u10-lord-of-stone-tunnelAs the plot against the Twelve and all of Xendrik unfolds, it becomes clear to the Twelve that they may need more powerful allies in the fight against the Lord of Eyes. Krannock Flamehand asks you to journey deep within Kyber to seek out Orlassk, the Lord of Stone. Orlassk is the hated enemy of the Lord of Eyes and if you were to present a good argument, and perhaps a good offering, he would assist the Twelve in dealing with the Lord of Eyes.

  • Series: Lord of Eyes
  • Level: 17
  • Patron: The Twelve
  • Length: Medium
  • Dungeon: Deep Within Kyber
  • Recommended Party: Standard
  • MoBs: Gargoyle Minion, Stone Golem Sentry, Duergar Blackguard, Duegar Worker, Stone Guardians, Evil Eyes, Greater Evil Eye, Ancient Fire Elemental, Xorian Render
  • Dangerous MoBs: Medusa Attendant, Citrine, Stone Scorpion, Scoria, Lasthess, Kudgel
  • Buffs: Standard, Fire
  • Special Note: Make sure to take adamantite or metalline weapons in here to bypass DR.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

u10-lord-of-stone-first-shrineBefore you head in, make sure that you have spoken to Basmore Trask and that you are on the right step of the Lord of Eyes quest arc.

Once you are ready, zone in through the door next to Krannock, buff up, and head in. Keep Haste on, since the quest is basically one long gauntlet through Kyber.

Smiters do work here on many of the mobs as they are mostly constructs here but the saves are pretty good due to the level so it may be easier to DPS things here instead of smiting them. However, if the most of the party has Smiting weapons you may want to use them as this will drop mobs fast.

As you go in, make sure to grab the Kyber Gem at the top of the first ramp you come to.

This is a great quest to train mobs in. You can stop and fight them as well, but if everyone Hastes up and pulls the mobs to a good killing spot or stops if Dungeon Alert gets too high then you can blaze through this quest. When doing this I generally train to doors or other obvious stopping points or when Dungeon Alert gets to orange.

Duegar Mine

u10-lord-of-stone-duegar-minersKeep slaughtering until you get to the first cross T section. Before you head deeper into Kyber make sure to take out the Duegar Miner and take their Kyber Gem that they have unburied. It’s really easy XP for just picking up items along the way. Unlike other quests these gems will be on your beaten path so there really is no reason to not pick them up if you need XP from the quest.

The First Door

The first door leads to a wide-open cavern with a ramp leading up. If you want to just move on, take the ramp up. If you are looking for optionals, run a circuit of the room, killing everything off and collecting any gems that you see.

Watch out for the walls, as there are a few places where huge stone guardians will break through the walls and slap you around a bit.

The First Guardian

u10-lord-of-stone-citrineAt the top of the ramp in the first big room, you will run into the first of the three guardians to the sigils that will grant you access to Orlassk’s home, Citrine. Citrine is a gem covered stone cat that is good at tripping people but has few other tricks.

Once you take the crest, you awaken the guardian so be ready for a mini-boss fight.

There is a shrine right past the first guardian, so let loose if you’d like. There is no real backtracking in this quest so you might as well use the shrine. It is a long run to come back to it.

Second Leg

u10-lord-of-stone-medusa-ambushOnce you jump down, make your way down the corridor. Be ready for a medusa and her minions, she is not too bad hard as she is a normal monster but can mess up an unprepared party.

Make sure you snag the Kyber Gem in this area. It is easy to miss it when you are fighting a snake-haired monster.

Just past this will be the first of the evil eyes you encounter. They are spies of the Lord of Eyes. You can do a great favor for Orlassk by eliminating these nuisances of his. Keep an eye out throughout the quest as these little eye spies can hide in some pretty small areas.

The Lava Chamber


u10-lord-of-stone-lava-roomMake sure to buff up with fire resistance and protection before you jump down into the lava chamber. Featherfall and Jump are also good buffs here so people can make the jumps between islands without going for a dip in the lava.

When you jump down into the lava chamber, look for a lever tucked back in a corner behind you. This will open up an optional section with another chest. You will also need this area for conquest and ransack. Hit the switch and head in. Clear out this large cavern, it has a couple of the huge stone guardians but nothing too major. Loot your chest and head back the way you came.

The Next Cross Section

u10-lord-of-stone-stonedHead down to the next T section. Head straight ahead and kill off the stone scorpions and collect the Kyber Stone. Be careful: the stone scorpions can actually turn people to stone.

Once the scorpions are dead, go deeper into Kyber. You will come into another room that is full of heat wave shimmers and lava. You will see some chunks of lava are shooting up out of the lava pools. The second guardian is here but before you tackle it head down under the land bridge down by the lava and take out the evil eye that is hiding there. There is also another Kyber Gem down there if you are collecting them.

Once the room is clear, heal and buff up if you need to, then take the second sigil to activate the second guardian, Scoria. Fire Resistance/Fire Protection should be used against this flaming beast.u10-lord-of-stone-scoria

There is another shrine just down the shaft past the second guardian if you need it. It is easily missed if you just jump down. There are also a couple of breakables here as well if you are into that sort of thing.

Another Mine

You will come across another mine with some more duegar as well as some Xorian Renders this time. These guys must be lost. Send them home on the soul train and collect another Kyber Gem they have uncovered.

u10-lord-of-stone-render-minersOnce this area is cleaned out, keep on heading deeper and deeper into Kyber. You will come to another door and another spy.

The area past this opens up into a large cavern. Scour the corners to find the evil eyes and the Kyber Gems hidden about. Once this is done, head to the south west and take the ramp up to the area on top of this cavern. There is another Kyber Gem on the way so don’t miss that one on your way by.

The Final Guardian

One you get up above the large cavern, you will run across the last guardian, a medusa named Lasthess. You will see about half a dozen victims of this medusa around here. u10-lord-of-stone-lasthessDon’t forget about them however, they aren’t just statues.

Gather the party around her and buff if you need to. Set some crowd control or whatever you might want. You know how these things work now and this time she will have friends. Take the sigil to activate her. Be ready for her stone creations to come to life as you fight her. They will attempt to aid her in the battle. Once you kill her, you are ready for the final leg of this underground gauntlet. Make sure to loot the chest left behind after the final guardian is destroyed. Snag the last of the Kyber Gems you need to help gain Orlassk’s trust on your way out of this area.

u10-lord-of-stone-orlassk-honorguardUse the shrine after the fight if you need to so you are fresh and ready for the last tests Orlassk has for deeming you worthy of his attention.

Orlassk’s Chamber

Run down to Orlassk’s Chamber. Make sure you go around the corner and take out the last of the evil eyes. Clear the other mobs that followed or are there and then put the sigils in the sockets on the right side of the door.

At last you have finally made it to Orlassk and he is anxiously awaiting you. Heal up and buff if you need, since he has a couple of final tests for you.

u10-lord-of-stone-kudgel-stompGet ready for a few waves of beasties he will send your way. The column of gargoyles you passed getting to him will be wave one and two. He will then send in a medusa with a few stone golem minions, then the last wave he will send your way is a huge named stone guardian by the name of Kudgel.

None of it is too hard, even the big guy is not too bad. With these monsters killed, speak to Orlassk again to gain his agreement to aid the Twelve in their time of need. Loot up and head back to the Twelve for the final quest of this series.