River District dungeons will need to be mastered by players in this area. The River District was introduced to Neverwinter in Module 11. New artifact weapons were introduced in this new expansion for Neverwinter. These weapons, though no more powerful than those of the Sea of Moving Ice, are specialized for the specific role a character fills in a group. This makes them much more sought after than the Sea of Moving Ice artifact weapons. Not only that, these new weapons can be more easily gained by casual and soloing characters. There is no need to raid to restore and upgrade the River District artifact weapons!

Master River District Dungeons

River District Dungeons Guide and Walkthroughs

Players will still need to grind. The grind for the ingredients can take awhile. However, players can be assured that they will get artifact weapons sets when they have completed enough River District dungeons. There is not a percentage chance to drop items. What you need drops every time. Players will be able to complete the set after 35 runs.  20 for the main hand and 15 for the off hand. 

This guide assumes players know what River District artifact weapon they want. If you do not know which weapon you want, check out my detailed River District Artifact Weapon Restoration Guide.  

This guide will focus on the specifics of what players need to do in the River District dungeons they need for their artifact weapon set. 

Fey Castle for the Healer Weapon

This is the dungeon that most healers and buffers will want to grind through. It is a pretty fun run. It is the best of the three dungeons in the River District in my opinion. It starts off with a fun ride on a fey stag. Then moves into a quick dungeon crawl of half a dozen groups. Lastly, is the fight with Nostura herself.

Here is a video guide I created to help you turn this grind into a cake run. 

Gyrion’s Tower for the DPS Weapon

Gyrion’s Tower is the dungeon that DPS characters will want to grind through. This will get them the aboleth set. This is a little different from most dungeons. You start right off finding and fighting Gyrion. However, he quickly flees and you have to chase him through his demi plane home. Do this by jumping from island of reality to island. Be careful and be fast. The islands don’t last too long!

Check out the video below for a full detailed walkthrough of Gyrion’s Tower dungeon. 

Kabal’s Trial for the Tank Weapon

Venture into the heart of a huge volcano to see if you can pass Kabal’s trials of fire. Jump from platform to platform and avoid the fire jets or find yourself burned to a crisp.  Pass the trials and then push past his minions to the final battle arena suspended over the center of the volcano. 

Watch the video below to get the all the tips and tricks to flying through Kabal’s Trials. Then how to take down Kabal himself!

That is all there is to these dungeons. Find the one that matches the River District artifact set you want. Then grab your friends and guildies and start grinding through them. Make sure to help out others who help you so we can all make grinding out these new artifact weapon dungeons better for everyone!

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