ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-web-bridgeThe Demonweb is the last wilderness adventure area that players will uncover on their pursuit to stop the Goddess Lolth’s evil designs on the destruction of Ebberron in Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Demonweb is Lolth’s home domain, a plane she calls her own. The Demonweb is a vast void filled with the crumbs and remnants of all the worlds Lolth has consumed. Here players will find the last few quests on their pursuit of the Thread of the Weave. Players will encounter Lolth’s most faithful and dangerous servants randomly throughout the Demonweb. Smart players will keep an eye out for vicious rare denizens because they can appear anywhere withing this chaotic realm.

The Demonweb Wilderness Adventure Area for Dungeons and Dragons Online

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The sundered worlds that Lolth has consumed float endlessly here. Long strands of webs connecting them though they can and do change frequently. Follow these webs to make your way through the Demonweb. They change frequently which can easily confuse unwary adventurers in this vast domain. Along with the changing webs of the Demonweb there are many hiding places tucked onto these remnants of deceased worlds so be vigilant when searching the Demonweb.

Many of the minions of Lolth are at home in the shadow and chaos. They strive to stay hidden from all eyes, yours and Lolths, and will only strike when they have the greatest advantage. Be prepared for their sudden attacks from stealth or go with adventurers that are able to detect these stealthy enemies.

If you are seeking to explore the Demonweb and figure out its mysteries on your own stop reading here. Below are spoilers, hints, tips and trips to make adventuring in the Demonweb easier and safer.

Series NA
Level 23
Patron No Favor Gained
Length Medium
Dungeon The Demonweb
Recommended Party Standard
MoBs Astral Harrowers, Baby Glass Spiders, Brutal Hezrou, Demonic Swarmhorde Spiders, Demonweb Terrors, Dretches, Drow Soul, Furious Render, Planewalker Drow, Soulherd Drider, Spider Souls, Vicious Death Jump Spiders
Dangerous MoBs Bebilith, Draegloth, Glabrezu, Goristro, Yugoloth Mercenary
Buffs Freedom of Movement, Deathward, Standard Buffs
Special Notes Jump off the islands to be randomly teleported to one of three locations.
Wilderness Stats For Detailed Statistics on the Quest Click Here

The Demonweb is a nicely designed, medium sized wilderness adventure area. The islands of each of the different destroyed worlds can have different levels so make sure that you keep an eye out for small nooks or narrow walkways that may lead to different parts of an island that doesn’t really show on the map.

ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-web-bridgeThe islands make sectioning off and fighting pretty easy but you can get overwhelmed on the larger islands with many levels of angry minions of Lolth. If you find yourself swarmed or are losing a battle with one of the rare monsters in the Demonweb, just jump off the island and you will float down and be teleported far away to recover and recoup. Should your party get split up, just keep jumping off until you land at the teleport location you want.

Exploring the Territories of The Demonweb

ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-shattered-worldsThe Demonweb itself is a mass of broken worlds and webs. At first glance it will seem very random. Even when you re-enter you may be confused as some of the web bridges throughout The Demonweb change from instance to instance. But even in the chaos of the Demonweb there is order in Lolth’s Domain.

If you find yourself in the wrong area or want to quickly move from one section of the Demonweb to another, just jump off into the nothingness. Unlike other iterations of The Demonweb in quests, falling in will not harm you in any way. You will be randomly teleported between one of three locations. Each of these locations is near the center of the territories for the different minions of Lolth. Check the map above to see where exactly these are.

The Demonweb has a mix of everything spread throughout but if you are trying to get your Slayer quests completed for any of these three factions you should travel to where they are concentrated.

Lolth’s Messages

ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-message-of-lolthAs you move around the Demonweb you are bound to find floating red sigils of Lolth. These are messages the Goddess Lolth has left around the Demonweb for you, taunting your efforts and granting clues to her purpose and personality.

Use the map above to help you locate these Messages of Lolth. Some of the messages may be out in the open while others are cleverly hidden in nooks and crannies beneath webs. The Messages of Lolth do go in order for the most part when you are traveling along the broken pieces of other worlds, so if you are missing one but know where others are just search nearby.

The floating chunks of works can also have multiple levels to them. So if you find yourself at the exact spot that the map above shows for one of the messages of Lolth but can not find it. See if you can move higher or lower on the same chunk of shattered world.

