This Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank build is focused on soloing with the ability to tank bosses for groups. The DPS for this build is good. This helps with getting through solo content quickly. With a slight tweak in tactics it can also be a decent tank. I wanted a character that could jump into content as soon as it was released. This build accomplishes that.

If you are not familiar with the Oathbound Paladin, check out this introduction to the character character class.

Design Philosophy for Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Build

When designing and building characters it is important to have a design goal in mind. This way, when the choices come up you have direction. With this build I kept these things in mind when making choices for all the character options.

  1. Stand up to anything, solo. This means good Defenses along with forms of auto or self-healing.
  2. Decent DPS to get through content. This meant that if my defenses were holding up, I would get DPS minded things. (Boons are a good example of non-tank choices).
  3. Tank Neverwinter bosses. Boss tanking had to be at least acceptable. This is not a total tank build!

I know it might sound a bit vague. But that is the basic method I used for this.

As far as a general philosophy for creating this build I need to be reliable. This means having abilities, powers, etc that work consistently. Some builds are build off chance. This one isn’t. Defense over Deflections. Power over Critical. Hit Points over Life Steal.

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Race

I went with Dragonborn. Why? Because it’s cool. And I could pick the stats I wanted. Free to play choice. Human, Dwarf, Half-Orc. All would do quite well. But as I have mentioned before race plays very little role in who your character will be at 70, geared, and booned. Choose the race that will make you happy.

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Stats

Constitution for primary stat and Charisma for secondary stat.

CON if most important for good Hit Points and Defense base bonuses.

CHA for Stamina Regen and Action Point Gain. As a Tank will use LOTS of Stamina. Especially in groups. (Well at least you should to help take some of the healing burden off your Devoted Cleric!)

Oathbound Paladin Path

At level 30 you will need to pick a path for your character. The best path for this is Oath of Protection.

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Paladin Feats

  1. 3/3 Toughtness (Increase Hit Points, 2/3 Weapon Master (Increase Critical Chance)
  2. 5/5 Light’s Shield (Increase Damage Resistance), 3/3 Exemplar’s Haste (Encounter Powers Recharge Faster), 3/3 Wrathful Strikes (More Damage on At Will Powers)
  3. None
  4. 1/3 Force of Will (CHA Increases Critical), 3/5 Steadfast (CON Increases Hit Points)

Justice Tree

  1. 5/5 Swift Flash (When hit run faster), 5/5 Bound by Light (Increases Control Strength[Stuns])
  2. NA
  3. 5/5 Stem the Tide (Snare Enemies and Bonus Damage Soloing)
  4. 5/5 Echoes of Light (At-Will powers may cause next encounter to instantly recharge)
  5. 5/5 Purifying Fire (Set enemies on fire)
  6. 1/1 Vengeful Judge (Increase Damage by 35%)

Bulwark Tree

  1. 5/5 Holy Resurgence (Stamina Regens fast under 20%)
  2. 5/5 Stand Fast (Gain DR and Deflect when Still)
  3. 5/5 Martyr’s Blood (Less Damage from Foes)

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Powers

Advanced Character Methods - Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Build

  • At Will 1: Shielding Strike – Smacks enemies and gives temporary HP.
  • At Will 2: Radiant Strike – AE nearby damage. Short hop to target.
  • Encounter 1: Circle of Power – Increase Damage and Damage Resist
  • Encounter 2: Sacred Weapon – 3 good smacks plus auto taunt.
  • Encounter 3: Templar’s Wrath – Area of Effect Damage and Stun. Gives you Temp HP
    • Encounter 3 Optional When Tanking Mean Bosses: Absolution – Super shield to double down on defenses.
  • Active 1: Aura of Courage – Deal 1% max HP in Radiant Damage (Buffs Groups)
  • Active 2: Aura of Radiance – 30’ AE Damage + Threat Builder
  • Daily 1: Divine Judgement – Holy nuke!
  • Daily 2: Lay On Hands – Life saving power. A must especially when tanking in groups.

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Boons


  1. Dark Fey Warder: 400 Defense
  2. Fey Precision: 400 Critical Strike
  3. Elven Haste: Action Point 3% Gain
  4. Elven Ferocity: Chance to Heal 20k
  5. Fey Thistle: Deflect Does 3K Damage

Dread Ring

  1. Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: 250 Power and Movement
  2. Illusory Regeneration: 400 Regeneration
  3. Illusion Shimmer: 3% Deflect Chance
  4. Enraged Regrowth: Chance to Heal 20k Defense Boost
  5. Augmented Thayan Bastion: 10K Shield

