Free to play Fyxt RPG Public BetaI am extremely excited to announce public beta for the Fyxt Role Play Game system! The Fyxt RPG is a cross between table top role play games and digital RPG gaming. This is a game I have been working on for several years and think the community here will really enjoy it.

Find it here:

The free to play Fyxt Role Play Game system is role play gaming, fixed! Choose any style of game or genre:  fantasy, military, sci-fi, historical, modern day. Anything you can imagine, you can play, using the Fyxt Role Play Game system. The Fyxt RPG is a fun, fast, flexible, streamlined, and balanced RPG system. The Fyxt RPG can be played as a standalone game or easily integrated into any other RPG. Play for free and experience the RPG revolution!

Please take a moment to share the Fyxt RPG with your friends and fellow gamers! Thank you for the support for the Fyxt RPG.

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