ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-deep-fried-batsWelcome to DDM’s Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular beginning class guides for Star Wars The Old Republic (TOR). Why am I discussing Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular together? The answer is simple: mechanically speaking, they are played almost exactly the same, have the same powers, and fill the same roles in a group. The two have vastly different storylines and completely different goals, but when you boil down the nitty gritty of each class, they are very similar. You will see what I mean soon enough.

These class guides will be focused around the mechanics and play style that each class fits into. The Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular play the same roles, work the same way, use the same powers, and seek the same equipment.

Do you want to play a character that likes to hang back from the front and fry your enemies with force lightening? Do you want to master the force to bring devastation to your enemies and protect and heal your allies? Whether you want to fight for the Republic or scheme through the Empire, these classes might be right for you in TOR.

Sith Inquisitor Class Description

Where a Sith Warrior is rage, an Inquisitor is cunning. A master of Force Lightning and arcane secrets, the Inquisitor can hold one enemy in the air and stun another, all the while attacking with lightsaber moves designed for maximum pain.

Sith Inquisitors can be: Human, Rattataki, Twi’lek, Sith Pureblood or Zabrak.

Jedi Consular Class Description

A master of the secrets of the Force, the Jedi Consular is both fighter and healer, teacher and student. The Force can be used to cloud the minds of the weak, restore strength to the fallen and hurl both opponents and objects through the air.

Jedi Consulars can be: Human, Miraluka, Mirialan, Twi’lek or Zabrak.

Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Role in TOR

ddmsreal-tor-tython-bloodskinThis class would be considered your ranged damage dealing and healing classes much like wizards and clerics in other MMO’s. There are a couple of different class paths you can take later to fine tune the role you like best, but for now, we are going to stick with the basic ranged damage and healer role.

What does being a ranged damage dealer mean? First it means you should start the fight from afar using the abilities you have with the most range. Then use what you have to stop, disorient and confuse your enemies while you finish them off.

You wear light armor and wield a lightsaber, but you are not as tough as a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior. You should be engaging in melee combat at the end of a fight, not the beginning. Your goal is to do as much damage to your enemies as you can before they get to you.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-k-lor-slug-gluttonStarting the game, it’s easy to get in the habit of running into the battle and smacking things with your lightsaber. Sure it’s fun, but it’s a bad habit to get into with this class. As the game progresses, you will find yourself struggling more and more with this style of fighting. If you want to play this style, I would suggest playing a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior in TOR instead of a Sith Inquisitor or Jedi Consular. If you like to sit back and wreak havoc on your enemies while they squirm in agony and beat up other characters, this is the class for you.

Pay attention to the style you like to play so after 10th level you can decide to be a ranged single target damage dealer of destruction, or temper that some with healing abilities you can use on yourself and other party members. If you find yourself often on the brink of death, you might consider leaning towards the healing advanced class.

Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Starting Ability Points

ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-over-you-goBoth of these classes start off with the same beginning ability points. However, they can and will change frequently depending on the gear you wear and a few other things you can do in game to change them. (Such as using a datacron to permanently increase  an ability.)

  • 21 Strength
  • 48 Presence
  • 10 Aim
  • 10 Cunning
  • 48 Endurance
  • 54 Willpower
  • 0 Expertise

You will notice three abilities that are far higher than the others. Presence will help with your agro (aggression) generation. Endurance will determine how many hit points you have and how much damage you can absorb. Willpower will determine the power of your Force Abilities. These abilities should be your primary focus. Try to equip items and gear that increase Presence, Endurance and Willpower.

Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Armor

These classes can use light armor only. This means that you will take more damage than most other classes. Keep this always at the forefront of your mind and play appropriately. I would suggest that you make Willpower your focus as it will impact all of your force abilities. When you’re choosing between items, hold your mouse over the item and information popup window will appear. Try to keep the items with the highest Willpower bonus on them. Good changes will show as green and poor changes will show as red at the bottom of this popup window.

Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Weapons

ddmsreal-tor-tython-tythorian-lore-guardianIt should come as no surprise that both of these classes use lightsabers. However, your primary weapon is the Force. Consider your lightsaber your backup when you run out of Force. It’s important to have a good lightsaber but I think it helps to consider it something you will use to finish off your enemies, not to fight them primarily.

Your lightsaber is going to be the first weapon you are able to upgrade and modify. Try to stay on top of this to make sure your lightsaber is as good as it can be. Watch for quest rewards, drops, and most especially good crafters that can create these modifications for you. Try to focus on Willpower and Endurance modifications.


Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Abilities


Sith Inquisitor

Jedi Consular



Cool Down




1 Saber Strike Saber Strike Instant 4m Melee Damage Deals Weapon damage spread across a flurry of 3 melee attacks.
1 Shock Project Instant 45 6s 10m Ranged Damage Deals kinetic damage. Standard and weak targets are additionally stunned for 3 seconds.
1 Thrash Double Strike Instant 25 4m Melee Damage Strikes the target twice. Each hit deals weapon damage.
1 Mark of Power Force Valor Instant 6 s 30 m Group Buff Increases the target’s Strength, Aim, Willpower and cunning by 5% and internal and elemental damage reduction by 10% for 60 minutes. If the Target is a party member, all other party members are also affected.
1 Seethe Meditation 15s Self-Buff Allows you to pause and meditate to restore your health and Force. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. Cannot be used during combat.
2 Force Lightening Telekinetic Throw Channeled: 3s 30 6s 10m Ranged Damage Deals kinetic damage and slows movement speed by 50%. Standard and weak targets are immobilized for the duration.
3 Overload Force Wave Instant 20 20s AE Damage Deals kinetic damage and knocks back all enemies within 8 meters. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3 seconds.
4 Trash II Double Strike II Instant 25 4m Melee Damage Thrash/Double Strike upgrade.
4 Shock II Project II Instant 45 6s 10m Ranged Damage Shock/Project upgrade.
4 Whirlwind Force Lift 2s 20 60s 30m Crowd Control Lifts the target helplessly into the air, preventing all action for up to 8 seconds. Non-player targets heal rapidly while lifted out of harm’s way. Damage will break the effect prematurely.
5 Force Lightening II Telekinetic Throw II Channeled: 3s 30 6s 10m Ranged Damage Force Lightening/Telekinetic Throw upgrade.
6 Overload II Force Wave II Instant 20 20s AE Damage Overload/Force Wave upgrade.
6 Electrocute Force Stun Instant 20 60s 30m Crowd Control Deals kinetic damage and stuns the target for 4 seconds.
7 Shock III Project III Instant 45 6s 10m Ranged Damage Shock/Project upgrade.
7 Trash III Double Strike III Instant 25 4m Melee Damage Thrash/Double Strike upgrade.
8 Force Lightening III Telekinetic Throw III Channeled: 3s 30 6s 10m Ranged Damage Force Lightening/Telekinetic Throw upgrade.
8 Recklessness Force Potency Instant 90s Self-Buff Grants 2 charges of Force Potency, which increases the Force critical chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60% and increases the range of Force Lightning/Telekinetic Throw to 30 meters. Each time a direct Force ability critically hits or you activate this ability, you lose 1 charge. Lasts 20 seconds.
8 Electrocute II Force Stun II Instant 20 60s 30m Crowd Control Electrocute/Force Stun upgrade.
8 Overload III Force Wave III Instant 20 20s AE Damage Overload/Force Wave upgrade.
9 Unbreakable Will Force of Will Instant 2m Self Buff Demonstrates your force of will, immediately freeing you of all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.
10 Shock IV Project IV Instant 45 6s 10m Ranged Damage Shock/Project upgrade.
  • Level: The level you are able to train this ability.
  • Name: The name of the ability.
  • Cost: How much Focus/Rage it takes to use this ability.
  • Activate: How long it takes to begin. Instant means right away. Channeled means it is used for the time duration listed. A time listed means it takes that long to begin the action. Both timed and channeled actions can be interrupted.
  • Cool Down: How long you will have to wait before you can use this ability again. Seconds are abbreviated as (s).
  • Range: This is the distance you must be within to use this ability. Some abilities are used up close while others can be used from afar. Meter is abbreviated as (m).
  • Type: The kind of ability, if it helps you and your friends or harms your enemy. AE means Area of Effect, which will hit multiple targets.
  • Description: A detailed description of the ability.

Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Combat

Both of these classes are excellent classes for ranged battle and crowd control. Make sure to always start the fight with your ranged abilities. Hurt your enemies before they can get to you then finish them with your lightsaber as they engage. Get in the habit of this and you will be very successful in TOR as one of these two classes.

Fighting Groups of Enemies While Playing Solo in TOR

ddmsreal-tor-tython-fess-chargingThere is a lot of solo content in TOR, especially as you work your way through your class quest. Soloing means playing through content by yourself. If you are fighting a group of enemies, you can use your abilities however you choose. I would suggest experimenting in order to familiarize yourself with your abilities so you can easily decide in combat what you need to use and the results to expect. However, for most general playing in the game you will want to use the class’s one-two punch. Use the Tab key to cycle through the group and figure out if there is one that is the strongest. Select the strongest one, but if they are all similar in power, pick the one that is closest to you of the group of enemies.

  1. Force Lightning/Force Throw to start off. This does damage and slows them down.
  2. As the enemy’s allies move in, use Overload/Force Sweep to damage and scatter your enemies.
  3. Finish the remaining enemies off with Shock/Project then Saber Strike as they get up.
  4. Loot

Soloing Single Powerful Enemies and Boss Fights in TOR

ddmsreal-tor-tython-rock-slam-grand-chieftain-keshkYou’ll want to use different tactics when you are fighting a single tough enemy, such as in boss fights.  The one-two punch tactic may not work as well. This will be your first training for doing damage to bosses without attracting their attention or incapacitating them if you do. In Flashpoints and Raids you will have to use these tactics or you will die, and die often, so take it seriously and learn the tricks to using your abilities well here so you can be an awesome Force Wielder later in the game.

This will be great practice in learning to fill your role as a secondary damage dealer in TOR. That means you will help in the fight but should not be at the center of it. To do this, check the boss and see if the MoB has any friends around it that will assist it. If that is the case, your first job is to eliminate them while crowd controlling the boss. The reason for this is that even if they are weaker MoBs, they will tear you up if you waste your time fighting the hard enemy and let the weaker ones take shots at you. You’re more vulnerable in light armor and can easily die if you let too many things attack you at once. If the boss has friends, try handling them this way:

  1. Whirlwind/Force Lift the meanest of the group. This will heal them, but they are full at the start of the fight so that doesn’t matter. What is most important is it gets them out of the fight for the few precious seconds you can use to kill its minions.
  2. Force Lightning/Project the nearest minion, slowing it down.
  3. As the enemy’s allies move in, use Overload/Force Sweep to damage and scatter your enemies.
  4. Finish the remaining enemies off with Shock/Project then Saber Strike as they get up.
  5. Now fight the boss using Electrocute/Force Stun, Thrash/Double Strike and Overload/Force Sweep when it tries to use its special attacks.
  6. Loot some blues!

Grouping in TOR

ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-dance-partyWhen you are grouped with others, the MoBs should drop pretty quickly, so there shouldn’t be much need to use a lot of different abilities. Use Shock/Project as you into the fray. Make sure to let the tanks hit the MoBs first. This assures that they get initial agro. Also there can be ambushes or hidden mobs and if you are the first to strike a target you might find yourself quickly surrounded by enemies. You do not want this to happen. If it does, use Overload/Force Sweep to get them away from you or you will quickly die. Keep to these simple attacks to save your resource pool for when you need it to fight nasty bosses and their friends.

When you’re in a group, it is generally frowned upon to use Overload/Force Sweep, since knocking the enemies around is far more annoying than helpful. Your group mates will miss their attacks, waste resources, and spend time chasing MoBs around. This wastes time and is frustrating. Your party members will thank you… well… at least they won’t curse you!

