Dungeons and Dragons Egg Hunt ChallangeHey all! I just wanted to toss this Festival Egg Collection guide out to you. The goal is to collect eggs around the Marketplace. You have three minutes to collect as many as possible. You can earn all kinds of cool prizes depending on your character level and what level or Aura you are able to achieve during your run.

Talk to Taj near Falconer’s Spire to get started. You will need some Tokens of the Traveler. You may have received some recently as a gift from Turbine, and they are also available through the DDO store. Each token will give you a three minute window to  collect eggs. Make sure you are ready for the hunt before you turn any in because your timer starts immediately. Haste, Jump and Feather Fall will really help on this hunt but they are not required.

Your goal is to get Ultimate Aura before your timer runs out. Once the timer runs out, make sure you go straight over to Taj for your reward. Do not zone or do anything else or you might lose your aura.

If you happen to have a Blessing of the Traveler, turn that in only when you have achieved Ultimate Aura for the best rewards.

To track your progress watch your Auras as you go. Here is the order in which they increase:

Minor Aura > Lesser Aura > Greater Aura > Major Aura > Ultimate Aura

Rewards seem to be based off your level so I would suggest running your highest level characters first for the best rewards.

Standard items are magic as if you were looting a chest of your level. You can also get crafting components.

Blessing of the Traveler rewards are better and these are usually things you normally have to get out of the store like Supreme Ability Potions, Tomes, Teleportation Wands, Raise Dead Cakes and even Hearts of Wood.

It is basically free loot, so make sure that you use what you have been given. If nothing else, this is a great way to get gear for deconstruction to help level your crafting!

Below is a video I did of my favorite run. Buffed up with the Trinket of Time, Jump, and Feather Fall, you can complete this in about half of the time given. Even without buffs, my low level characters can easily get Ultimate Aura using this pattern. I am not claiming this is the best or the fastest run, it is just the one I personally like to use.

  • If you miss a jump and fall below, just keep going. It is not worth trying to get back up to where you missed the jump.
  • If you do not have Haste/Feather Fall/Jump, make sure to keep an eye out for jump distance.
  • To grab edges on a jump, hold the up/forward key (W) down. This will help you to grab the ledge and pull yourself up.
  • If you are laggy, switch instances. Go to your mini map and select the name of the instance. A drop down menu will appear, and you can select another instance from that menu.