A big part of the Tomb of Annihilation update for Neverwinter are Hunts. Hunts are specific quests where you will have to track down and kill rare and powerful creatures. These can result in some powerful and cool new items that have become available with the Tomb of Annihilation module.

In this guide, I will show you how, what, and where to hunt so you can make the most of tracking down that awesome gear you want for your character.

Getting Started with Hunts

The first couple quests that you get in the new city will be to go after rare “hunt” creatures. Any of the “hunt” creatures will qualify for these starting quests. However, once you get to the repeatable quests you will likely want to hunt down specific “hunt creatures” for a chance at the rare loot they can drop. To find out what you might want, open up your collections window and look through the items that come from hunts.

Tomb of Annihilation Hunts Walkthrough Guide - Gear

Jungle of Chult Tier 1 Hunt Creatures

There are multiple tiers of Hunts in the Jungle of Chult. The first-tier hunt creatures will spawn randomly in the Jungle of Chult at the corresponding creatures regular spawn locations. These will be special named mobs and will look different than the normal mobs. This helps them stand out. Kill these creatures to collect trophies from them. Later, you will turn in these trophies for lures to hunt the higher tier Hunt Creatures.

Important Note: Trophies are EXCLUSIVE. This means you can only have one on you at a time. When you get one immediately mail it to yourself. This way, you can continue to collect trophies. You don’t want to miss out on a drop. If you happen to have one in your inventory when another drops you will see a message saying you can only have one at a time.

Below is a list of the rare creatures that spawn in the regular creature spawn areas in the Jungle of Chult.

Randomly Spawned Rare Creatures

  • Batiri Brave spawns anywhere regular batiri appear.
  • Bigclaw spawns anywhere regular crabs appear.
  • Eotyrannus spawns anywhere regular dinosaurs appear.
  • Smilodon spawns anywhere regular cats or bears appear.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex spawns in special locations. See map below.
  • Venomtail Scorpion spawns anywhere regular scorpions appear.

Rare Hunt Spawn Map for Jungle of Chult


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Base Trophies for One Star Hunts

About 1 out of every 10 times that you kill a Hunt Creature it will drop a trophy. This trophy, along with a Tyrannosaurus Fang can be given to someone in the south-eastern section of the port city connected to the Jungles of Chult.

  • Bigclaw Pincer comes from Bigclaw that can be found in crab spawn locations.
  • Venomtail Poison can be found on Venomtail Scorpions which can be found in any area where scorpions spawn.
  • Rotting Ogre’s Femur can be found on Rotting Ogre’s which are found in any place where undead spawn.
  • Smilodon Tooth can be found on Smilodons which are found in any place where jungle cats or bears spawn.
  • Batiri Brave’s Trinket can be found on any Brave which spawns in a Batiri location. No other mobs in this spawn set will drop the trinket.
  • Eotyrannus Tallon can be found on Eotyrannus which spawn in dinosaur locations.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Fang comes from Tyrannosaurus. (Needed for all trophies!)

Trophies and Lures

First and foremost, complete the one-star Hunts campaign task. Without it, you will be unable to purchase the trophies for hunts. I suggest getting the first-tier hunt task done ASAP. This way you can farm hunts for Forgotten Totems after you reach the weekly limit.

Tomb of Annihilation Hunts Walkthrough Guide - Campaign Unlock

Lure Placement Locations

Tomb of Annihilation Hunts Walkthrough Guide - Lure Locations

Two Star and Three Star Hunts

These hunts are the more advanced and dangerous in the Jungle of Chult. You might want to bring a group for these. If you are grouping with strangers make sure to form the group yourself. Set the group loot mod to you (the leader) with a blue threshold. This way you can be sure you get the loot that drops from your lure!

These two and three star hunts will drop the coolest gear. To get these lures you will have to get trophies from the lower tier hunts. Gather trophies from one-star hunts for two-star hunts. Then gather all the trophies from the two-star hunts to get a lure for the three-star hunt, the King of Spines! 

Tomb of Annihilation Hunts Walkthrough Guide - Trophy Tree

Bonus Forgotten Totems

Forgotten Totems are the main currency of the Jungle of Chult campaign. With hunts, you can earn extra which do not count against your weekly Forgotten Totem maximum. This is a good incentive even if you do not need the gear! Players can earn 1-5 bonus totems per hunt.

Other Loot from Hunts

  • +1 to +5 Rings
  • Epic Chest Piece
  • Epic Arm Slot
  • Epic Boots
  • Epic Helmets

YouTube Video Guides for Hunts

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Neverwinter Jungle of Chult Summary

That wraps up all you need to know to get started with Hunts in the Tomb of Annihilation module for Neverwinter. Hunts are a great way to get some extra gear which will really help for this campaign. Hunts are a good way to get a few extra Forgotten Totems to advance the campaign faster. Plus, Hunts add a different quest dynamic which helps to keep your time in the Jungle of Chult productive. Good luck on your drops from the Hunts you find in Neverwinter!

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