ddo-chronoscope-zone-inFinally the developers of Dungeons and Dragons Online heard our pleas for a low level raid! Their answer, The Chronoscope. This 6th level raid picks up on the epic storyline of the second anniversary event of Dungeons and Dragons Online, The Devil Invasion. The question has been hanging out there for years, “What happened to Natt Gann?” Not only do you get to learn what happened to the unfortunate performer but you will get to play through the storyline by going back in time to the devil invasion!

The Chronoscope Quest Details

  • Series: Associated with the Devils of Shavarath Story but no direct series ties.
  • Level: 6 Raid
  • Patron: The Coin Lords
  • Length: Long
  • Dungeon: The Chronoscope
  • Recommended Party: Standard – Ranged (Archers/Casters) are nice to have in here.
  • MoBs: Shavarath Archer, Shavarath Acolyte, Shavarath Assassin, Shavarath Soldier, Shavarath Arcanist, Shavarath Armorers
  • Dangerous MoBs: Bazdor, Red Abishai Sky Raider, Bearded Devil Trooper, Blood Plate, Razor Arm, Vitter, Nox, Tarvis, Drekk, Conjoined Abashai Devastator
  • Buffs: Resist Poison, Fire Resistance, Acid Resistance, Death Ward
  • Special Note: Stay together, Dungeon Alert can jump fast in here.  Respawning mobs in Marketplace.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

The Chronoscope Quest Walkthrough

The Chronoscope

ddo-chronoscope-entranceFirst head down to where Natt Gann  used to perform and talk to Nolan Gan.  This gets the quest started for you.  Head to the building to the left/west of Falconer’s Spire in the north for the Marketplace to enter the Chronoscope.  Grab all your guild buffs and favor buffs before you head in.

Once everybody has zoned in, make sure to buff up.  You will want to keep fire resistance and acid resistance on everyone.  When you’re ready, go to the left, into the Chronoscope.  Be careful not to fall off. It will kill you.

ddo-chronoscope-the-ritualTalk to the NPC’s in the middle of the Chronoscope, and they will do the ritual to open the portal.  This opens the portal to the past, but also allows some tieflings and a red named boss called Bazdor to come through.  Defeat these enemies, talk to Caratrix,  and head into the portal to the Marketplace.

The Rusty Nail

Once you’re in the marketplace, head into the Rusty Nail and take the Dimension Door up to the floating tower of the 12 that is over the Marketplace.  ddo-chronoscope-rusty-nail-shrinesTalk to Veheer F’Nord to advance the quest and start the search for Nelle Gann in the Marketplace.  Before you head back down, ask Veheer F’nord if he can do anything to help.  He will cast a group of very helpful buffs on you.  Make sure to ask him for these when the story has you return to him to refresh them.  This can get you all buffed up ready to head into the Marketplace.

ddo-chronoscope-tent-viewInside the Rusty Nail there’s a potion and wand vendor  as well as a flametouched weapon vendor.  Use these to repair your gear and buy potions and wands (Pick up a healing wand or two for your healers). Buy a flametouched weapon if you cannot bypass the devils DR. (You will need good or holy to bypass)

The Marketplace

Once you get into the marketplace, stick together and fight as group.  It is very easy to agro many mobs here and this can cause Dungeon Alert to go up quickly.  ddo-chronoscope-guard-locationsThis can also be deadly for characters of this level.  I would suggest calling out a single lead tank who can pull and intimidate mobs.  Fight them in small groups and do not wander around.  When you get a Bearded Devil Trooper make sure to focus on that devil as they are much more dangerous and deadly than any other mobs out in the Marketplace.  Next, take out casters and watch for the air raiders as they seem to sneak up on the group.  Try to designate at least several ranged people to target any of these flyers/archers.  The air raiders will drop down once they are past half their HP, and the rest of the group can mob on them.  They love to throw Fireballs and Acidballs here.

ddo-chronoscope-marketplace-mobsYou must work together, as a team, to be fully successful here. This is much harder than other content of this level.  This is a raid after all. :)

Make sure to buff up again before the barrier is dropped and be ready for a fight.  Once everybody is ready, talk to Delvarrion Iravati to drop the barrier.

