River District artifact weapons were added in Mod 11 for Neverwinter. The River District is an abandoned area of Neverwinter which you must work to reclaim. One of the nicest things that came out with the expansion are the new artifact weapons.  These weapons are specifically designed to have special set bonuses for your character’s specific role. Whether that’s a generalist, tank, healer or DPS, there is a weapon for you!

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide - Gather Ingredients

The new River District artifact weapons for Neverwinter are not stronger than the Sea of Moving Ice artifact weapons. Their weapon damage is the same and their stats are similar. What sets these apart are the different weapon set effects you can get. There are 4 new weapon set effects to choose from!

Neverwinter River District Artifact Weapons Sets

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide - Choose Weapon SetThe first of the River District artifact weapons is the Mirage set. It is a more general weapon meant for players that do a little bit of everything. Each of the weapon set effects can be triggered every 30 seconds.

Mirage Set – Generalist Set

When you use an encounter power, you become a Master of Illusion for 10 seconds! As a Master of Illusion you will summon three illusions of yourself to fight for you, attacking your enemies!

  • A Master of Illusion also does 3% more damage, which increases by 10% against enemies with Shields and Temp HP.

Aboleth Set – DPS Set

When you use an encounter power, you become a Far-Influenced, which increases your Outgoing Damage by 4% and grants you a random buff for 10 seconds.

  • Lifestealer — Increases your Lifesteal by 2500.
  • Tainted Attack — Enemies you attack will take additional damage over time.
  • Impeding Death — Enemies you attack will explode on death, doing damage to other foes.

Lifeforge Set – Tank Set

When you use an encounter power, you become a Fortified, which restores your Defense by 5% and adds 10% of your Defense to your Power for 10 seconds.

Fey Set – Healer Set

When you use an encounter power, you become a Fey-Touched, which restores 10% of your AP, as well as increases your Outgoing Damage by 3% and your Outgoing Healing by 6% for 10 seconds.

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide - Pick Correct Campaign Path

Decide which set you want for your character. Once done you will know which tree to go up in the River District Campaign. This will also tell you where you should focus your efforts.

  • If you want the Mirage set, spend your time anywhere and in the Illusionists Gambit Skirmish.
  • If interested in Aboleth set, spend your time in Gyrion’s area.
  • Drooling over the Lifeforge set, spend your time in the Kabal’s area.
  • Pining for the Fey set, spend your time in Nostura’s area.

Focus on going through the Heroic Encounters and dig sites in the areas to have a better chance at the specific materials you will need for your weapon.

Required River District Campaign Tasks for Weapons

A few of the River District campaign tasks will need to be completed before you can purchase your weapon to upgrade.

First, complete Clear the Docks. It uses 36 Abandoned Treasures and 30 Evidence of Evil. This is the easiest task plus it will open up the Treasure Ship Merchant. This will help you power through the daily missions to get what you need for your artifact weapons fast and efficiently.

Next complete the Heir Apparent River District Campaign task. It needs 36 Abandoned Treasures and 15 Evidence of Evil.

This will allow you to choose one of the next three tasks. It is important to know which artifact weapon set you want first, and that choice will allow you to purchase the artifact weapon set from the campaign merchant. This task will take 48 Abandoned Treasures and 120 Evidence of Evil.

  • Choose any for the Mirage set. It is tied to the Skirmish and not a villain.
  • Pick Investigate Gyrion for the Aboleth Weapon Set.
  • Go with Investigate Kabal for the Fireforge Weapon Set.
  • Or do the Investigate Nostura for the Fey Weapon Set.

Optional: Complete the Confront “Boss” task. This opens up a weekly quest for players to be able to get a few extra components that will be needed. If you plan to grind the quest out as fast as possible, this task might not be real helpful. But if you are looking at going a few weeks before completing, this task may be worth it. This task will use 56 Abandoned Treasure and 120 Evidence of Evil.

Materials Needed for River District Artifact Weapons

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide - Ingredient RequirementsFirst and foremost, players will need to get Abandoned Treasures and Evidences of Evil. These are used to advance the campaign to the point of being able to purchase the weapons.