Below are the Messages from Lolth

1 Back into my web so soon, mortals? How… interesting. It is a little late to try to finish what started back in Eberron. The Drow have gathered all the Dragonshards I need, but I could probably find a use for more. Perhaps I’ll take the ones you’re carrying in your bags.
2 I wouldn’t allow you here unless I gained some advantage from your presence. When you killed my servant Karas back on Eberron, did that not serve my ends? I’ll let you think about that – it is terribly fun to see the panic in your eyes as you realize how helpful you’ve been to my cause.
3 The Lords of Dust in that pitiful realm of Khyber thought they could share power. How foolish they were to think that the Spinner of Shadows would work alongside them. True power is gained by snatching it from the unworthy.
4 How good of you to come here and offer yourself, so that you can be… rewoven. If you think things are difficult now, then just wait. You will plead for the mercy I have shown you thus far when the suffering truly begins.
5 It is good that you ventured into my domain. Soon my power will be unmatched. You will bear witness when I become the new mistress of the Weave. Perhaps I will set you free, so that you can tell the world about the new goddess of Magic. Perhaps not.
6 My servants’ work in Cormyr is entertaining, but it is only a single strand of all of my plans. True, they brought the precious Thread of the Weave to me. Yet even without it I would have found a way to carry out my plan.
7 If my servants fail, they will answer to my wrath! That’s really all the motivation they need to do their jobs well. You will find some of my subordinates quite challenging. If not – well then, time for some new blood.
8 Insects. The longer you meddle in my plans, the longer I have to torment you. Your screams as you beg me for death will echo through every corner of the Demonweb. Delicious.
9 Whether you remain in the Demonweb or flee from it makes no difference now. You are not the first to think they can unravel my works. Those who think they can scheme against me shall be twisted in torment.
10 The Thread of the Weave is mine, one more of my many victories. Soon all of the Realms will shudder in gruesome ecstasy before Lolth, Goddess of Magic. Come to me, and feel the power of beautiful pain.
11 Absorbing the Thread of the Weave brings me that much closer to my goal. I will reshape all worlds into something far more pleasing. The weak shall perish beneath the cunning, and the strong shall rend each other apart to gain my favor. Ah, it will be exquisite.
12 I have so many schemes knitted together that I do not need to tend them. Sooner or later, the insects just stumble into the web. Thinking about it that way, it’s pointless to struggle, no?
13 It is impossible for you to stop me. Perhaps you hope to gain my favor instead? Very well, I offer you a challenge that will please me. If you are truly worthy, then kill everything in the Demonweb.
14 I saw that Elminster offered you aid. And you never considered what he stands to gain by this? I suppose not. Your kind was duped by “Gnomon, Inquisitor of the Silver Flame”, after all. Mortals… so easily manipulated.
15 Eberron – until now I cannot say I ever paid it any mind. The Lords of Dust were pathetic and easily tricked a common trait among beings from your realm.
16 You Eberron flies swarm through my domain as if it were your personal property. Know this: the Demonweb consumes all that it touches. So, by all means, keep encouraging more visitors to come here. What is a web without flies?
17 Look around you, mortals. See the ruins of a thousand worlds, their scraps lashed together to make my Demonweb. There’s still room for your world. Just a little longer and it will be swallowed up, too.
18 “The shadow of the darkening stretches out, covering the Realms, and hastening the deaths of all who oppose me.” How unfortunate for you that the words of priestess Hecta went unheeded. She foretold of this day.
19 Watch as my followers grow in strength and number. None can resist me. You will come to understand this very soon.
20 My rule is inevitable. Nations will kneel before me, bent by the hand of their own rulers… rulers who will struggle amongst themselves to see who can best appease me.
21 Are you still here? It is terribly dull watching you flail your way around my domain. Well, there’s no chance of you damaging anything important. So perhaps I’ll amuse myself with few of my other pet projects.
22 The demons that have fallen to your little weapons were not worth the air they breathed in the first place. Hear that, my minions? Any of you that can’t hold your own against these pests should save me the trouble of killing you later. Just die now, please.
23 There is a fun game I like to play around here: my children slaughter and scheme against one another to gain or uphold their rank. They all fantasize about overthrowing me. Then, later on, I take pleasure in the look of their faces on the day I get to crush them.
24 Here is something you should know about the best of my demons. Consider all the slyness, the cunning, the might they need to stay alive and stay on top. Then consider that even they cannot match me. Now what hope do you have?
25 I have been and always will be. I’ve been worshipped for countless ages, under countless names. It is futile to think that I can be stopped, mortals. But do try. It’s amusing to watch.
26 Mystra was unworthy to oversee the realm of Magic; else she would still be here. That makes Elminster the “Chosen” follower of someone who is no longer around… and that makes you the servant of a leaderless fool.
27 If Elminster is the Chosen of Mystra, and Mystra abandoned this realm, then what are the odds of Elminster abandoning you? I can just imagine what he said to convince you to come in here. “Help me preserve Mystra’s memory” Then he sent you into my web. Alone.
28 Elminster tricks many ignorant souls into coming here. See all of those cocoons? Did you think they were egg sacks? No, they’re all that remains of the other adventurers who followed Elminster’s folly.
29 Trying to free the Thread of the Weave, hmm? Oh yes, I can see right through your mischief. And just like everyone who has fallen before you, you too will be caught by surprise when I decide to strike.
30 Hear me, minions! These trespassers think they are a match for you. I will feast on corpses soon, and it is simply a matter of which corpses. Demon, mortal, I’m not too particular. So… don’t lose.
31 You plan to reclaim the Thread of the Weave?
32 My worship increases day by day. Soon all will pay tribute to the glory of Lolth. And yet you dare to oppose me? Very well. If you’re sure.
33 My children in the Underdark fear and respect me. Those on the surface will come to regard me in the same light, once I am the Goddess they must turn to for their Magic.
34 The absence of Mystra has created a great void. I will fill it. After all, if I do not, then some other god will. And I can’t allow that.
35 I alone have woven the Demonweb into the grand tapestry of destruction and survival that you see around you. Bask in the glorious fury of my works.
36 Through the ages, I have achieved my goals using wicked craft and brutal resolve. I expect no less from any who call upon me as their Goddess… or from those that hope to best me. Fight harder.
37 Because you have kept me so entertained in your final hours of life, I will extend a courtesy to you once you are dead. I will place your remains on a fragment of Eberron, once the Demonweb consumes it.
38 How to next shape the Demonweb? Hmm. I cannot decide if the broken bits of your decimated home would look better spun together in a tight ball, or strewn about like bones after a feast.
39 When Eberron falls, I will consume yet another world. And another. I must have more. More worlds. More worshippers. More power. More! I will have more!
40 I don’t blame you for lingering here. You are drawn to me. Since you can’t resist it, just enjoy it while you can. I am a harsh mistress, and these will likely be the last pleasurable moments of your existence.

