ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-ord-mantell-mapOrd Mantell is the starting planet in Star Wars TOR for both the Trooper and Smuggler. Both of their stories start them off in the north area of the map. This planet is a war zone; the Republic is battling the Separatists for control of the area.  This area is a 1-10th level area with a small section in the north for mid to high teens.

This guide is a quick overview of the area with some spoilers and tips to help you make the most out of your time on Ord Mantell. If you are an explorer and like the thrill of wandering around by yourself and discovering things on your own, DO NOT read this guide until you have finished your exploration.  Then come back and see if there is anything you missed or if there is something you cannot find.

If you find something that you think should be included in this planetary guide, please post below. Star Wars TOR has a great set of in-game tools to help you explore and find the standard things like vendors, bind points, trainers, etc. This guide will focus on the main goals and points of interest that Star Wars TOR’s internal game tools don’t tell you about, or very important topics you don’t want to miss.

Drelliad Village on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-tor-ord-mantell-drelliad-villageThe small starting area of Drelliad Village is your first battle zone, where you can test out your character and their abilities.

There is a quest giver at the blockade at the bottom of the hill. Make sure to stop by and pick up that quest before you head into the village on your class quest.

Once you head inside Drelliad Village you will get a couple bonus missions to take out extra separatists. Make sure to complete these before you turn in the main quest or you will not get credit for them. Completing bonus objectives is a good habit to get into.

That’s really all you do in this small starting area. Play around and try out your new character. Try fighting a few things at once or one strong target. Once you have completed your missions and you feel comfortable with your character, head south towards Fort Garnik.

Fort Garnik on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-star-wars-ord-mantell-fort-garnikFort Garnik is the hub of Ord Mantell. This place has just about everything: trainers, vendors, bind point, taxi service, specialty goods, and a few other things. There is nothing PVP-related here because you cannot PVP until you are 10th level. By then you should be off planet or close to it.

Every time you arrive in a new place, bind yourself at the beginning. Here, you want to bind just inside Fort Garnik on your left (the taxi service is also right here). It is too easy to forget later and get stuck or have to run all the way back through an area you should be able to take a speeder through.

To the right, you’ll find a Rodian Smuggler trainer. A Rodian Lore Object is behind him—grab that Object. If you continue to head south under a large bridge, and just to the right, you can also get the Republic Flag Lore Object.

Then turn in your quests and complete as many as you can while you run around Fort Garnik.

Sell and repair your items. Go to the armor vendor and try to find something to fill your empty armor slots. If you can’t afford armor now, keep this in mind and fill those slots with something as soon as possible.

There are a lot of quests in Fort Garnik, but they will be spoon fed to you as you level and progress through your class quests. You should have new quests that can be picked up every time you complete a section of your class quest. You can tell when this happens as you will get XP, loot, and credits. You will also be sent off to a new area of Ord Mantell.

Make sure you stop by the Cantina and bind here. Try to log out in the Cantina, when you log back in you will have an XP bonus for a while.

Once the chores are done, head out the east side of Fort Garnik and make sure to pick up all the quests you may have missed.

Talloran Village on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-star-wars-ord-mantell-sataliteTalloran Village is another battle zone controlled by the Separatists. There is not much here except enemies to throttle.

Work your way around town, going through your quests. Watch your mini map for quest goals. They will be in the form of an orange triangle indicating an exact location. A square with a green arrow pointing into it means you must enter a structure or cave or something similar to complete the quest. When you enter the designated area, you will transition to a smaller map. You may see a dot with a radar screen. The size of the radar circle shows that you can complete the quest anywhere in that area that is covered. These radar indicators are usually linked to scavenger hunt-type quests or simple slayer quests. This is the first taste of what most questing areas are going to be like in Star Wars TOR.  There will be a mix of these with your many missions. Try to plot a course through the area to complete your missions in the most direct manner.

