ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-campYou have just captured many of the Shar Disciples including their leader Dedryk Black. Now the prisoners are to be transferred down river to the prison. However, they have learned that there is likely to be an attempt by the Disciples of Shar to rescue those that have been captured and help them escape.

You are now tasked with the job of helping to defend the prisoners and make sure that they make it down river to the prison.

It is possible to complete this quest one your own, but very difficult to get the optional objectives. Take a group with you if possible and you will be able to keep all of the prisoners in custody.

Series Disciples of Shadow – Part 2
Level 15 Party
Patron The Purple Dragon Knights
Length Medium
Dungeon Riverside Camp
Recommended Party Standard, Rogue is nice for Bear Traps
MoBs Lizardfolk Warrior, Lizardfolk Archer, Lizardfolk Scavanger, Wolves
Dangerous MoBs Lizardfolk Shaman, Srass Marnanr
Buffs Standard Buffs, Crowd Control Abilities are Good Here
Obstacles Da Bears (Traps), Slow Killing will Cause Dungeon Alert to be Activated
Special Note Lots of Bear Traps, bring a rogue if you can.
Quest Stats Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

When you zone in, summon pets and hirelings. Then move over to the north side of the camp and cast buffs on the guards and the group at the same time.

Once the buffs are passed out you may want to start getting some crowd control spells cast around the prisoners to help stop the enemies from being able to rescue them. Dance spheres and persistent AOE spells work good here.

While the crowd control spells are being spread around the prisoners, have someone else talk to Barthold Moncrief.

Once the conversation is done then the attack on the camp begins. The Lizardfolk will attack from both the north and the south so be ready to head them off!

The Riverside Camp

ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-charmed-lizardsThe goal here is to make sure that the prisoners don’t get rescued. There are three on the north side of the fire and three on the south of the fire.

The Lizardfolk will run up to a prisoner and stand next to them, which frees them. You will see a DM message. Once that happens you have 10 seconds to get agro of that specific Lizardfolk or they will free the prisoner. Once the prisoners are set free there is no way to stop them from running away. So make sure you jump all over any Lizardfolk that just seem to be standing around a prisoner.

There are 6 or 7 waves of the Lizardfolk attack. They come in every couple of minutes whether the last wave is dead or not. Be sure to head off the new batch of Lizardfolk when they try to release a prisoner while you are distracted.

ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-free-prisonerIt is not too hard to get the Optional bonus “Don’t let more than 3 escape”. If you are soloing it or it is at or above your level just worry about protecting the prisoners on the north half of the fire. There is a guard there that will help you and you can keep an eye on those three so they do not escape. If you succeed in this you will be rewarded with extra XP.

If you are trying to get the Optional bonus “Don’t let any prisoners escape” it is probably a good idea to split the group and have them watch their half. Have a crowd controller keep spells on the prisoners and make sure to pick up and agro any Lizardfolk that come in. If you succeed in this you will be rewarded with extra XP and a bonus chest at the end of the quest.

Once the attack is done talk to Barthold Moncrief again. He will ask you to head into the forest to find the Lizardfolk camp and retrieve Dedryk Black.

Into the Forest after Dedryk Black

ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-bear-trap-areaA shrine appears after Dedryke Black is spirited away. Use it if you need it then head north of camp through the vegetation.

Keep an eye out for bear traps as you travel. If you want to avoid them just stay far to one side or the other. The bear traps are laid out in the center pathway.

There will be a series of ambushes that happen as you travel through the forest to keep you from retrieving your prisoner. Here is the order of ambushes you will encounter.

  1. Wolves
  2. Lizardfolk Warriors and Shaman – Kill the Shaman First
  3. Bear Traps and Lizardfolk Archers – Clever Trap Here
  4. Rynar Nosryrr and his Lizardfolk crew
  5. More Wolves

Once you get through all of this you will enter another area that is a bit more open and there will be another Shrine tucked away. Use this if you need to and remember where it is. You may need it… the final encounter can be… unlucky.

The Lizardfolk Camp

ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-boss-waitingJust after the shrine you find the Lizardfolk main camp. On a hill in the center is the Lizardfolk leader and read named boss, Srass Marnanr.

There are two methods here depending on how you are running the quest. I will go over them here briefly.

Speed Run

If this is a speed run then you will want to just rush to the top of the hill trying to jump up near the front. The back is covered with bear traps. Avoid them. Throw the smack down on Srass Marnanr as fast as possible. When he dies the waves of beasties stops and the quest will complete. Ignore the other mobs until Srass Marnanr is dead.

Full XP Run

ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-boss-blastIf you are like me and want to squeeze the most out of every quest, especially when you are working on Elite/Hard streaks, you want to get all of the bonuses. To do this you will want to pull Srass Marnanr off his hill to the entrance of the open area. Have a second person go in and pull the Lizardfolk Spawns in the back of the open area. Finally, send your rogue in full stealth mode to disable the bear traps on the back side of the hill.

You will want to kill the spawns but just kite Srass Marnanr around. Once the first wave of regular enemies is dead have your puller go back in and grab the second wave from the trapped area. These waves will likely bump into the stealthed rogue disarming so help them out until all of the traps are gone and you have reached Ingenious Debilitation Bonus. If you haven’t, that means a trap was missed in the forest somewhere. Send the rogue back to find it while the party slaughters the waves.

ddmsrealm-ddo-escape-plan-bonus-lootKilling the waves will get the party Conquest XP Bonus and hopefully some extra Ingenious Debilitation Bonuses.  These quest bonuses along with completing the optional objectives makes this a pretty good quest to run for XP. Once those bonuses have been reached kill Srass Marnanr to complete the quest.

Now that you have recaptured Dedryk Black you can return him to custody and loot your magic items. Talk to the quest giver back in Eveningstar to move onto the next step of getting these worshipers of Shar back into prison.