I’d suggest you take out these mobs here and the group near the Harbor entrance. Then head to the north east in a long sweep around the northern part of the Marketplace, killing everything that you run into.  Make sure to break any box that you find, and rescue all guards that you come across.  The optionals here are not too hard and if you complete them you can get a couple more chests at the end of this raid. Don’t give up the chance to get more raid loot!

ddo-chronoscope-red-air-raider-abishaiRemember: stick together and work as a group and you should be able to finish this easily.  If needed, you can always fall back to the Rusty Nail. Resurrect the fallen at the rest shrines and rebuff those that need it.  Discuss tactics and change things if it’s not going well for the group.  Once you’ve slaughtered everything in the marketplace, head into the Phoenix Tavern to advance the quest.  You can also use the Phoenix Tavern as a fallback place.

I would suggest using the Rusty Nail if possible. If the raid wipes,  you’ll  spawn right outside the front door.  Don’t get used to this mechanic,  as this is the only raid that allows you to you wipe and respawn within it.

Look behind breakables–stranded guards like to hide behind them.

ddo-chronoscope-tremas-somthing-out-of-placeOnce you’ve done the slaughter optionals in the Marketplace, smashed everything you need to, and rescued the city guards, head to the Phoenix Tavern and go talk to Tremas.  He will tell you he wants what is in Natt Gann’s safety deposit box.  He needs the key from Lordsmarch bank next.  Buff up and head next door to the bank for your first raid boss fight.  The marketplace is going to respond so if you don’t have all your optionals done yet you’ll be able to hit them soon enough.

Don’t forget to loot the mailbox between the Phoenix Tavern and the bank.

Lordsmarch Bank

ddo-chronoscope-blood-plate-platformOnce you’re buffed up and ready for a fight, head into the bank and be ready to throw down against Blood Plate, a big nasty orthon who is very concerned about his armor.  The encounter starts when you approach his platform so make sure everyone has zoned in before you move forward.  Once he drops down you will not be able to leave the bank.  Have all of your tanks focus on Blood Plate while he is down.  Be sure to kill the Shavarath Armorers.  The Shavarath Armorers will heal him if they are not killed between rounds.  ddo-chronoscope-blood-plate-moshThen take care of the other trash when he goes back up to his platform.  He’ll jump up to his platform a few times throughout the battle.  When he does this you can leave the bank in case you need to run and have someone raised or need to regroup.  Blood Plate has a disease that he passes around so make sure to have disease immunity or the ability to get rid of it.  This is called Maggot Plague and will do piercing damage to you every couple of seconds.  It sucks so get rid of it fast.

You should fight Blood Plate in the back left corner of the bank up near the portals. This is a good place to go after the first wave as you can set the stage of the battle here a little easier.  Plus you can fight half of a wave at a time and pull the other half in when you are ready.

ddo-chronoscope-blood-plate-nakedOnce Blood Plate is taken care of, loot up and shrine up. Head back to the Phoenix Tavern and talk to Tremas. Make sure that you talk to Nelle Gann also after the shield is down to advance the quest.  Don’t forget to loot what is left in the safety deposit box. Then head back to the Rusty Nail.

Be sure to kill any more monsters to finish the optionals and rescue any more guards that you may need.  This will be the last time you are out in the Marketplace so finish up the optionals for those extra chests at the end.

Go up through the dimension door again and talk to Veheer F’nord. He will tell you to head into the steam tunnels to find another way into the Marketplace Tent.  You can ask him for buffs again. Don’t miss this chance to top all your buffs off for the rest of the run.

