ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-tython-mapTython is the starting planet in Star Wars TOR for both the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular. Both of their stories start them off in the north area of the map. This planet is a serene and peaceful world with pockets of fighting. The Flesh Raiders are the biggest threat here and have taken over large sections. This doesn’t mean they are the only threat though; wild beasts and even ancient Jedi droids are wreaking havoc. Tython is geared for players of 1st through 10th level.

This guide is a quick overview of the area with some spoilers and tips to help you make the most out of your time on Tython. If you are an explorer and like the thrill of wandering around by yourself and discovering things on your own, DO NOT read this guide until you have finished your exploration.  Then come back and see if there is anything you missed or if there is something you cannot find.

If you find something that you think should be included in this planetary guide, please post below. Star Wars TOR has a great set of in-game tools to help you explore and find the standard things like vendors, bind points, trainers, etc. This guide will focus on the main goals and points of interest that Star Wars TOR’s internal game tools don’t tell you about, or very important topics you don’t want to miss.

The Master’s Retreat

This is where it all begins. You meet your master here and get your first mission. It seems the Flesh Raiders have recently moved into The Gnarls and the apprentices there need your help.

There is not much else to this area, so hop on a Taxi and head to The Gnarls.

The Gnarls

ddmsreal-star-wars-tor-tython-speeder-to-jedi-templeEvery time you arrive in a new place, bind yourself at the beginning. Here, you want to bind just inside The Gnarls on your left (the taxi service is also right here). It is too easy to forget to do this and then later get stuck or have to run all the way back through an area you should be able to take a speeder through.

The Gnarls is where your first set of quests starts. Make sure to collect any quests you see and then head off to the east, following the road. Soon you will get some bonus missions as you start to beat the Flesh Raiders back.

You should also come to a captured padawan in a crude cage by the river. Release this prisoner to get another quest to find the rest of the prisoners. Continue east and you should be able to find the lost padawans. Take care of them and continue to make a clockwise circuit of The Gnarls. This should help you complete all your quests quick and easy. Turn in what you need to when you get back to the defense post. Sell and repair your gear and head off towards the Jedi Temple.

Jedi Temple

ddmsreal-tor-tython-jedi-academyAs you approach the Jedi temple, stay on the road and discover the Taxi Droid and unlock the bind location here.

The Jedi Temple is the hub of Tython. This place has just about everything: trainers, vendors, bind point, taxi service, specialty goods, and a few other things. There is nothing PVP-related here because you cannot PVP until you are 10th level. By then you should be off planet or close to it.

When you head into the Jedi Temple, you will want to go left and down the corridor there to the Cantina. There is a bind point and vendor here. When you’re ready to log out, try to log out in the Cantina. When you log back in, you’ll have an XP bonus for a while.

Then turn in your quests and collect as many as you can while you run around the Jedi Temple. Remember to train up on the second floor.

Sell and repair your items. Go to the armor vendor and try to find something to fill your empty armor slots. If you can’t afford armor now, keep this in mind and fill those slots with something as soon as possible.

There are a lot of quests in and around the Jedi Temple, but they will be spoon fed to you as you level and progress through your class quests. You should have new quests that can be picked up every time you complete a section of your class quest. You can tell when this happens as you will get XP, loot, and credits. You will also be sent off to a new area of Tython.

Once the chores are done, head out the east side of the Jedi Temple and up into the mountains towards Kalikori Village. Make sure to pick up all the quests you may have missed on your way.

Now that you have established yourself at the Jedi Academy, it’s time to head out into Tythoon and help the locals.


Kalikori Village

ddmsreal-star-wars-tor-tython-speeder-trailKalikori Village is a settlement of Twi’leks that have illegally settled here. They defied the will of the Republic but are not openly hostile towards Jedi. Well, at least most aren’t.

Before you get to questing in Kalikori Village, make sure to head into the center of the village and access the Taxi Droid and unlock the bind point here.

