ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-magistrates-officeWith the notorious Shar disciple leader Dedryk Black recaptured and safely back in Wheloon prison it is time to get answers. He seems to be very tight lipped about what he knows and how they escaped the prison. Celia Pendrick asks you to travel to Wheloon prison and interrogate Dedrk Black personally to see if a hero of your reputation can get the truth out of him.

Instead of heading straight into the quest like the others of this series you will need to travel down the road behind Celia in Eveningstar to the docks. From here you can sail down to the Wheloon docks just outside the Wheloon Prison.

Series Disciples of Shadow – Part 3
Level 15 Party
Patron The Purple Dragon Knights
Length Long
Dungeon Magistrates
Recommended Party Standard
MoBs Shadow, Condemned Deadeye, Rioting Prisoner
Dangerous MoBs Teralyn the Shadar-kai Assassin
Buffs Standard Buffs, Deathward for Shadows is nice to have.
Obstacles Magic Wards block off paths through the city. Bear Traps in the path.
Special Note Ghost Touch is good here.
Quest Stats Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

When you zone in, summon pets and hirelings.  Toss out all your buffs then pick someone with a high Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate to get answers from Dedryk Black.

The Magistrate’s Office

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-interrogateWhen you are ready to continue, go talk to the magistrate. He will ask you to talk to Dedryk Black to see if you can get more information out of him than they can. They hope that you may have more success questioning him because you are an outsider and not one of the guards of Wheloon Prison.

If you select the option “Perhaps we can make a special deal” when talking to Dedryk Black, you will then have a few choices of what you can use to get more info out of him.

  • Bluff 60/65/70 at difficulties N/H/E. If you succeed you are attacked.
  • Diplomacy 48 Fails on Normal. I assume the same thing happens when you succeed. He says something about traveling to the Shadowfel and then attacks.
  • Intimidate of 55/60/65 at difficulties N/H/E. If you succeed you are attacked.

When you answer “Is that how you escaped, used some sort of magic to get outside the wall?” Things shift and the Shadowfel comes to eat you. Well, not the Shadowfel itself, just the shadows from the Shadowfel.


ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-shadowIn answering your questions or in not answering your questions, your questions are answered as the barrier between planes fades and the Shadowfel and the Prime Material Plane blend together. When this happens shadows swarm out and attack.

Kill the shadows to fend off the thinning. Once they are dead, things in the Magistrate’s office will return to normal.

Talk to the Magistrate again and he will ask you to head out into Wheloon Docks to secure them from the shadows and rioting prisoners.

Securing the Docks

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-slaughter-at-the-docksHead out to Wheloon docks and kill anything that moves. You will run into both Rioting Prisoners and Shadows, neither is too hard to defeat. You may want to make sure you have Ethereal or Ghost Tough so you can tear through them quicker.

First you are going to want to head south. Then swing around eastward and make your way to the docks. You are basically going to do one big loop of Wheloon Docks killing everything.

Protecting the Knight

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-help-knightAs you get near the docks there is a lone Purple Dragon Knight that asks for aid and then charges off into the crowd of rioting prisoners. If you can keep him alive then you can earn a little extra XP. This isn’t too hard since he can be healed and buffed.

Once the enemies are dead you can move on.

If you are trying to get the Ransack XP bonus make sure to clear out all of the docks. There are a lot of boxes and crates tucked away. Plus now that they can drop real loot it is definitely worth the extra XP and loot to smash and dash.

Securing Northern Wheloon Docks

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-shrineOnce you are done on the boardwalk, head into the northern section of the map. Watch out as there are a couple of side alleys with breakables in them.

There will be a Purple Knight who dashes out from alley babbling about something. Head off in the direction he is facing to clear out the last few remnants of the rioting prisoners.

Also, there are a few Bear Traps on the road in this section. Have your rogue hunt these down and disable them for a little extra XP.

Soon you will come to a shrine. Use it before you start the last leg of this quest.

Protect the War Wizard

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-shadowfel-battleOnce you are done Shrining, buffing, summoning, or whatever, go talk to Captain Hillard. He will ask you to protect the war wizard while they work on breaking the magical shadow barriers and forcing the Shadowfel to recede. Once you finish out of the dialog the waves of shadows begins.

You can buff and heal the Captain but he really shouldn’t need it. Shadows will spawn at all the barriers and charge in. This is a pretty easy fight; just try to stay back from the barriers so no shadows get shunted to the other side of the shadow barriers. When that happens it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get the Shadows to come through. This will break the quest and you will have to start over.

Once you have slaughtered three waves of Shadows the War Wizard will complete casting and bring down the barriers.

Shrine if you haven’t yet as there is just one more fight to the quest.

Check on the Magistrate

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-assassinWhen you zone into the Magistrate’s office you will immediately see that the prisoners are gone, the magistrate is dead and the assassin responsible for it is mocking you. Surprise!

Teralyn is a Shadar-kai Assassin who has been sent to clean up the sloppy work of the Disciples of Shar. She has released all the prisoners, including their leader Dedryk Black, and has slain the Magistrate. Her last job is to kill you for causing all the trouble.

She does not give you long to prepare so if you have things like the Cleric’s Aura or Palemaster that stop out when you zone, make sure to recast those as soon as you get in. Teralyn is far nastier than anything else you have faced in the quest so far.

Teralyn can take someone out quickly if they are not paying attention so be ready. Though she is not terribly tough, she can dish the damage. At 25% she pops away and summons a bunch of shadows to come eat you. Don’t let them. When the Shadows are dead she comes back with whatever hit points she had when she disappeared. When she dies the quest is over so make sure to toss on your trinket and/or cloaks before her dying breath.

ddmsrealm-ddo-shadow-of-a-doubt-lootWith the Magistrate laying there in a pool of his own blood, he will not need the loot behind him. Loot up and use the door to exit.

You leave the Magistrate’s house with the information that the Disciples of Shar are somehow using and manipulating the Shadowfel to move in and around the area as well as using the minions within for their own purposes. However, the information came at a high cost with the Magistrate slain and the Disciples of Shar escaping once again with their leader Dedryk Black. What evil will they be up to next?