Slayer Quests of the Demonweb

ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-spiderThere are three groups of slayers quests here. You can gain a lot of XP here if you are OK with hours of Lolth minion slaying fun, and who isn’t?

The first Slayer Quest is the Drow of the Demonweb. As you may have guessed, these are any of the drow in the Demonweb, living or dead. If you want to get these slayers, head to the southern areas of the Demonweb. Here you will find many of the souls of the Demonweb (which are mostly drow).

The second Slayer Quest is the Spiders of the Demonweb. You will find these in the most abundance in the Demonweb, no surprise there. Though if you are looking to work on this Slayer quest specifically, head to the north and west sections of the Demonweb.

The third Slayer Quest is the Fiends of the Demonweb. You will find these the eastern side of the Demonweb.

If you are looking to grind through the slayers here, I would suggest that you make sure you have the slayer boost potions going. Jump off the islands to be teleported between the different areas. Once you are flagged for the Demonweb it is easy to leave and rebuff on your guild ship. Then once you enter jump off to quickly get to where you want to go, if it’s far away.

The Rare Encounters of the Demonweb

ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-glabrezu-see-youScattered throughout the chaos of the Demonweb are the lairs of Lolth’s chosen or other denizens powerful enough to survive in the Demonweb. These are the rare encounters of the Demonweb and they move around frequently. Look at the map above to see the rare spawn locations. Any of the rare spawns can spawn at any of these locations so be wary while you travel the Demonweb.

  1. Slay Akh’gurrog the Hunter
  2. Slay Rrh’gitli, the Harvester of Souls
  3. Slay U’oglen, the Drider Triumphant
  4. Slay Zehraa, the Greater Night Hag
  5. Slay Olig, the Arcanoloth Commander
  6. Slay Asta Jegg Dralnoc, the Chosen of Lolth
  7. Slay Vgorrok, He Who Consumes

The Quests of The Demonweb

ddmsrealm-ddo-demonweb-shrine-portalThe lasts few quests you will need to be flagged for the raid to go after Lolth, Caught in a Web, are here in the Demonweb.  They are pretty much in order along the southern edge of the Demonweb with the last one in the far north eastern section.

Just pass this quest entrance you will see a section of the Demonweb on your map. This is the area the Caught in a Web raid takes place in. It seems like it is just for looks as there is no way to get over to it. You access the Caught in a Web raid in Eveningstar Cavern.

  1. Trial By Fury
  2. Deal With a Demon
  3. Reclaiming the Rift

All in all, the Demonweb is fun and nicely sectioned wilderness adventure area in Dungeons and Dragons Online. The primary purpose of the Demonweb is Lolth’s home and your access to the final quests you will need to complete to challenge Lolth directly in the raid, Caught in the Web.