If there are a lot of people that are “camping” the area and you are finding it hard to get what you need, you can head off to the north and complete any missions you have outside of Talloran Village. If you do this, you will need to come back south, fighting your way through, to complete the missions you left behind. This will take longer but will ultimately help you level and get gear and cash.

If you are in a hurry, make sure you clear out all of your quests from Talloran Village before you head north to complete those that take you to the small island. This way you can get up there, complete your quest, then use your Fast Travel to summon a shuttle to take you right back to Fort Garnik. This is much faster, but if you make a habit of this of taking fast travel everywhere instead of running back to things and fighting you will not level as quickly or have the chance for the extra gear and credits. Eventually it will catch up to you and you may be under level for your class quest and be forced to stop and “grind a level”. This means you will have to head outside of wherever you are and kill badgers, or whatever else you can find, until you gain a level or two. This get very boring fast and is no fun at all. So if you are not in a hurry, run everywhere you go and kill things along the way.

Turn in your quests, level up, repair your gear and buy any new gear you might need. Grab the new quests that are available and head into the next area.

Mannett Point on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-star-wars-ord-mantell-manett-pointYour next destination will be Mannett Point. Pick up the quests on the way, of course. When you get to the blown out bridge, head down to the right, south of the bridge, and into the small camp there. Here you will find Taxi Service. Make sure to talk to the droid there to unlock it.

Grab what quests are available and make your way across the water under the bridge. That’s right, away from your quests. First you need to go collect your first datacron! Follow the beach to the north, killing the poor grazing beasts if you feel the need. At the northern tip of the island you will find an Elite Separatist, Captain Ethen Remak. He seems to have found something in the sand. You will have to take it from him, but this will get you your first Matrix Shard, a red one.

After heading back south, it’s time to blast your way into Mannet Point. Be warned that the concentration of the enemies here is a bit thinker then Talloran Village, so you should be careful where you move. Make sure you heal up between fights. There are some Strong Separatist Battledroids that are placed in cunning locations that are often hard to see until it is too late.

Just outside the entrance to the inner section of Mannett Point is a medical revival point and a Medical Droid. You can sell trash here and pick up some stims if you want them. This is also a safe spot if you need to AFK or camp out.

If you want to complete this section quickly, complete your missions outside before you head in. Clear your missions one level at a time. Once you are done, use your Fast Travel and take the Taxi back to the quest givers by the downed bridge at the entrance to Mannett Point. If you’re not in a hurry, enjoy wandering around and exploring the area.

Oradam Village on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-tor-ord-mantell-oradam-villageThere are a couple of side quests you can pick up on your way to Oradam Village. If you decide to help restore the generators for Fort Garnik, it might be worth your time to head up the hill and see if you can take on Champion Jax Stog, especially if you can get in a group that is in the area. Be careful: he has a friend that is hard to see, but if you can drop him you will have a good chance of getting some decent loot, as you do with all Elite and higher MoBs.

Oradam Village is the second fortified outpost the Republic has on Ord Mantell. It has some vendors and a few other things but it’s not like Fort Garnik. Make sure you head to the north east corner of Oradam Village to set a bind point and to discover the Taxi here. It is out of the way, but will be very nice when you become a Savrip appetizer.

Complete any quests you have in here. If you need to head back to Fort Garnik you can now easily take the Taxi back, turn in, and come back in minutes.

One of the quests you pick up in Oradam Village is listed as (HEROIC 2+). This means it is recommended that at least 2 characters of the quest’s level work together to complete the quest. If you wish to give real group fighting and teaming up a go, now is a great time to start. Just outside Oradam Village is another NPC that will give you another quest on Savrip Island. Pick up that quest if you plan on heading out there. If you are more of a soloer, you can save (HEROIC 2+) areas for the last thing you do on the planet before you leave. It’s up to you, but the chances of you getting some nice gear upgrades on the island are good and it would be a shame to wait for them.  Some can be as good as or better than your class gear that you receive.

