This DDM’s Realm guide for Fury of the Feywild is going to focus on the new zone Sharandar and 60th level advancement. Neverwinter has done a great job to make their quests and content accessible. Most players should be able to get through Sharandar without much help; however, this guide will provide valuable tips and tricks so players don’t miss out on a lot of content. It will also help smooth the trip through Sharandar. So keep reading to learn the tips and tricks of this Fury of the Feywild Guide for the free to play MMO Neverwinter.

Starting in the new Zone Sharandar

First and foremost, players have to be level 60 in order to enter the zone Sharandar. So make sure you grab a 60th level character to continue.

Fury of the Feywild Sharandar GuideWhen you have your 60th level character in Neverwinter, head over to the west side of Protector’s Enclave and talk to the NPC Iliyasha Guidingstar and offer your help in fighting back the monsters that are invading the Feywild (Sharandar). Once her quest is accepted (To The Farthest Forest) you might also want to talk to Marril next to her. You can get a Bag of Sharandar Treasures from him by turning in relics. These relics you can get from the epic dungeon, Malabog Castle.

You will also be given a short tutorial quest to show you how to use the Campaign Window. Go through this real fast so you know how to track your progress through the campaign. You may also want to take some time and look through the rewards to see what might interest you. Then make note of the items or sets you want and actively work on these while progressing through Sharandar.

Once that is done, head to any exit in Protector’s Enclave to move forward. A short access dungeon will need to be completed to get to Sharandar proper. Look for Old Sharandar Ruins on your map (top right section) and go there.

To The Farthest Forest

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-npc-campHere you will run through a short quest (5-10 minutes) to drive the monsters back so you can get into New Sharandar proper. It is a very straightforward quest. Follow the road and kill everything. Make sure to rescue the rangers and snag the artifacts along the way so you do not have to backtrack. At the end is a pretty easy boss. Beat him down, take his stuff, and then zone out into Sharandar.

New Sharandar

Arriving from the portal, you enter the central staging area of the elven offensive into the Sharandar. Head down to Merrisara Winterwhite and speak to her about what is going on. First do the short tutorial quests to learn where all the different vendors are. Then pick up her two quests. She gives out a both a weekly and daily quest. These quests are where you will be getting the majority of the Feywild Sparks.


Click for Chest Locations

There are some extra chests and other goodies that you can pick up while you are doing quests here. Click the map to the right see the locations.

Progressing in Fury of the Feywild

Feywild Sparks are the main gateway to advancement in Fury of the Feywild. You can only earn a certain amount at a time and these are what I have found are the hardest to come by and will keep you from progressing. However, there are also other “currencies” in New Sharandar  to collect in order to purchase certain advancements and Boons.

  • Feywild Sparks – Earned by Weekly (50) and Daily (10) Quests from Merrisara.
  • Gold Crescents – Earned by Daily Quests (5) in each of the 3 main areas.
  • Vibrant Seedlings – Earned from Daily Quests (1) in Heart of the Grove (Area 1).
  • Abjuring Charms – Earned from Daily Quests (1) in The Outer Ward (Area 2).
  • Iliyandruen Blades – Earned from Daily Quests (1) in The Horrid Mire (Area3).

To access the different areas of New Sharandar you must “prove yourself”. The first gate, Wyldwood Gate, is open for you to use. The other two gates you will need to earn enough items to purchase access.

Since access is limited it is best to save all of what you earn to gain access to the gates first. It may be tempting to purchase a cheaper boon but doing so will ultimately limit access and a player’s ability to farm currencies quickly. You will also need to spend Gold Pieces and Astral Diamonds for many of the advancements as well. This makes being able to farm a wider area that much more important.

Boons of New Sharandar

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-famorian-bossWhat is a Boon? Boons are permanent character buffs you can earn in Sharandar. Spending currencies on them will give your character some nice buffs. These should definitely be earned by everyone, but not until all access is gained. The Boons are not worth giving up the ability farm all of New Sharandar. So once you’ve unlocked the Realm of Malagog, work on Boons and the dungeon access to Malabog Castle.