There are more vendors and lots of NPC’s, some of which may have quests for you now. Get the quests you can and want, advance any quests you have.

One of your quests is called The Trial of a Thousand Steps. Wait to do this one until you have returned from your first set of Kalikori Village quests. This way you should be leveled up enough to defeat a named Flesh Raider, Mar’gavrok, that is just outside the elder’s tower. This named elite boss has a good chance of dropping some nice random items for you. Once you have completed that quest and defeated Mar’gavrok, jump off the small cliff behind him for a nice little shortcut back to town.

When you get your second set of Kalikori Village quests, head south this time instead of east to reach The Hallows.

Flesh Raider Territory

ddmsreal-tor-tython-bone-yardTo complete your first set of Kalikori Village quests, you need to be in Flesh Raider Territory. Keep to the east pathways to find your quest objectives and goals.

If you are in a group, or you’re feeling up for a challenge, follow the path all the way back to the boneyard. Here you will find a mean, named boss Flesh Raider named Bloodskin. He is tough, so be ready!

The Hallows

ddmsreal-tor-tython-fess-chargingTaking the southerly route at the fork instead of the eastern one will lead you deeper into Flesh Raider territory. Here is where you will do your second set of Kalikori Village quests.

There are some meaner Flesh Raiders that wander around this area, so make sure to con (consider) your target before attacking. In other words, tab through your targets to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Keep an eye out on the ground. There is a corpse in this area with a holopad. This will give you another quest you can do while you are in this area.

If you are in a hurry you can use your Fast Travel and head back to your bind point at Kalikori Village. Turn in quests, and then head to the Jedi Temple by way of speeder. This is much faster, but if you make a habit of taking fast travel everywhere instead of running back to things and fighting along the way, you will not level as quickly or have the chance for the extra gear and credits. Eventually it will catch up to you and you may be under level for your class quest and be forced to stop and “grind a level”. This means you will have to head outside of wherever you are and kill badgers, or whatever else you can find, until you gain a level or two. This get very boring fast and is no fun at all. So if you are not in a hurry, run everywhere you go and kill things along the way.

Turn in your quests, level up, repair your gear, and buy any new gear you might need. Grab the new quests that are available and head into the next area.

Elarian Trail

ddmsreal-star-wars-tor-tython-speeder-riverThe next area you will be sent to is the Ruins of Kaleth by way of the Elarian Trail. Make sure that you run down this road so you can be sure to collect the quests that are offered along the way.

Near the end of the trail is a small fortified outpost. Make sure you talk to the Taxi Droid and discover the bind point right next to it.

Collect the quests here. There is a basic vendor in case you need to buy, sell or repair.

When you’re ready to head out, go east out of the south gate instead of heading west. We are going to go on a slight detour to get your first Datacron of Tython! At the fork in the road turn left, so you are heading due west. Continue until you see the river below. Go down into that river and head north. You should come to a cave with some Mankas in it. You should be able to take them now. At the end of this tunnel is a +2 Endurance Datacron!

Once you have it, head back towards the Elarian Trail outpost and keep heading west until you get to the Ruins of Kaleth.

The Ruins of Kaleth

ddmsreal-tor-tython-jedi-shrineThe Ruins of Kaleth are ancient ruins that are thousands of years old. They are said to be where the original Jedi Masters originated. Now, their droids are running amuck and their secrets need to uncovered!

Just outside the connecting tunnel is a Medical Revive point and a Medical Droid. You can sell trash here and pick up some stims if you need. This is also a safe spot if you need to AFK or camp out.

Run around and do what you need to do for your quests. Make sure to look at the north western side path that leads out of the Ruins of Kaleth. There you will find a sack with a baby Flesh Raider in it and an accompanying quest.

In the southern part of the Ruins of Kaleth, you will come across a Jedi who has been sent here for his trials. Talk to him for a quick quest.

