The Summer Festival for Neverwinter has tons of unique items and mounts that you can earn. Every year they do a few things differently but many of the items, fashion gear, unique mounts, and companions return.

I’ve done a series of videos going into each of the events and activities for the Summer Festival. These should help anyone make the most out of this great Neverwinter Event!

Neverwinter Summer Festival Walkthrough Video Guides

Here is the whole playlist for the Summer Festival for Neverwinter. If you are new to Neverwinter or this event, it’s a good idea to check them all out. If you are just looking for tips and tricks to your favorite event, look below anything you might be curious about.

Profession Crafting in the Summer Festival

In each of the events and quests for the Summer Festival, players will receive ingredients to create things that are only available during this special event. Food, fashion, and more can be created during this event. Check out this video to learn all about it!

Summer Festival Special Events

There are many different special events going on during the Summer Festival. Each one has its own rewards and prizes. You’ll need to determine what you’re most interested in, to help you focus on the things that are most important to you. The event caters to different play styles, class abilities, and interests. All you need to do is find the right events for you.

Everyone who participates and ranks in an event will get rewards. Those that rank higher will get better rewards. The common rewards are as follows:

Attainable Rewards

  • Fireblossom Petals: Main currency to get Summer Festival Items.
  • Base Food Items: Used to create the unique food available during the event.
  • Fashion Crafting Items: Used to create the unique fashion items available during the event.

Ranked Reward Amounts

  1. Gold Rank: 60 Fireblossom Petals, 16 Base Food Items, 2 Fashion Crafting Items
  2. Silver Rank: 40 Fireblossom Petals, 7 Base Food Items, 2 Fashion Crafting Items
  3. Copper Rank: 20 Fireblossom Petals, 5 Base Food Items, 2 Fashion Crafting Items
  4. Bronze Rank: 15 Fireblossom Petals, 1 Base Food Item or 1 Fashion Crafting Item

Summer Feast

The Summer Feast event is one where you must collect chickens, corn, and pigs for the feast. Head over to the arm to participate.

Feast Points

  • 2 points for a chicken.
  • 5 points for 10 corn.
  • 7 points for a pig.
  • 30 points for Henrietta the Golden Chicken.

Here is a quick video on how to make the most of it:

Water Battle

All good summer festivals include a water fight. The Summer Festival for Neverwinter is no different. When this event is going on, head to the picnic grounds for a large-scale water fight with everyone in the area. There are water balloons, buckets, and decanters spread around to use. Or, you can spend some of your petals for everfull versions from the petals merchant. These endless versions never run out so you don’t have to worry about hunting down more ammo.

Hungry Trolls

What’s worse than having your picnic ruined by ants? Having your picnic ruined by trolls of course! Hungry Trolls is a special event where hungry trolls descend upon the picnic grounds. Participants jobs are easy, you just roam the area and kill any trolls you see. For some tips and tricks about how you can rank gold, check out my video guide:

Gather Flowers

Tired of the bustle of the Summer Festival? Relax a bit and head over to the flower patch area and hunt down flowers for the florist. This is a noncompetitive event where anyone can gather petals at their own pace. Players can even continue to gather once they have completed the quest for even more Fireblossom Petals. Farm flowers all day if it makes you happy!

Sahha Ball

Sahha Ball is the final event in the Summer Festival for Neverwinter. It is a little different than the other quests. It is the “skirmish” for the Summer Festival.

Sahha Ball is a mix between volleyball and soccer. Players smack around a Sahha Ball and try to get it into each other’s goals. The team with the most goals wins. Win or lose all players get rewards. So, don’t fret about the rewards. Just have fun with the game!

To get started playing Sahha ball watch my video guide. It can be a little confusing at first. I try to help you through it.

Sahha Ticket-Balls

During the Summer Festival in Neverwinter players can obtain Sahha Ticket-Balls. These balls spit out loot every time they are hit. Get enough volleys (hits) with your group and you will advance to better raffle ticket rewards. There are lots of rewards available, from new Sahha moves to enchantments and insignias, all the way up to Legendary Mounts!

Summer Festival Legendary Mount Mithril Ticket - Sahha

Find out how to get 25-30 volleys per Sahha Ticket-Ball to increase your chances at those always desirable Legendary mounts! This technique can be found in the Sahha video.

Neverwinter Summer Festival Wrap Up

All in all, the Summer Festival in Neverwinter is a great event. They run it every year, and I highly suggest that everyone participate and have fun with this event. There are lots of great items up for grabs. Players can enjoy all kinds of fun events to participate in.

So log in and claim great gear that is just waiting for you in this year’s Summer Festival in Neverwinter!

I want to toss a special shout out to a great patron, Home O Cole III. Without support like his these guides might not be possible. I thank you and so does the Neverwinter community!