u8-siegebreaker-entrySeigebreaker is the final quest for the second set of the Attack on Stormreach series and a feather in the cap of this quest chain. You finally get to take the fight fully to the Droaam army by going after several of their high ranking officers. This quest is a lot of fun full of interesting references. It is a great finale to this series well thought out mid level content. You finally get to discover what nasty monster is at the head of this army and test your mettle against her!

Siegebreaker Quest Details

  • Series: Droaam Invasion
  • Level: 13 Group
  • Patron: The Coin Lords
  • Length: Long
  • Dungeon: Temple Ruins
  • Recommended Party: Standard
  • MoBs: Droaam Gnoll Archer, Droaam Infantry, Droaam Skirmisher, Droaam Conscript, Droaam Sappers,
  • Dangerous MoBs: Droaam Combat Engineer, Droaam Vanguard, Droaam Warpriest, Blitz, Tinkerstab, Lakhesis Zosime, Skinny, Maj. Pain, Brinky, Isis Alekto, Droaam Peace Keeper, Droaam cavalry, Sora Katra
  • Buffs: Fire Resistance, Spell Resistance and Deathward
  • Special Note: At the end of the quest is the Cauldron of Sora Kata, used to combine U7 and U8 weapons and items together to make better ones.  If the item has “fusible” or “malleable” in its description, it can be used in this crafting device.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

Siegebreaker Quest Walkthrough

u8-siegebreaker-kobold-ambusherThere are mobs just inside the entrance of this dungeon so make sure you do not move around.  Make sure everyone is in and buff up. Do not summon creatures or hirelings, as they will jump down and start things off before you want them to. When you are ready, send your tanks down and keep your casters and healers at the entrance.  This first fight is a good one so don’t start until you are ready.  You don’t want your party members to zone into a wipe with the entrance full of monsters.

u8-siegebreaker-burning-tentsWhen the initial group below is dead, Tinker, the Droaam Siege Engineer,will show up with a few friends.  Use him to ignite the tents (if they haven’t yet been set ablaze) then kill him.  Be sure to get the chest at the base of the ramp.

Sweep the room, smashing everything you can, and set the tents on fire (if you still need to) with spells, and then buff if needed.  There is a shrine close so make sure you are ready for a fight or two.

Run by the waterfall in the back of the cavern to get the optional to poison the water supply.  We will be back to this shortly. If you choose not to do the optionals you will have to fight the high ranking officers during the last fight.  One with each portal.  This will give you one extra chest at the end but you can get three chests and the XP if you defeat them through the optionals.

u8-siegebreaker-pottyOnce you’re done here, head down out of the cavern.  Watch out for the filth that is around the corner on the floor.  It will give you a nasty funk that will stick with you even through death!  What is that smell!? It is -2 CHA, -20 to Hide and Move Silently and it is slippery.  Avoid it if you can.

u8-siegebreaker-bucketKill a few mobs currently using the very public rest room that seems to be the shrine.  Take out the few mobs around the corner and grab the bucket from the cabinet.  Head back to the muck and scoop yourself up a bucket of the foul stuff.  Take that to the waterfall and be ready for a throw down.

u8-siegebreaker-1st-medusaOnce you poison the water supply, the Droaam notice and send in a medusa and some minions to investigate.  Use the tents and the pillars to dodge her gaze.  You can try to use this fight to burn the tents if you cannot do it yourself.  Just make sure to fight right by them.  Once the bad guys are dead, grab the chest they left for you on your way deeper into the temple.

Now is a good time to use the shrine if you need it. You will not be coming back this direction unless things go badly and you need to raise a dead companion.   Unfortunately, you will need to get into the muck.  Eww, gross.

u8-siegebreaker-chow-lineIn the next area is one nasty cook named Skinny, watch out for his frying pan! He has many friends around him that don’t take too kindly to your dinner interruption.  Make sure to set this tent on fire here to complete that optional. u8-siegebreaker-medusa-2Be aware that when you do, another group of Droaam will show up on the stairs with another medusa, Natassa Tsahalis, in their ranks. There are more mobs up the stairs so be ready for adds when fighting in this area.  Make sure to smash everything for the Destroy The Crates of Army Provisions optional.  If you fought the medusa make sure to find her chest that is near the entrance to the corridor leading deeper into the quest.

u8-siegebreaker-sleepy-timeIf you burned all the tents, the corridor will be empty.  If you didn’t there will be a bunch of sleeping Droaam.  Take them out before they waken for some easy kills.

u8-siegebreaker-big-boomThe room at the end of this passage has many exploding barrels in it.  Be aware of their location. On the high ledges of the room are barrels that are set up in a chain.  If you hit one of those make sure to get yourself far away.  At the end of these exploding barrel chains are giant barrels that do a ton of damage! The chain on the north side across the broken bridge will drop two nasty optional bosses on you and expose a shrine.  u8-siegebreaker-painGet ready for Brinky and the Pain! Awesome!  Make sure to grab their chest and shrine up for the final legs of this quest.  Be sure to break any remaining barrels of explosives for some easy optional XP.