Once you have the lower section quests done, you can move deeper into the ruins to the upper section of the ruins. Here you will find a Medical Droid and a Revive Point. Sell and repair if you need to.

ddmsreal-tor-tython-datacron-on-hillYou may have noticed a large fallen pillar you had to move around to get here. Head back to that pillar and run up it to the top. Follow the hill to the north east to find your second Datacron. This one is a +2 Willpower Datacron.

If you have the quest Chamber of Speech, one of the quests you pick up in the Elarian Trial outpost, it is listed as (HEROIC). 2+ This means it is recommended that at least 2 characters of the quest’s level work together to complete the quest. If you wish to give real group fighting and teaming up a go, now is a great time to start. If you are more of a soloer, you can save (HEROIC 2+) areas for the last thing you do on the planet before you leave. It’s up to you, but the chances of you getting some nice gear upgrades are good and it would be a shame to wait for them.  Some can be as good as or better than your class gear that you receive.

ddmsreal-tor-tython-tythorian-lore-guardianThe Chamber of Speech is not an instanced quest (meaning only one player/group within), so you can head in there even if you don’t have the quest. Be careful, since the Tythonian Droids here are much tougher than down in Lower Kaleth.

At the end of the tunnel, past the computer, is a large champion droid, The Lore Guardian. If you are in here give it a try as it can drop some nice blue and green random items.

Once all your quests are done for this area and you have used the Datacron, go back and turn in all your quests. Make sure to level up, sell and repair and do anything else you may need to before you head into the last section of Tython.

The Forge Remnants

ddmsreal-tor-tython-send-in-fessThis is the last area of Tython you are going to explore before it is time to head to Coruscant. On your way, you may have a quest to thin the herds of some nasty beast high in the hills here. Take care of that while you are here. You will notice that they have laid nasty little eggs all over the place. Smash them for a Bonus Quest. Once they are cleaned up, continue on.

The Forge Remnants have been fully taken over by Flesh Raiders. They are all over the place so be careful.

There is a Medical Droid and a Revive Point here. Sell and repair if you need to, then start making your way up and into the ruins.

Start off by moving up the right, west side stairs, and clearing everything as you go. Keep on clearing this side until you come to a part in the ruins where there is a room off to the west that has a group of Flesh Raiders. In this room there is a hole in the wall that leads to a train that heads up into the mountains. Follow this trail, killing enemies as you go. It eventually swings back around to the ruins. You will find a small area with a few Flesh Raiders in it. But one of them appears to be worshiping the last Datacron you need for Tython! Take out the Flesh Raider Boss and claim your prize, a Blue Matrix Shard. Once this is claimed, head back the way you came to get back into the main ruins.

Once you’re back to the main ruins, you can wander around and do whatever you need to do for your quests. Be careful of the upper area near the center, because a World Boss can lurk here, The Prototype Tythonian Conquest Battledroid. It is big, it is mean, and it is nasty. If you want to see if you can drop it, be sure you get a good group or two to help! Good luck!

ddmsreal-tor-tython-rock-slam-grand-chieftain-keshkFinish your quests in the main ruins here, and then head south. Here you will encounter Grand Chieftain Keshk. If you want to smack him around to retaliate for everything the Flesh Raiders have done, you can do so. However, if you are worried about YOUR flesh becoming his next meal, there is room to sneak around him.

When you complete your class quest for Tython, you’ll end up at the entrance to The Forge. Get your lightsaber and be ready to move off world. Good luck and enjoy it. This finale is one of my favorites for the first chapter of all of the class quests.

That’s about all there is to the new player planet of Tython for Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars. It’s a nice wilderness area, but it can be very confusing to navigate if you are just exploring around. Don’t let the setting put you off guard as Flesh Raiders can, and do, hide in the bushes and behind rocks. It can be peaceful, even beautiful, which definitely helps to explain how and why the Jedi originated here. It will serve as a great training ground for many Jedi to come.

See you soon on Coruscant!

Play smarter, not harder!