Grouping in Boss Fights in TOR

ddmsreal-tor-tython-dark-beastGrouping and fighting bosses is much different for your class then when you are soloing. First and foremost you should never be the first to strike, in fact, you should wait until the boss is down at least 10%, but 20% is better, before attacking at all. It might be tempting to jump right onto the Elite or Champion boss. I urge you to hold back to let the tanks establish good agro. If they don’t keep agro, you will die, simple as that. If you just have to start tossing destruction, you should focus on the minions of the boss. You will be able to use crowd control spells to keep them off the main tank while you finish them off. This will really help to keep control of a battle that can quickly get out hand if the boss starts bouncing around. You want those super nasty MoBs to be hitting someone else, hopefully the party’s tanks.

If you overdo it and end up drawing agro off the tank, then you need to stop attacking. Let the tank re-establish agro. Use this break to heal yourself or someone else. If nothing else just sit back and wait a few seconds before you re-engage.

When you do start attacking again, make sure not to attack as hard or as fast. You want to keep the boss parked and stationary so the entire group can work to bring the boss down.

If the powerful enemy you are fighting is susceptible to stuns and other forms of de-buffs and harrying, use these as well.

When you are hanging back blasting the boss with your Force abilities, make sure to hit your boosting ability, Recklessness/Force Potency, to help drop some big damage. This is especially effective if you want until the boss is under 20% to unload your full fury of Force on it.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-ancient-tomb-of-knowledgeOverall the Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular are great classes to play in TOR. They can really bring the damage when it’s needed and those that take the healing paths are a boon to any group, in even the hardest of missions. Through your first 10 levels, you should get a feel for which way you want to take your class when it is time to pick your path. Both offensive and defensive choices are great characters and will be needed classes for any end game content. The choice is ultimately yours, play what fits your style, your character and what you envision these to be.

Below are a couple quick summaries to give you an idea what you will be looking for in TOR for advanced paths.

Sith Inquisitor Class Paths

Sith Sorcerer

ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-meditationThe Sith Sorcerer draws energy from the forbidden depths of the Force, mastering techniques that sap and drain enemies as they invigorate allies – or simply wreak utter devastation.

  • Class Role: Heal, Damage – Defensive
  • Weapon: Lightsaber, Focus
  • Armor: Light
  • Skill Path: Corruption, Lightning, Madness

Sith Assassin

Assassins leap from the shadows, channeling Force lightning through their double-bladed lightsabers to disable and drain their enemies. They are masters of subterfuge, feared by even the most terrible opponents.

  • Class Role: Tank, Damage – Offensive
  • Weapon: Double-Bladed Lightsaber
  • Armor: Light
  • Skill Path: Darkness, Deception, Madness

Jedi Consular Class Paths

Jedi Sage

ddmsreal-tor-tython-meditationSages are famed for their wisdom much as for their powerful healing and defensive skills. In troubled times, a Sage brings together the insight of the past with raw power to change the flow of galactic events.

  • Class Role: Heal, Damage – Defensive
  • Weapon: Lightsaber
  • Armor: Light
  • Skill Path: Balance, Seer, Telekinetics

Jedi Shadow

Wielding double bladed lightsabers, Shadows embrace the synergy between melee and Force combat, enabling them to strike down enemies of the Order with deadly efficiency.

  • Class Role: Tank, Damage – Offensive
  • Weapon: Double Bladed Lightsaber
  • Armor: Light
  • Skill Path: Balance, Infiltration, Kinetic Combat

ddmsrealm-star-wars-korriban-need-gogglesEnjoy playing these fun classes in TOR. Remember, once you choose a path, there is no going back, so choose carefully. Make sure you are certain what you want to do. Follow what you want to do with your character and consider your play style. Both classes are mirrors of each other, so pick the side that you think will fit your personality and role play style. You will have a lot more fun this way instead of trying to make a Jedi act like a Sith or vice versa.

Focus the Force and get ready to blast your way through battles and be ready to help bring your group through to victory in TOR!

Play smarter, not harder!