The Siege of Neverwinter is a special event in the Dungeons and Dragons based online MMO, Neverwinter.

This event has all kinds of cool gear that can be earned. As well as a fun zone, Siege Battlefield, that you can run around in and actively participate in the battle.

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide

First things first, head over to the event dais in Protectors Enclave and talk to the Siege Defense Coordinator. There you will be able to get the Siege of Neverwinter quests. You can also learn about the event items that are available and the event currencies needed for the items. You’ll also learn about the special Professions tasks to earn Defense Supplies.

Siege of Neverwinter Gear, Items, and Loot!

Scripts of Commendation Currency

Before we get into the “how to” get all this great loot. Let’s first take a look at what loot is available and if you even want it. There is no reason to grind out gear you don’t even want.

First off you will see under the commendations section there is an artifact, the Champion’s Banner. A nice item to have if you want to help buff the group you are with.

There is a blue mount which is really nice. The Neverwinter Champion’s Charger is a cool looking battle steed.

For those of you that are looking for a nice ranged Striker Companion there is the Neverember Guard Archer.

If you would like some Fashion Gear there is the Battlefield Medic’s Ensemble. A nice looking field medic set.

Lastly for Scripts of Commendation there is the Bag of Cult Trophies. Nice if you want to get a leg up on this events Cult Insignia currency.

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Loot List

Medals of Heroism Siege Currency

You can get the Neverwintan Defender’s Pack. This is a pretty cool pack that has a chance to get some pretty nice rare items along with 50 Cult Insignias and some event dyes. There is a chance at a Battlfield Medic, Refiners Cache, Companions Fortification Kit, Silvery Dragon Scale and Draconic Enchantment, Peridots, and a Neverember Guard Archer.

Next is the Battlefield Scavenger’s Page. This is a great one to get if you are looking to catch up on Scripts of Commendation. It also can give a Rank 7 Quartermasters Enchantment, Dragon Hoard Coffer, or a green insignia for your mounts.

Then the best one, if you are in a guild, is the Stronghold Support Reward. This is fantastic in helping leveling up your guild and piling on those Guild Marks onto your character. Choose from a blue Astral Diamond, Gems, Surplus Equipment, or Influence Voucher.

Cult Bounty Insignia Currency

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - City On Fire

The last bit of currency you will earn from the Siege of Neverwinter is Cult Bounty Insignias.

First is the Champion’s Battle Horn. An item you can put in your hot bar and use when fighting. It is a great idea… but falls short on duration. If the duration was better it would be worth it in my opinion. However, as it stands. It is better to spend your Cult Bounty on other things.

Next is another Fashion Outfit. This one is the Injured Survivor’s Outfit. Honestly, it is quite amusing and worth getting if you agree.

Then there are a couple different dyes you can get for armor. The Veteran Dye Pack and the Dragonslayer’s Dye Pack.

Next is a Cart that can be purchased for helping increase your changes (24%) to create more Defense Supplies when the advanced Professions tasks. This one is definitely worth it if you are doing those.

Then you have a whole set of Lesser Dragon Glyphs. These fit into any Overload Slot and are very worthwhile. Depending on what stat you want boost grab the appropriate glyph. I don’t think they stack so grab different colors if you are filling multiple Overload Slots. Note, they have a timer on them so get a whole stack of the ones you like while you can.

Lastly, there are a couple Enchantments you can get if they suit your fancy. First, is the Draconic Enchantment which is nice if it offers the stat boost you want for your character.  Second is the Quartermaster’s Enchantment. The Quartermaster’s Enchantment is good for new(ish) players that may need the low level things it offers. But if you have been playing awhile and have lots of excess skill kits, crafting materials, and low end enchantments it is best to skip this one.

Now that you know what you can get from the Siege of Neverwinter it’s time to decide what you want to get. That is totally up to you and I will leave it at that. That just helps you with a personal goal to know what currencies and tasks you should do to get your gear.

Aiding the Siege of Neverwinter with Defense Supplies

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Turn In Defense Supplies

Now head down to the Defense Supply Master in Protectors Enclave.  He can be located just to the south of the special event platform near the main marketplace.

Here you will get another quest to donate Defense Supplies. Defense Supplies can be gained in many ways.

  • Craft them with a special event Profession, Siege Defense Effort.
  • Heroic Encounters in the Siege Battlefield.
  • Purchasing them on the Auction House
  • Questing for them with a Daily Quest from your guild Stronghold.

These are then turned in here at the Defense Supply Master for Cult Bounty Insignias and Medals of Heroism. You will note that you can turn in 1, 6, or 12 of them at a time. It is best to turn in 12 at a time as you get the most bang for your buck. That being 50 Cult Bounty Insignias and 2 Medals of Heroism.

If you find yourself not wanting or needing any more of these you can sell the Defense Supplies on the Auction house and make a bit of extra Astral Diamonds.

Now you know what you want. You know how to pay for it. Here’s how to make that happen.

