ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-bensenThis is the first quest you are sent on in the Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 16, The Netherese Legacy. It seems the Netherese wizards are causing trouble on The High Road and searching high and low for pieces of the Netherese Scroll.

Speak to Rina Belostos near the entrance into The Kings Forest and she will bring you up to speed on what is going on. She will direct you to first speak to Tibalt Dormen who will instruct you about your first quest to help the Harpers retrieve the Netherese Scroll pieces which were in the care of Harper named Oriphaun.

Head to the The High Road and follow the southern edge of the wilderness adventure area heading west and you will soon come across the quest entrance to Greenweald Lane.

Series The Netherese Scroll Part 1
Level 24 Party
Patron The Harpers
Length Long
Dungeon Greenweald Lane
Recommended Party Standard Party, Rogue (Some one that can disable traps and unlock chests is needed for all optionals.)
MoBs Sellsword Archer, Sellsword Skirmisher, Sellsword Footpad, Roving Wolf, Sellsword Brute, Bush Creeper
Dangerous Mobs Dire Bear, Thoven, Nil, Pelloth, Song, Dolthin, Rand, Udere, Dom, Slam
Buffs Standard plus Freedom of Movement and Spell Resistance
Special Note Bensen can be a lot of help in this quest. Use him when possible.
Quest Stats Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

Once you’ve zoned in, summon pets and hirelings but don’t buff up yet. Smash everything in the room if you want to get the Ransack XP bonus at the end. Then you can read the dossiers if you want to get an idea of who you may run into on your detour. Then zone out to talk to Bensen Viradson.

Before you talk to Bensen smash the stuff around the lodge and then move over next to him. Buff up here so he gets them as well. He is really tough and does not need much protecting. However, a little extra insurance on your quest never hurts anything. When you are done buffing, talk to him and get this quest started.

The First Mercenary, Toven

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-tovenJust after you head off down the road a Dretch will spawn and attack Bensen. This is to show you that when he is attacked, Dretches can spawn. They are easy and are really just a nuisance so try to avoid it if you can. They do not count toward your kill count in this quest so all they will do is slow you down. In fact, I have been unable to get Conquest in this quest so I would advise you to stick to the road and avoid detours… haha… so you can get the quest completed.

You will run into a few ambushers that will attack you. Get used to it. You will run into a dozen or so ambushes throughout the Detour quest. Mow through them and get to the first mercenary that has been hired by the Netherese to stop you and retrieve the Netherese Scroll pieces that Bensen has.

You will come to a road block with Toven in the middle of it along with some of his cronies. Kill them all and move forward. Remember that the these are orange named so most of the tricks for killing them work such as Assassinate, Finger of Death, Implosion and a slew of other means to take out this guy fast.

Victim Number Two, Nil

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-nilNil is a bard that has been hired to stop you but if you beat her down she will give up. She is pretty easy unless you get unlucky on your saves against her spells. Don’t forget to loot the chest that appears after everything is dead at this second road block.

The road is completely blocked at this point so it is time to do a little cross country. Stick to the path unless you want to kill some random wolves and a dire bear or two. Follow the path back some and then head south.

Unfortunate Mercenary Three, Pelloth

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-yellow-shouts-not-sneakyUp in this area is an optional to kill some dire bears that are eating some ambushers that were meant for you. Defeat Pelloth and his gang up on top while he is fighting the dire bear. Use this encounter to pick them off one at a time. Let the dire bear do the work for you or sit back and watch the fun. Then clean up whatever enemies are left.

There is a Rest Shrine in this area as well. Use it if you need to but also use it as a clue that you are about to have a devious encounter with an insane NPC.

Unstable Mercenary Four, Song

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-spell-ward-trapsIf you have a rogue or someone that can disable traps, now is the time to send them ahead to take care of the mess you are about to encounter. Make sure they go in stealthily so they can take care of business without alerting the enemies that are there. Spell Wards can be disabled from a good distance away, you just need to be on the right side of them.

You will come down behind the barricade and you’ll find the named MoB, Song. Defeat her but be careful as she has blanketed the area with Spell Wards (unless your rogue disabled them). You can pull her out of them but not very far because she will return back to the center of them. She has a chest that appears when she is defeated but it is locked. Unlock the chest to get some good loot. The unlock check is fairly high so Knock might not do the trick.

More Mercenaries, Dolthin

Fight through a few more ambushes and then you will come to another road block. This time the named mercenary is a ranger by the name of Dolthin. He is perched up on the hill above you and will start sniping your face before you can make it over to melee range. Have your casters or other ranged characters kill him or train everything around to the path and up onto the hill. Otherwise he will just pelt the tar out of you while you clean up the trash mobs in this road block.

After this fight, you have to head up into the wilderness-like area again. Keep an eye out for Brush Creepers as they will sneak up on you. Clear them out and move on.

If you want a little short cut head north over the little hill with the trees where the first Brush Creepers appear to skip Rand, the druid mercenary.

Dead Druid Mercenary, Rand

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-bensen-shieldContinuing upon the path you will run into another named mercenary. This one is a druid named Rand. Rand the Druid loves Ice Storms so make sure you have Freedom of Movement and keep your hirelings out of them if you can. If you can keep from fighting him in a bunch of Ice Storms, he is pretty easy.

Once Rand is defeated (he is another that will give up before you can actually kill him) another chest will appear in the back of this nook. Make sure to loot that before you head off. It is easy to miss in all of the vegetation.

Past Rand head north then west on the path to continue on the quest.

Last But Least, Udere

The last of the mercenaries you will run into is a drow assassin by the name of Udere. He is not too hard as long as you do not let him sneak attack anyone so make sure that you are always facing him and you are not being flanked. Finish him off with the few other stooges he has in the area and make your way to the lodge. You are almost done!

The Lodge

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-cabin-in-the-woodsMake sure you bash and break things here before you head down into the basement. Then when you do don’t forget to break the last few things to make sure that you get the Ransack XP bonus.

There is also a shrine here. All you have left is the final battle so you might as well shrine up and rebuff so you are ready to rock and roll in the basement.

Lock the Netherese Scroll Away

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-detour-dom-and-pet-elementalWhen you get down into the basement make sure to break things until you get Ransack XP. If for any reason Bensen has been having troubles toss a few buffs on him before you do anything.

When you are ready to take down the last mercenary, Dom, go ahead and talk to him. The quest doesn’t complete until you use the chest so you can keep your XP item off for the fight. Just make sure that you put it on before you open the chest.

Defeat Dom and his earth elemental Slam. Take out Slam first because this giant earth elemental can put a wrench in the works if he happens to hold someone at the wrong time. While you fight Dom mobs spawn in to help him every once in a while. Keep an eye out for Dretches as well. But overall, this is a pretty easy fight.

Once you are done killing it all make sure you smash the few things down here for Ransack XP. Slap on your XP item and then click on the Magically Warded Container to finish the quest.

Grab your loot and onto the next quest!

Play smarter, not harder!