• u8-blockade-buster-shipping-outSeries: Droaam Invasion
  • Level: 13 Group
  • Patron: The Coin Lords
  • Length: Medium
  • Dungeon: Stormreach Harbor Blockade
  • Recommended Party: Standard – A Trapsmith can make remote detonators which is very nice.
  • MoBs: Droaam Gnoll Archer, Droaam Infantry, Droaam Skirmisher, Droaam Conscript. Droaam Sappers
  • Dangerous MoBs: Droaam Combat Engineer, Droaam Vanguard, Droaam Warpriest, Lobo the Bloody, Kozad, Ghol Khaz, Krakkle, Bash, Krom
  • Buffs: Fire Resistance
  • Special Note: It is very easy to alert the crews and if you slaughter, you’ll get more XP.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

u8-blockade-buster-the-targetYou’ll zone in and onto a little raft.  This raft will have the only shrine in the dungeon.

This quest is very difficult to stealth but it’s quite an achievement if you do.   If you want some tips, see below.

Otherwise, let the slaughter begin!

Summon and buff on the raft and get ready to pick a ship.  I prefer to hit the south ship first and make my way around.  It saves you some swimming since you can jump off the highest part of the aft(back side) of the ship to get close to the next one.  Monks can go ship to ship without getting their feet wet.

u8-blockade-buster-sneak-aboardAll ships will have a Top Deck, Captains Quarters, Galley, Lower Deck (Crew Quarters) and Mine Bay.

All ships will have a sigil that you will need to find to be able to access the lower mine laying areas.  Even rogues will have to find these as the hatches cannot be picked.

When you get to the bottom mine controls, I would suggest that you unlock the hatches if your INT is high enough (INT 16).  u8-blockade-buster-mine-controlsIf not, leave them be and clear out the other ships.  When you are ready to blow them, send runners to pop each ship.  Otherwise set a time that will work for you.  Note that these times CAN be changed but they have to be changed from the mine deployment device of the ship that is rigged to blow.  If you are caught on the ship when it goes you will die.  Keep in mind too that when a ship blows up you cannot get anymore kills/breakables or anything else from it.  Consider this when figuring out what bonuses you want from the quest.

u8-blockade-buster-ship-leapWhen you get on a ship, run a lap around the top deck and pull all the mobs to the middle, and take care of them there.  Toss a charm or two on the archers up top to help with the fight, then break it when you are done.  During this lap make sure to swing by the helm to make sure the crest is not there.

Some of the crew will respawn so keep an eye out for this and use it if you need it to get Conquest.  If you are slaughtering here it is easy to get.  Ransack can be trickier, since there are many cleverly hidden breakables.u8-blockade-buster-crest-hunt

Crest locations: They will spawn randomly each instance.  They can be in any section of the ship except the mine bay.

Specifics of the ships are below.  Or if you are hunting one particular boss you can use this for a quick reference.  Wind Howler Bracers anyone? They are one of a few nice items that drop in this update for ranged characters. Check out DDM’s Realm for item database for more.

Ship Details

Bloodlust (North Ship)

  • Crest of the Wolf
  • Lobo the Bloody, Gnoll Captain of the Bloodlust, Red Named, No Chest, In the Captain’s Quarters
  • Kozad the Combat Engineer, Orange Named, Chief Engineer, Chest
  • Blue Detonator

Vengeance (East Ship)

  • Crest of the Snake
  • Ghol Khaz Orc Captain of the Vengeance, Red Named, No Chest, In Captain’s Quarters
  • Krakkle, Kobold Chief Engineer, Orange, Chest
  • Red Detonator

Carnage (South Ship)

  • Crest of the Monkey
  • Bash, Ogre Captain of the Carnage, Red Named, Chest, At helm of Carnage
  • Krom Chief Engineer, Orange Named, Chest
  • Green Detonator

Stealth Style

If you are a stealther or looking for a challenge, give this one a try.  Bring your bag of stealthing tricks for sure! If you go this route, it’s for the skill and the challenge. More XP and loot can be had by just wrecking it all.

  • u8-blockade-buster-boomThey are VERY aware so stealth and caution from the raft is a must.
  • Take your time and be careful.
  • It is really easy for the alert crew to notice you.
  • They can notice you just swimming by the ship.
  • They will spot you on ships that are nearby.
  • Use the unlit ladders on the backside of the ships.
  • Watch guard routes carefully to avoid bumping.
  • Make detonators to use at the end when you’re on the raft. Set them off one after another. Don’t get all the way back there just to set off the charges too slow.
  • If you are underwater and not stealthed, move directly away from the ship, then to the surface to stealth.