Crafting Cult Defense Supplies

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Crafting Defense Supplies

When crafting these take special note of the ingredients you have, versus what you need to buy. It is easy to get carried away spending too much money crafting these. If you run low on supplies the most economical way to create these is using Greater Injury Kits. Since you can only do one of these tasks at a time, it will likely be the cheapest way to make 3 in a few hours. It can also be used as an ok method to convert gold to Astral Diamonds. Buy kits, make supplies, sell supplies on the Auction House. Just check the prices first as the Auction House can fluctuate quite a bit at times.

Stop at your Guild Stronghold

If you are in a guild make sure to stop by your guild Stronghold. Pick up the quest from the Master of Coin, Send Aid to Neverwinter. It is a super-fast and easy quest to get 5 Defense Supplies. It is definitely worth your time to do. The guards will be scattered around your Stronghold. Make sure to check just outside the entrances. Then peak into the hallways around the outer wall of the Stronghold. There is sometimes one that is hiding directly above the food merchant. So if you find yourself missing one, check there.

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Hidden Guard

The Siege Battlefield

Now it is time to head to the battlefield itself and take the fight to your enemies!

First things first, talk to General Sabine near the camp at the entrance. She will have a daily quest for you to complete. This quest is to successfully complete two Heroic Encounters in the Siege Battlefield. Here is the main daily source of Writ of Commendations that get you the best items of this event.

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Get Quest

Then head out into the battlefield and look for Heroic Encounters. These are also called HE’s for short. Click M to open your map and they will be marked on your map. If you don’t see any, just wait a few minutes as they will appear soon. Some people seem to want to jump from instance to instance. This is not really worth it in my opinion because something will pop up soon. If you are waiting, slaughter enemies for vouchers between HE’s.

Siege of Neverwinter Heroic Encounters

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Black Dragon Epic Encounter

The small, or green, encounters are in different areas where the troops fight. The Cult of the Dragon attacks the front barricade or the medical camp. They also will set up catapults in the back. There is another where soldiers surge out and retake the battlefield.

The large, or purple, epic encounters are when the dragons that are behind the attack show up. These can be any chromatic color and are more difficult. Use caution if lower level as these dragons can single shot some players.

At the successful completion of a Heroic Encounter, expect to see some Cult Insignias and a Draconic Enchantment. You will earn more insignias and a higher level enchantment in the large encounters over the small ones. Also you may receive a Medal of Honor or other drops that come from the Tyranny of Dragons HE’s in the other non-event zones. You may get items such as a Dragonbone Shield or similar.

Level Up Your Guild Stronghold

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Level Up Your Guild Stronghold

The real arena where the Siege of Neverwinter shines is in helping out guilds. There are several reward choices for guilds which is great. What is even better is that the enemies in the Siege Battlefield can drop vouchers. Not just Tyranny of Dragon ones but any of the Treasure Vouchers! As an added bonus you can also get gem, supply, Astral Diamond, and influence vouchers as well. This is awesome for anyone that is in a guild. The best part is that these vouchers are all blue in quality! Meaning that they are worth for more than the sad white ones you can get when farming in your Stronghold. For this reason I urge players in a guild to focus hard on this event. In an hour and a half farming late one night in an instance by myself I was able to get 37 vouchers of all kinds. This is huge!

Siege of Neverwinter Voucher Farming

To get the most out of farming for vouchers it is best to be in a low population instance.

You can do that by clicking the blue swirl on the top right of your map. This will lists all current instances. The white ones are instances you can join. If they are grey they are maxed out and you cannot join them unless you are grouped with people in that instance. Choose a low population instance with a high instance number. So as an example if there were 2 people in each of instance #3 and #22, I would choose #22. Instance #3 will have the game add players to it before #22. This way the instance stays lightly populated.

In a low population instance there should be tons of enemies to kill and nobody to “kill steal” them from you. It seems much more likely to get a voucher if you kill an enemy by yourself. If multiple people kill it, there seems to be a lot less of a chance. I have no data to back this up; it is just my anecdotal experience of spending hours farming the Siege of Neverwinter Event.

It’s pretty easy and it pays off quite well. So do yourselves and your guild a favor and farm those vouchers!

If you find yourself maxed on Guild Marks, guild food can be put into your shared account bank. So stock up and keep those Guild Marks coming in!

Quick Travel Tunnel

Siege of Neverwinter – Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide - Quick Travel Tunnel

I should mention that there is a quick travel tunnel that is easy to use. It leads from the entrance camp to the medical camp. It is a really handy way to get to and from the back part of the zone. Look for the entrance on the south side of the main camp, just inside the barricades.

Farming Heroic Encounter Bosses

If you and a few guildies are able to get an instance to yourselves, fight the non-dragon HE’s down until you get to the boss. If you keep the boss alive the waves of tiny enemies keeps spawning. This is a fantastic way to have the HE just feed you fodder. With a little coordination you can really clean up on the voucher farming.

Final Thoughts on the Siege of Neverwinter Event

All in all this is a really cool and fun event. There is a good amount of items that can be earned. There is a good variety of HE’s to go through. These help break up the grind. Most notably there is a lot of guild love in the Siege of Neverwinter that is missing from so many other events. So make sure to take the time to enjoy this event. Take advantage of the rare opportunity to speed up your Stronghold and guild advancement!

Siege of Neverwinter YouTube Video Guide

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Siege of Neverwinter Guild Defense Supplies

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Set #2

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