ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-entranceThe next stop in the hunt for the Netherese Scroll pieces in Dungeons and Dragon Online new game expansion quest series, the Netherese Scroll, leads you to an ancient and abandoned castle for the quest Rest Stop. This castle has since been used by adventurers for as a place to rest for the night. Speak to the adventurers here to see what you can learn in the Rest Stop quest of the next piece of the Netherese Scroll you need to collect.

Beware, there are Netherese in the area trying to beat you to the next scroll piece.  Be on guard for the secrets you may uncover in the old ruined Beckside Castle.

Series The Netherese Scroll
Level 24 Party
Patron The Harpers
Length Medium
Dungeon Beckside Castle Ruins
Recommended Party Standard Party, Rogue (Some one that can disable traps if you want the Debilitation Bonus XP.)
MoBs Sellsword Skirmisher, Sellsword Archers, Summoned Shadow, Umbral Rat, Sellsword Footpad, Fire Mephit
Dangerous Mobs Nerthese Wizard, Water Elementals, Shadow-Corrupted Water Elemental, Overseer Shadeskein,
Buffs Standard plus Deathward, Freedom of Movement and Spell Resistance
Special Note
Quest Stats Detailed Quest Stats Rest Stop on DDMs Realm Here

Once you’ve zoned in, summon pets and hirelings but don’t buff quite yet. You are going to need to do some shopping and talk to some adventurers first to find out what they know.

Speak to the Adventures

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-speak-to-npcThe first order of business is to go around and speak to the adventurers to see what they know, if anything. One of the adventurers you will run into is a dwarf that has his leg caught in a bear trap. If you have someone in your group that can disable this and remove the bear trap, have them do it. This will save the poor dwarf and will get you a bear trap that you will be able to use later for a optional XP.

When you are talking to all of the adventurers, make sure that you also talk to the dwarven merchant in the back of the castle. Buy a torch from him so you can advance deeper into the ruined castle to complete the quest. You will use this torch on the east side next to the blocked fire place. Slap the torch in there to reveal a secret door.

The Netherese Adventuring Party

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-netherese-adventurersOnce you open up the secret door it is time to buff up and be ready to thrash some Netherese agents. Just inside you will run into the Netherese adventuring party that the adventurers in the other room spoke of. They are here to stop anyone from heading deeper into the castle that might disturb the other Netherese wizards that are hunting for the Netherese Scroll piece.

Take care of this small group and head further in.

The Shadow Gargoyle Lord

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-umbral-gargoyle-lordWhen you head into the hallway you will run into Overseer Shadeskein. He will taunt you and then disappear. Leave him be for now. Keep on heading to the west.

You will enter into a watchtower full of rats. Kill them and head up to the top. Take care of the umbral gargoyles and send the Gargoyle Lord packing. When he is dead, loot the chest he leaves behind and then head back to the intersection where you saw Overseer Shadeskein disappear.

When you are fighting the Gargoyle Lord make sure you stay near where he starts. He easily resets if you pull him too far away or down the tower. You will have to start the fight all over if that happens.

Clear the East Wing of Beckside Castle Ruins

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-snap-the-staffHead back to where you saw Overseer Shadeskein and head down that hallway taking a right at the T section so you are heading east.

Clear out the large open area to the north. On the west wall there is a secret door with another shrine along with a bunch of breakables. Smash these if you are going for Ransack XP.

Once this area is clear, head into the small room you passed just south of this large open area. The reason you do this is so you do not have to fight both rooms at once. The NPC’s in the north will see you and chase you into the smaller room. This way it is safer as you clear and you will be heading back this way anyway.

Here you will find Overseer Shadeskein but he will teleport away. He will leave behind a Netherese Staff though. Overseer Shadeskein can teleport between three of these staves. If you are working on the optional for these make sure to pick the right method to disarm them. Here are the methods that will pop up. Not all staves will have the same things you can do to disable them.

  • Use a Bear Trap to cleanly snap the staff in half. (Disable Device)
  • Use your Strength to cleanly slice the staff in half. (Strength)
  • Use Magic Device can be used to deactivate the staff. (Use Magic Device)
  • Use magic to safely disable the staff. (This uses spell points.)
  • Break the staff over your knee, unleashing the magic of the staff. Note: This does NOT disable the staff and if this method is chosen you will not be able to complete this optional. However, it does keep Overseer Shadeskein from teleporting.

Clear the West Wing of Beckside Castle Ruins

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-netherese-search-partyHead back to the south to avoid the Spell Ward traps. Follow the passage where you saw Overseer Shadeskein first and keep heading west. There can be a Spell Ward here (lame). Disable it if you can or want to. If you don’t want to be affected by it, go back around to the south.

