacrons they permanently increase your characters abilities. It’s no wonder they are prized by players! Here is the listing of the Coruscant Datacrons along with a video to help you find them if the directions are not clear.

Good luck on your Datacron hunt on Coruscant!

Star Wars TOR Coruscant Datacron Video Guide

If you are looking for specific Datacrons on Coruscant you can skip ahead in the video using the following times as a guide.

  • Old Galatic Market: 0:22
  • Black Sun Territory: 1:35
  • Justicar Territory: 3:55
  • The Works: 5:15
  • Jedi Temple: 7:25


Star Wars TOR Coruscant Datacrons

Use the table below for a quick reference to the Datacrons you can find on Coruscant in Star Wars TOR.

Datacron Area





How to find the Datacron

Lore Unlocked

Old Galactic Republic Market 2318 1053 472 +2 Presence This Datacron is protected by an elite warrior and two friends. It can be a tough fight for people just starting Coruscant. If it is too much get a level or two and come back for it. Galactic History 08: Hyperspace Cannons
Black Sun Territory -3625 148 -1293 +2 Endurance This one is quite tricky. Start in the northwest section where the cantina is. Climb up the crates and walk across the pipes and balconies all the way over to the Datacron which is on the other side back above the cantina. Galactic History 04: King Adas
Justicar Territory 1042 3969 -1036 +2 Cunning This one is a bit tough to get at with the narrow pipes and the sluggish player character controls of Star Wars TOR. Keep at it and you will get the Datacron. Galactic History 05: Rise of the Infinite Empire
Justicar Territory Checkpoint 950 4543 -2262 Yellow Matrix Shard This one is a bit tricky and if you are not paying attention you can easily miss it. Once you get off the elevator follow the path straight a ways. The path may turn but keep going “straight” as you progress. When the passage turns to the east and north you are almost there. You will see a hallway full of creatures. At the north east corner there is some crates and a pipe you can get on. Jump on this and follow it around until you get to the datacron. Galactic History 06: The Infinite Empire Collapses
Jedi Temple Mezzanine -3088 3031 538 +2 Strength This one is on the second level up on the Mezzanine in the Jedi Temple. Look for the large pillar that has fallen and you can take that up to the second floor. It starts at LOC: -3102, 2919, 497. Be careful as there is a nasty Champion, Dark Sith Anev Xydes, meditating at the top. Make sure to go around him unless you want to brawl. Galactic History 07: The First Spaceflights

Tips and Tricks to Making it to the Datacrons

Star Wars TOR character controls are sluggish and not too responsive. It can be very frustrating trying to get some of these Datacrons. Use some of the tricks below to help you get to the Datacrons

  • Remember to Toggle Sprint – Some places you need it, others it will hinder you.
  • Make sure to pan you camera around to make sure you are lined up for jumps or falls.
  • Dismiss companion if they get in the way.
  • In high lag areas (Like The Works) try to go after the Datacron at off peak times.
  • Use edges and walls as guides for running and jumping.

Play smarter, not harder!