The Boons are pretty nice and definitely help a character. I am not going to go into the specifics of these. Choosing Most Boons will be obvious for your character. If for some reason you are not sure, check the forums for your specific class build and play style.

Areas of New Sharandar for Fury of the Feywild

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-rescued-deerSince each area is very similar, I am not going to go into the specifics of each area and how to complete them. Each of the areas has 3 rotating Daily Quests. Every time you complete all three of them you can pick up a 4th dungeon based quest. There will be more on this later.

Many of the quests overlap or can be completed in the same area. The best strategy is to take a look at what quests you have for the day and plan your route so you can complete as many of the quests as possible simultaneously.

You will often have a quest that can be completed in the entire area and two with specific areas. Go straight to the specific area quests and complete what you need to do there. Often times you will be able to not only complete that specific location quest but also the general quest. This works well with the Daily Feywild quests. This way you can pound through all of the quests very quickly. This saves time and energy and will be of great use when you have all the areas unlocked and you need to pound through 10-15 quests fast. No matter what you do, this grind will get boring. So you might as well do what you can to speed it up!

Also of note is that each area in New Sharandar has a few secret and hidden locations that contain extra chests and profession nodes. So look around and get to know where things are so you can farm those too.

4th Quest Dungeons in each Areas of New Sharandar

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-leprchaunOnce you complete the three quests in an area you will have access to a 4th. This is a “loot run” quest, meaning this fourth quest doesn’t offer any advancement items, but it does offer unique loot only found in the Sharandar campaign.

To get the loot from these dungeons you must have a Dark Fey Key to open up the final chests. There is a quest from a Leprechaun near these quests that you can get once a day. This quest gives you one Dark Fey Key. Everyone in New Sharandar should talk to the Leprechaun every day, if they run the quests or not, because if you happen to go into a second 4th dungeon then you will not be able to open the end chest if you do not have a key. This can be a problem if you run multiple areas or help with multiple groups in these quests because you will not be able to get the loot from the chest you are running the dungeon for! So, even if you don’t run the quests, you should talk to the Leprechaun so you can stockpile Dark Fey Keys for the days you do run these quests multiple times. The Leprechaun does sell the Dark Fey Keys if you are desperate for them. However, the cost of a key is pretty steep in my opinion. Especially for the mediocre loot.

I run these quests on my characters until I get the collectable items that come from them. Then I only run them sporadically to farm enchantments. Each of the dungeons has its own enchantment you will receive in the end chest.

  • Root of the Problem in Gnarlroot Caves – Shard of Terror Enchantment
  • Trouble Brewing in Witch Fen – Shard of Feytouched Enchantment
  • The Moonless Knight in the Tower of Celadaine – Shard of Elven Battle Enchantment

Contests in New Sharandar

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-thornyOnce an hour there’s a contest that starts zone wide called Swift Death, in which you kill Quicklings. Just like other zones in the game, the more you kill the higher you rank. The highest ranking players get the most enchantments. I would love it if they changed the contest to also offer some of the things needed to advance in Fury of the Feywild.

If you want to make the most out of these contests, there are a couple things that you can do. First, when the contest starts, change to a low population zone. Second, think about where the daily quests have been taking players and go to sections where players are not likely to go.

Remember to be courteous and a good player when competing in these contests. There is no reason to fight dirty or be a bad player when there are only a couple low level enchantments at stake. These are meant to be a fun addition to the daily grind, please keep them that way.

Fury of the Feywild Group Dungeon: Malabog’s Castle

This is the group-only content for Fury of the Feywild. Once access is unlocked through Sharandar progression, you get a key to the castle where you and your party can go challenge Malabog directly. I am not going to go into details here but I will say it is a fun dungeon!

Review of Fury of the Feywild and New Sharandar

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-im-a-chickenOverall I think that Fury of the Feywild, Module 1 for Neverwinter, is a good quality and fun addition to the game. Besides great mechanics changes and updates including adding the new class Hunter Rangers, they have definitely made some fun content. It will take about a month of daily grinding to unlock everything, it is well worth it. Hopefully this Fury of the Feywild guide will help players of Neverwinter make the most out of Module 1, Fury of the Feywild. See you in New Sharandar!