The Steam Tunnels

ddo-chronoscope-razor-arm-blastWhen you’re ready to head into the steam tunnels make sure you buff up and are ready for another raid boss fight.  This time you’ll be fighting Razor Arm.  He likes to Teleport up out of melee reach an attack you with his nasty repeating crossbow.  Make sure to keep an eye on this repeating crossbow as it will cycle through the different types of elemental damage. You can see small hints of the elemental type he is using emanating from the crossbow itself. I would suggest having all types of resistance going in to fight him.

ddo-chronoscope-razor-arm-waterIf you want an easier fight have everyone go down into the water and very bottom of the Steam Tunnels Area. This is a great place to fight him. You are away from the portals so you might avoid some extra agro their and it’s easier to take care of mobs and not worry about falling down.  He can definitely be difficult to get down here in the bottom but well worth the effort once he is there.  If you just make sure everybody goes down to the bottom he’ll get there much quicker. Focus on taking him out and have a couple people dedicated to taking out the trash mobs. Have someone with Intimidate watch for Bearded Devil Agro on the healers and pull it off immediately.

Once Razor Arm has been smote loot shrine and loot up. Buff up once more with all elemental resists and anything else you may want. Pull the lever and be ready for the final battle of this raid. When you are ready, step through the portal.

Marketplace Tent


You can stay on the outside and take care of all of the breakables to get Ransack.  As soon as you move on to the center platform this final battle will begin.  Make sure everyone is ready before this is activated.  You will have a little time but it is best to be ready for the fight!

In the first wave, five elemental abishai will attack you. Each of a different element. They are not terribly difficult though.  Focus on a single one and you can take them out pretty quickly. Just as they are about to die they will fly back into the air and discuss a new strategy.

ddo-chronoscope-devistator-combiningA Conjoined Abashai Devastator – a much nastier boss!

It will take on different forms of each of the elemental dragons.  Keep an eye out for the form change. This should help you know what elemental type it will be using next.  Make sure that you have the right resistances for this form.  Periodically the Abashai Devastator will take on the form of the dragon that matches it’s current elemental type.  ddo-chronoscope-devistator-white-dragonBack away quickly to avoid the nasty area of effect breath weapon!  Use this quick lull to heal up, rebuff or whatever you need to do and be set to receive the boss once it is mobile again.

Throughout the fight Bearded Devil Troopers will join the fray.  Be sure to keep these off the healers and casters.  I would suggest having a few people dedicated to taking these trash mobs out.  This raid boss has a nasty overrun attack so it is not a good idea to kite it around. It’s best to stick your strongest tank in the front and have them control the raid boss with intimidate while everybody unloads… from the backside in flank. Should you need to recover make sure to leave one tank and one healer on the main raid boss while everyone else heals up and buffs up.

ddo-chronoscope-devistator-acid-formRemember not to recall if you die.  This is a hard fight and should your raid group wipe you will all spawn back near the Rusty Nail.  Regroup, go over tactics and go in again.  This raid is hard, but very forgiving allowing you to keep trying the end fight.  Use this as a time to learn and grown as a player and raider.  This is just warming you up for later raids and they are NOT forgiving.  You die, your done. Use this unique opportunity to its fullest.

ddo-chronoscope-devistator-deadOnce the boss dies watch the show with Sully.  Then flee the tent before it gets sucked up into the vortex.  Make your way back up to Veheer F’nord and watch the show.  Collect your chests (1,2 or 3 End Chests), assuming you completed the optionals. Good luck on the great low level raid loot! Keep in mind that this gear binds to account so it will be great for all your low level characters.  Don’t get used to this either. :)

ddo-chronoscope-tent-go-boomMake sure to appreciate the accomplishment of completing this raid at level.  It is quite a difficult one but great practice and preparation for the raids to come.ddo-chronoscope-three-chests It has many of the same tactics and techniques that you will need to use in later raids.  The difference is in those raids if you fail you have to start all over.  The Chronoscope is unique as it is very much a training raid to allow players to learn to work together. This is a great training ground for young raiders.  Make sure to take advantage of it!