Savrip Island on Ord Mantell (Heroic 2+ Area)

ddmsrealm-star-wars-ord-mantell-savrip-island-datacronThere is nothing here but angry powerful Separatists and hungry Savrips. Oh, and a datacron! We will get to how you can get to that in a minute.

Make sure everyone in the group has the quests, if they don’t, you can share them from your quest log (L) so everyone can get credit for them. Some very nice end rewards are offered for these areas and it would be a shame to miss out on them.

Start your tour of the island by killing what you need to kill, blowing up the beacons, and seeking out the crashed ship.

After you talk to the protocol droid for the downed ship quest, head up the hill right behind him. You will want to go around the tree that is back there and you will find some terrain that you can climb up. As it zigzags up the hill, you’ll see that this hill is actually a volcano. Head toward the smoke. On the very top you will find a +2 Aim Datacron!

Finish off your quests on the island. If you have a good group or want to test your mettle against something super nasty, seek out the Savrip Champion. On the south side of the volcano where the small path splits, you will find a group of powerful Sepatists. Behind them, near the waterfall, is the Savrip Champion. He is quite mean, so make sure everybody is ready for the fight before you dive in. Good luck!

Finish up your quests in the area and make your way to the Volcano Camp. Use the bind terminal and talk to the taxi droid. Take a ride back to all the quest givers that now have goodies for you. Travel back to Fort Garnik and repair, sell, and level up if you need to.

Once you are done there, you can hop a taxi straight over to the Volcano Camp without having to make the run. Isn’t that handy? You’re in the home stretch.

Volcano Camp on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-tor-ord-mantell-speeder-volcano-campThis area has: Transport Service, Bind Point, Medical Droid, and Mailbox.

The Volcano Camp isn’t much more than the name implies. It’s just here to support your final push into the Separatist Stronghold and finish all of this once and for all!

Grab any quests that may be available, and head out to the south west towards the Separatist Stronghold.

Before you make the climb up the volcano, veer to the west and head down to the beach. Follow the beach south until you get to the eastern edge of a lagoon. Above you, far up the volcano, is a landing platform. Hidden behind some rocks, you’ll find another datacron. This one is a +2 Presence one. Use it and then head back to the road. Make your way up but before you head in, move over near the edge of a cliff. There is an NPC, Field Agent Burn, who has something for you to do.

The Separatist Stronghold on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-tor-ord-mantell-separatist-strongholdThe Separatist Stronghold is the biggest enemy area you will encounter on Ord Mantell. Before heading in, get leveled up, repaired, and make sure your inventory is clear so you can fill it with all of the loot you are sure to get.

There are several big sections of the Separatist Stronghold and each class will explore different areas. Be thorough with each quest, clear an area of mission objectives and then move deeper.

Once you go up the elevator to move into the deep part of the inner stronghold, there is a medical recovery point and Medic Droid. Make sure you repair and sell here. Stock up on stims if you need to, and then head in deeper to finish up whatever you might have left. You should be at the end of your class quest and almost ready to leave Ord Mantell.

When you are in the very deepest part of the Separatist Stronghold, the Separatist Base Captain can be found in one of the small archive rooms. He is in the far back to the left (north west room on the map) and is an elite boss. Try to drop him if you are up for a challenge, since he can drop some very nice random gear.

Once your quest objectives are completed, call in the shuttle with your Fast Travel power and head back to your NPC quest givers for turn ins.

Secret Imperial Base on Ord Mantell

ddmsrealm-star-wars-ord-mantell-speederThis is a small, secret Imperial base on an island north of Oradam Village. This area is tied to a quest for Jedi later. It gives them a reason to head over and see the other Republic starting area. This area is designed for mid to upper teens in level, so it’s best to just leave this alone unless you are 15th level or so.

That’s about all there is to the new player planet of Ord Mantell for Smugglers and Troopers. It’s a well designed area and has a nice flow to it. The constant battle atmosphere is fun to play in. As far as the newbie areas go, this one comes in second to Hutta, for having the best Star Wars feel to it.

See you soon on Coruscant!

Play smarter, not harder!