The next corridor will be full of more sleeping Droaam, you know the drill. Make sure to smash everything as you go though.  It is easy to forget or miss them but the bonus to XP is nice.

u8-siegebreaker-death-from-aboveYou will come out into an open room overlooking a small group of Droaam casters.  Take advantage of your elevated position and launch a range attack against them.  If you jump down into the area make sure to break the barrels and crates under the ledge for the Ransack bonus!

u8-siegebreaker-floaty-bridgeFollow the ramps up and you will come to an area with magically floating blocks. The blocks lead up to a bloody altar.  A rare red named medusa can spawn here.  If she spawns I would suggest pulling the whole group of mobs down to a less open area to fight them.  If she isn’t there just charge up and take care of the mobs that are there.  If the named spawned, grab the chest just before entering the corridor.

u8-siegebreaker-caster-guardiansPast this landing you will run into a gnoll and orc caster that have sealed the way into the final room.  Take care of them to drop the shield and to move into the last shrine and the entrance to the final room.  This entrance is sealed by a light tile puzzle in the shape of a star.

The star puzzle acts very similar to other light puzzles in the game.  When you step on one tip of the star, it toggles the one you are on and the two that are across the star from it.  u8-siegebreaker-big-puzzleThe easiest way to solve these is to make sure the entire puzzle is lit, then step on one point.  From there make one complete circuit in any direction to put all the lights out, hitting each button only once on your way around the star.  Keep this in mind as you will need this information soon. Use the guide below if you want to solve from exactly the what is lit.  This can be tricky with mobs running around hitting the buttons.star-puzzle-guide

Make sure to park any hirelings in the intersection just before the last shrine.  They seem to be wiggy around the portal and can mess with the puzzle.  Shrine up then buff up.

Before you head down into the last fight you should figure out who is doing what job. Designate one person to be the puzzle solver. The puzzle solver should be someone that has evasion and knows how to solve the star puzzle. Make sure the solver does not have any summoned pets or hirelings as they can cause issues when solving the puzzle.

u8-siegebreaker-soraYou also should decide if you are going to get Conquest or not.  If you are, and still need it, just wait to solve the first puzzle when fighting Sora Katra until you have Conquest.  This way you get it fighting the easiest mobs.

u8-siegebreaker-sora2The rest of the group needs to stay at the portals that will appear below between rounds.  They need to keep spawning mobs off the puzzle when the solver is working on it.  When your battle plan is set, throw your short term buffs, solve the puzzle and jump down the hole.

There will be a few mobs to kill, then you can head down into the bottom.  Start whacking on Sora Katra, a nasty green hag, who is behind the invading Droaam army.  She is a caster and has quite a few different spells she throws so be ready to fight a caster.

u8-siegebreaker-chargeShe is not too hard for a boss and will retreat several times throughout the battle to summon minions to her aid.  She will jump out of the fight at every 20% health.  When she does this, she will summon a portal and activate the star puzzle.  As soon as she turns translucent, make sure to move over to the walls where the portals spawn.  Keep everyone but the puzzle solver at the portals and take care of all the mobs that come through.  You don’t want them running around on the puzzle you are trying to solve. If you get into position before the puzzle spawns then you will likely have a fully lit puzzle that is very quick and easy to solve.  If you dally then someone may hit a button that will throw it out of whack. Be aware that whoever is running the puzzle will be going through many traps to hit the buttons.  Elemental resists are a must and evasion really helps.

u8-siegebreaker-craftOnce the puzzle is solved, the portal goes away and Sora Katra becomes attackable again.  Drop her to the next 20% marker on health.  Rinse and repeat until she disappears at 20%.  At this point she calls in the cavalry (so great!) and flees.  One last star puzzle is left to solve to close the portal.  Finish off the mobs and enjoy the win!  The Cauldron of Sora Katra will then become useable to craft.  If you are not ready to craft yet I suggest that you check out the many things you can make here.  Some are quite nice and may help you come up with a plan for your gear.