ddmsrealm-ddo-sschindylyrn-bridge-entranceSschindylryn is the Drow city known as the City of Portals. There are several portals in here but you can’t enter the main city. This wilderness just encompasses a few of the houses on the outskirts of the city. It is a dark and foreboding place so this is another good place to wear the goggles you can obtain in The Underdark Wilderness and Adventure area in Trader’s Cavern.

Unlike The Underdark, Sschindylryn is very one dimensional. The map is small and easy to follow so you should be able to navigate this fairly easily. Take your time as you travel through the city. Nearly all enemies will stealth and sneak up on you. It is very easy to think that you are alone and then suddenly have dungeon alert jump up as a dozen or more Drow attack you. So take Sschindylryn slow and you shouldn’t have any trouble with it if you fared well in The Underdark.

Dungeons and Dragons Online Sschindylryn Wilderness Map

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Series: NA
Level: 22
Patron: No Favor Gained
Length: Medium
Dungeon: Sschindylryn, The City of Portals
Recommended Party: Standard
MoBs: Drow Warriors, Drow Archers, Slain Villager, Blademaster, Yuanti, Skeletal Puppet, Zombies, Drow Guards, Driders, Blademasters
Dangerous MoBs: Necromancers, Arch-Necromancers, High Priestesses, Purple Worm, Dire Bear, Illithid, Rares
Buffs: Freedom of Movement, Deathward, Standard Buffs
Special Note: Make sure to open the doors nearest the entrance if you are ahead of your party so they can easily catch up.
Quest Stats:

Note: Images have been brightened up so you can see Sschindylryn. The City of Portals is very dark.

Sschindylryn is a small area, compared to the massive wilderness of The King’s Forest and The Underdark. However, they did cram a lot into this small wilderness adventure area.

You will be venturing just inside the outskirts of the Drow city of Sschindylryn, visiting the few houses here which are tied to the story of the Menace of the Underdark. Once those are complete, you will head to the north section of the wilderness area to the zigaraut and move to confront Lolth herself.

Adventuring in the Dark

The pitfalls here are not as numerous as they are in The Underdark, but the Undersun goggles are still very helpful. It’s just so much easier to navigate and spot enemies and other pieces of Sschindylryn with them on. So if you haven’t gotten them, check out The Underdark Wilderness Area Map Walkthrough and Guide.

The High Priestess Missives

ddmsrealm-ddo-sschindylyrn-undersunOn your first trip in here head off to the left (east) first. Here you will find a few of these High Priestess Missives. These are little notes that have been left around this area just like the Messages from Elminster in The King’s Forest. I love the direction they are taking with these. They act just like explorer points but also give you a little bit more of the story of what is happening in the area.

Once you grab the few that are in this passage, turn around and head into Sschindylryn proper.

Unlocking Eveningstar Cavern Zone In Point

Use the map above to help you navigate and collect High Priestess Missives and check for rares as you go. Your first goal is to make it to the portal in the center of the map. Once you get here you will be able to teleport directly to this central portal. This will let you bypass a lot of mobs and make it to the quests or the raid much easier.

Exploring the Drow House Territories

In the center of Sschindylryn you will run into the standard Drow and guards you have seen up to this point. However, when you move past the gates to the east or west, you will run into specific Drow house guards and enemies. The third house is in the south western part of the map of Sschindylryn, across the chasm.

The Quests of Sschindylryn

Each of the following houses of Sschindylryn have the quests needed to access the raid The Portal Opens to go after Lolth directly.

  • The House of Death Undone is on the eastern side.
  • The House of Rusted Blades is on the western side.
  • The House of Broken Chains is on the south western side.

Slayers of Sschindylryn

ddmsrealm-ddo-sschindylyrn-drider-battleThere are two groups of slayers quests here. You can gain a lot of XP here if you are OK with hours of Drow slaying fun, and who isn’t?

The first is the Children of Lolth. As you may have guessed, these are the spiders and driders that wander Sschindylryn. If you want to get these slayers, make sure to see the named drider, Garen’thir Szind. He is always up and you can get a handful of kills at his spawn point every time. Plus you can get a little XP and some loot.

The second is the Drow of Sschindylryn. Pretty much everything else here in Sschindylryn counts towards this slayer so it is easy to get.

If you are looking to grind through the slayers here, I would suggest that you make sure you have the slayer boost potions going. Then work your way through this area using the shrines. However, the shrines do not respawn. So I like to head to The Underdark and mosh there for a few minutes, usually making my way to a shrine on that side. This usually takes more than 5 minutes. So once you use the shrine in the Underdark head right back to Sschindylryn the way you came. There shouldn’t be any respawns yet, Sschindylryn should reset, and then you will be ready to work your way through again.

All in all, Sschindylryn is a pretty small but fun wilderness and adventure area. The primary purpose of Sschindylryn is to house the Drow quests while at the same time infiltrating Sschindylryn to put an end to this dark plot! And is there honestly anyone out there that doesn’t find satisfaction in wandering around Sschindylryn slaughtering Drow?

All of the High Priestess Missives

Sschindylryn High Priestess Missives 1 through 6

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Sschindylryn High Priestess Missives 7 through 12

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Sschindylryn High Priestess Missives 13 through 18

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Sschindylryn High Priestess Missives 13 through 18

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