Quickly and easily find all the Neverwinter Treasure Map locations with this helpful guide.  Here you will find where to dig up those buried treasures. Players can get all kinds of great items from these treasures. These include rare fish, refinement items, relics, rare fishing gear, and fast personal watercraft! It is definitely worth your time hunting these down. Hopefully this guide will help you find these Treasure Map locations easily. I will keep updating it as I get information. Please post any maps or information I am missing so I can make this the most comprehensive Neverwinter Treasure Map location guide possible. 

A Primer on Fishing 

A large part of the quests and activity in the Sea of Moving Ice is fishing. There are fishing Heroic Encounters and fishing quests that need to be completed. 

To fish, all you need is a fishing pole and some bait. You start with worms. However, some of the quests also give out bait. Bait can also be purchased in the campaign store or from the general vendor for silver pieces. 

Once you have your rod (from starting quests), bait and a boat. Head out into the water and start fishing. If you fish in the fishing hotspots, the glowing rings full of jumping fish and swarming birds, you have a chance to catch a Map in a Bottle. 

Double click this bottle and it gives you an image to where a buried treasure is hidden. Find that location, dig up the treasure, and enjoy the loot!

The trouble is you can only have one map in your inventory at a time. So if you do not know where to go you are stuck without the ability to dig up all that treasure. This is where this guide comes in. It will show you where and how to get these treasures!

Treasure Map Locations

Here is a great map that just came out with most of the treasure spots on them. I moved the coordinates on the map so you can see the images better to make it easier to identify which one you have. 

Neverwinter Treasure Map Locations - Sea of Moving Ice

Thanks to @imgeneralwei and the guild Vier Elemente for their work in compiling these treasure maps locations!

To find these locations open your map by pressing M. On the lower left of the map window it will show your current location (loc) numerically. The first number is your left/right/east/west location and the second number is your up/down/north/south direction. The numbers increase as you go up/north or right/east. They go down as your move left/west or down/south. This way you can find out exactly where you are and where those tricky treasures are buried!

Tips and Tricks to Treasure Map Locations

YouTube Playlist | Finding Map in a Bottle Buried Treasure 

Some of these Treasure Map locations are easy to get too. While others can be quite daunting. I will post video guides to help players reach the more difficult or frustrating of the treasures. Keep an eye out here and subscribe to my Twitch channel for updates. https://www.twitch.tv/ddmsrealm

Treasure Map Location Images with Locations

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Please let me know any map locations that are still missing. Images and details on how to get them would be very much appreciated. I will update this guide until we have all of the Neverwinter Treasure Map locations. This way we can all get them fast and easily. Thanks and good luck on loot!