Icewind Dale

  1. Weathering the Storm: 400 AoE Resist
  2. Appreciation of Warmth: 400 Incoming Healing Bonus
  3. Sleet Skills: 2% Critical Severity
  4. Cold Shoulder: 2k Damage to Enemy Attacker
  5. Avalanche: 15k Damage to Attackers


  1. Primordial Vitality: 400 Defense and 1600 Hit Points
  2. Primordial Focus: 400 Critical Strike and 1600 Hit Points
  3. Drow Ambush Tactics: +10% Combat Advantage Damage
  4. Dwarven Footing: 5% Shorter Control Effects on Character
  5. Abyssal Tenacity: -5% Damage from Demons

Tyranny of Dragon

  1. Dragonheart: 1600 Hit Points (Great at lower levels)
  2. Dragon’s Shadow: 400 Deflect
  3. Dragonscale Defense: 400 Defense
  4. Dragon’s Blood: 400 Regeneration
  5. Dragon’s Revival: 12.5% Incoming Healing (2 Ranks)
  6. Dragon’s Fury: 5% Critical Strike (1 Rank)

The Maze Engine

  1. Abyssal Regeneration: 400 Incoming Healing
  2. Demonic Resilience: 5% Shorter Control Effects on Character
  3. Demonic Swiftness: Gain Action Points 3%
  4. Baphomet’s Might: 2000 Critical Strike for 6 Seconds

Elemental Evil

  1. Unassailable Tide: 300 Defense and 2k Hit Points
  2. Earth’s Renewal: 400 Regeneration and 2k Hit Points
  3. Searing Aggression: 400 Critical Strike and 2k Hit Points
  4. Wall of Wind: Chance to Heal 24k When Hit

Storm King’s Thunder

  1. Frosty Demeanor: 2% Control Resistance and 1k Hit Points
  2. Survival Instincts: 400 Incoming Healing and 2% Everfrost Resistance
  3. Icy Wrath: Add 2k Damage to Next Attack
  4. Glacial Strength: 3200 Hit Points and 2% Damage Resistance
  5. Chill of Winter: 10k Damage (1 Rank)
  6. Frozen Reflection: Deflects Cause 6k Damage to Attacker (2 Ranks)

The Cloaked Ascendancy

  1. Aura of Despair: Stun 5 Enemies when 1 Dies
  2. Healing Heat: 2% Incoming Healing Bonus and 1k Hit Points
  3. Soothing Zephyr: 500 Recovery and 2k Hit Points
  4. Aberrant Power: 10k Damage to Nearby Targets When Taking Damage

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Gear – Patron Only

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Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Standard Tactics

The tactics for this build are simple. Jump into the middle of the mix and fight. Keep all mobs close and focused on you.

  1. Radiant Strike into a fight. This jumps you into the fight and AE damages all around. This way they focus on you immediately.
  2. Use Templar’s Wrath to stun/AE Damage the enemy. This will also give you a nice lump of temporary hit points.
  3. Throw out Circle of Power.
  4. Divine Call if needed.
  5. Then mosh things down.
    1. If there are 1 or 2 enemies, or a boss, use Sacred Weapon than Shielding Strike.
    2. If there are 3 or more enemies. Use Radiant Strike and Templar’s Wrath.

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Boss Tanking Tactics

When you tank bosses, you want to be the first one in to get agro (The enemies attention). Then make sure to “set up” quickly before your group unloads.

  1. Start putting Absolution on you and everyone else ASAP. Even if this is well before the fight. It lasts a long time. I’ve buffed an entire SVA raid with it.
  2. Throw out Circle of Power to set the stage.
  3. Then use Divine Call to get its attention.
  4. Next is Templar’s Wrath to for the temporary hit points.
  5. Mosh on the boss with Sacred Weapon empowered Shielding Strike.
  6. Refresh Absolution and Templar’s Wrath as needed.

Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to use when playing this character. These will help you rock whatever you encounter.

  • Your weapon will glow when empowered with Sacred Weapon. Refresh it when it goes out.
  • AE damage is almost always better with 4 or more targets. In big groups, spam AE power.
  • Sanctuary can be effective healing. Help the healers when it is needed!
  • Don’t fight another tank for ago. Just sidle up next to them.
  • You are the initiator. Start HE’s, encounters, and boss fights. Others will follow!
  • It’s OK to be hit. In fact, this build counts on it! Let them smack you and watch them die.
  • Use Radiant Strike to quickly hop around battles smacking enemies that are not on you.

Advanced Character Methods - Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank Build - Gear Farm

Well there you have it. This is my main character build. He is a mean Oathbound Paladin Tank and Spank build. I use this build to jump right into new content when it comes out. I can tank anything. This character solo’s well, and has enough DPS to be worthwhile in a group that doesn’t need a tank.

I hope this helps you out. Please comment below with your questions or your thoughts on how you would tweak this build.