The first room you run into is a storage room full of breakables and rats. If you are going after the Conquest or Ransack XP bonuses stop here and clear the room. Otherwise, continue along your merry way.

The next room you run into on your route to clearing the west wing is the study. Here you will run into Overseer Shadeskein again. He will disappear but this time leaves a Netherese Staff behind. This is another one of three staves you will have to disable to get some optional XP. If you do not have the skills to do this you will need to at least break two of them to keep Overseer Shadeskein from teleporting between the Netherese staves. I like to break them with lots of enemies around so they can feel the pain too. Boom!

Go past the nook with the fire mephit in it. The next room on the left (west side) is another staff and a locked chest. If this is the last of the rooms, which it should be if you are following this guide, then you will be able to loot this chest once you corner, and kill, Overseer Shadeskein. He is one of two things that need to die in here to unlock the ward gems that protects the last section of this quest’s dungeon.

Continue out of this room and follow the hallway to the north. There can be a Spell Ward here too(lame). Disable it if you can or want to. If you don’t want to be affected by it, go back around to the south.

The Dank Dungeons of the Dungeon

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-elemental-casterFollow the passageway to the east and then turn left, north, to head down into the flooded dungeon of Beckside Castle.

On a platform in the first room, you’ll find a water elemental and some breakables. Take care of those. Then you’ll notice an unlit gem just above the waterline to the north of this platform. Make a note of this as you will be back here soon.

Head to the west to kill another water elemental and smash breakables if you are going for Conquest and Ransack XP. Good stuff! Otherwise, skip this far western room and swim underwater just below the unlit gem in the first room.

When you pop up out of the water after this short swim you will find yourself in a small area. On the right (east side) there is a Shadow-Corrupted Water Elemental. Kill it to continue the quest and grab its loot. Be careful; this water elemental is a high level caster and can quickly mess up an unprepared party. Deathward and Freedom of Movement are important in this fight. There are a couple other umbral rats that are here but they are small potatoes compared to this named caster water elemental.

Once you are done here head back out of the dungeon.

Finding the Netherese Scroll Piece

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-gem-locked-quest-end-gateOnce you leave the flooded lower levels of Beckside Castle, take the first left (south). Then turn left (east) immediately to head up to the top of the castle.

Be warned there is another Spell Ward here so have your rogue move ahead and disable them or plow through them if you cannot disable them.

You will run into a few Umbral Gargoyles here that will jump down on your head.

There is also a lever up this way that opens a grate, allowing you to drop down near the beginning. This is useful if you need to shrine up. There are a couple of shrines in the initial area with the adventurers. You will notice that the adventurers are now gone. I guess all your fighting scared them off. Maybe your kind of adventuring is too much adventure for these adventuring adventurers.

When you are ready jump down into the room with the final boss of the dungeon, Gaston Wyrst. He is a high level Netherese necromancer so make sure you are all buffed up and ready to fight him. Deathward, Freedom of Movement, Electricity Resist/Protection, and Spell Resistance are all very nice to have in this fight.

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-umbral-rat-kissIf you are trying to get Conquest XP for the quest, have someone grab Gaston Wyrst and keep his attention over in the corner, any corner will do. They need to stay far away so that rest of the group is not getting hit with Area of Effect Spells or accidently damage him. Have the tank hold him there but do not kill him.

The second part of this encounter is that Gaston Wyrst will summon Umbral Rats during the fight. They will keep coming and coming and coming. Two by two, rats of blue. So if you want to get Conquest you can easily do this by slaughtering the Umbral Rats until you kill enough for Conquest. They appear where you dropped into the quest so this is a good place to set up a killing zone. Then just keep on killing them until you get Conquest, which at the time of this walkthrough is 108 kills.

However, if you do not want to bother with trying to get Conquest XP then ignore the rats and slaughter Gaston Wyrst. When he dies, kill whatever Umbral Rats are still alive and call it good.

Over on the east side of this room is small nook that will have a chest in it that you can loot once you are done.

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-rest-stop-final-battleIf someone died and can’t be resurrected, grab their soul stone and head out the western passage. This will lead you to a lever which opens a door into the hallway leading up to the top level of the castle. Take a right (east) and take them to the resurrection shrine behind the secret door in the north west of this room. Then they can head back and loot themselves.

Now you can call it done. It’s time to tackle the next quest in this Dungeon and Dragons Online quest series.

NOTE: Make sure that you talk to the NPC’s in town to be sure you are advancing the quest series.

Play smarter, not harder!