  • Abandoned Treasures – Can come from almost everything.
    • Main: 3,000, Offhand: 2,500
  • Evidence of Evil – Daily Quest (25), Weekly (20), Rare Drop from Heroic Encounters and Buried Treasures (1 or 2)
    • Main: 240, Offhand: 120
  • Arcane Magical Writings Secure The District Campaign Task (1), Heroic Encounters, Dig Sites, Buried Treasure, Auction House
    • Main: 60, Offhand: 45
  • Arcanic Focus – Daily Quest (2), Weekly Quest (5), Rare Drop from Heroic Encounters and Dig Sites.
    • Main: 45, Offhand: 40
  • Dungeon Material – Boss Dungeons (1), Rare from Heroic Encounters and Buried Treasure.
    • Main: 20, Offhand: 15
  • Farm Material – Resist the Rituals campaign task (1), Rare Drop from Dig Sites, Treasure Maps and Heroic Encounters (1), Auction House
  • Main: 30, Offhand: 20

Dungeon Materials come from the “Confront” tasks in the campaign. Once one is unlocked players are able to get a Portal Stone for that area and head to the boss’s hideout of that area. Upon completion 1 dungeon material is gained. Which material is gained depends on the dungeon completed. Look at the table below for more details. 

Special Materials Specific to Relic Weapons

Mirage Lifeforged Fey Aboleth
 Fleece in Illusionist Gambit  Constructed Iron in Kabal’s Trial  Petrified Dust in Nostura’s Trial  Tainted Soil in Gyrion’s Tower
 Ground Jade  Spell Amber  Vial of Fey Blood  Volatile Ichor

Total Materials Needed River District Artifact Weapon Include;

  • 5,500 Abandoned Treasures
  • 360 Evidence of Evil
  • 105 Arcane Magical Writings
  • 85 Arcanic Focus
  • 35 Dungeon Materials
  • 50 Treasure Materials

The Path To River District Artifact Weapons

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide - Restored Weapon

  1. Decide which set is best for you.
  2. Complete the 3 campaign tasks.
  3. Purchase your set from the Campaign Vendor in the square.
  4. Work your way through the activities needed for your ingredients.
  5. Restore Weapons
  6. Rejoice in your newly crafted weapon set!

Here is a breakout of the options you can take and the costs. 

Just Weapons


With Campaign

  AT EE     AT EE

Must Do Campaign Tasks

Clear The Docks 36 30     36 30
Heir Apparent 36 15     36 15
Investigate 48 120     48 120
Confront 56 120     56 120
Optional Tasks to Reduce Costs
        Restore 96 120
        Establish 144 240
        Reap 240 270
Artifact Weapon Costs
Primary Weapon 880 240     220 30
Secondary Weapon 440 120     110 15








Here is a short video companion guide I created for restoring River District Artifact Weapons. 

Due to the nature of the River District, there are many ways to get all of the needed components for the artifact weapons. This is a nice change of pace which allows players to do the activity they like to earn their gear. This is much nicer than being forced down a narrow path or to wait for timers to expire.

If you are desperate for the new artifact weapons, it is possible to grind out Heroic Encounters, Dig Sites, and buried treasures to get all of the needed ingredients as quickly as possible. Or players can take their time and just get their daily stuff done and they too will be able to get the River District Artifact Weapons. This is a great method and I am really happy with the new River District and the ability to let you progress through your own style of play.

Most of the ingredients for the River District artifact weapons are easy to get. Dungeons ingredients and the others that are bound to character are the worst. Those you will need to just grind through the dungeons or dig sites. Either way, they are still soloable so they end up being a lot easier to get than the Sea of Moving Ice artifact weapons. If you are grinding through dig sites, make sure to check out my Treasure Map Location guide for the River District. It will help you breeze through the treasure hunts.

And as always thanks so much to my Patrons! A special thanks to Homer Cole for his continued support of DDM’s Realm. I really appreciate it!

Good luck and have fun getting your new River District Artifact Weapons!