ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-dromund-kaas-mapAll Star Wars TOR players on the Imperial side will go to Dromund Kaas once they are done with their starting planet of either Korriban or Hutta. Here, all the classes and all the players for the Empire will start to interact and group together for the first time.

There’s a lot more to do here than on the starting planets, so take your time to get used the “normal” way to play Star Wars TOR.

Dromund Kaas is set up and designed for characters of level 10th-16th for the normal range. You can hang out here longer if you’d like, and it’s easy to do. When you level up to 18 and 19, much of the planet will start “greying out” to you. Move on to the next planets when you’re ready.

To get the most out of Dromund Kaas, try to follow this planetary guide.

Dromund Kaas Spaceport

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-strength-datacronThe first place you start is in Dromund Kaas Space Station. I know you may be eager to head out to see what this world has to offer and we will get there soon enough. But first, you need to pick up the Datacron here.

If you look to the back of the hangerm you will see a Datacron on top of some crates. To get to this Datacron, head up onto the upper walkway across the back of the spaceport. On the north part of the upper walkway you can fall down onto some pipes that go under the walkway. Follow these, then drop down onto the crates where this red Datacron is, +2 Strength. LOC is 854, 642, -67 which is in the Dromund Kaas Spaceport Docking Bay D-61. This will grant you Galactic History 19: The Pius Dea Crusades.

Once you are done there, head outside into the Dromund Kaas Spaceport Expanse.

Dromund Kaas Spaceport Expanse

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-path-to-datacronThis is the area just outside the Dromund Kaas Spaceport.

Bind, and then pick up the few quests that are here just as you would anywhere else. This is an important habit to get in playing Star Wars TOR. While you are working on the quests in this area, be sure to stop by the south east section of this area. You will come across a Gundark Lifetaker, an elite mob that seems to be in its own little corner. Kill this Gundark Lifetaker and search the wall behind it. You should be able to find a small cave that leads to the next Datacron you will want to get before you leave this area.

This +2 Presence Datacron will be at the end of the trail here. It will unlock Galactic History 21: The Birth of the Mandalorians for you. If you are having trouble finding it, the start of the tunnel is at LOC 776, 719, 119 and the Datacron is at LOC 579, 796, 115.

Once you do the quests here, you can take the speeder through the heroic area to Kass City. If you’re feeling brave, you could try it on foot. Just be aware that if you just arrived in Dromund Kass, you will likely get blasted to bits and then eaten by a Gundark Alpha.

Kaas City

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-city-skylineKaas City is the capital of Dromund Kaas and your new home in Star Wars TOR. Kaas City has everything you need including trainers, the bank, the auction house, crafting areas and everything in between. Well, except for a spaceport. /facepalm

Your first order of business should be to stop by the Cantina and bind there. This is where you will want to log out so you can get XP boosts the next time you log in. Try to get in the habit of always binding in a cantina while playing Star Wars TOR. Then always log in and out from there. It will really help you increase your XP in the game.

The class trainers and class story quests are centered on the northern enclaves in the city. The market with crafting traders, auction house, and bank are on the east side.

The central and western parts of the city have quests spread through them depending on which stages of your class quest you are on.

Take your time to explore Kaas City, put things in the bank, and make sure you’re up to speed on crafting. Then get back to questing. Quests can be spread out in Kaas City, so wander around a bit. If you think you are missing something, you probably are.

Once you have picked up your quests, advanced your story, and are ready to head out into the wilds again, start with the southern exit to the city. This will lead you into the next area you will want to explore.

The western exit in the city will be used later for the last few quest lines of Dromund Kaas.

Riverfall Wilds

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-speeder-from-personal-challengeThis is where your first real set of questing takes place on Dromund Kaas. Take the eastern route out of the city to tackle your first series of quests. Once those are done, take the western path.

Just off the main route to the east, you’ll find some patrols that are having issues with some republic troops. Check out the area and advance and pick up any quests you need.

To the north of the sacked Imperial camp is a nasty named monster, Howler, which you should have a crack at if you’re in a group. If you want to solo this guy… come back later! Hee hee.

When you head into the republic caves, be sure to go to the far back of the cave. Here you will find Dr. Rousaul, a Republic doctor at LOC: 170, 436. She is not too hard and has a good chance of dropping some nice loot for you.

Once all your quests are done near the city, stay on the eastern path to the south and when it forks, head east to the small outpost.

Once you’ve arrived at the outpost, get the speeder route and pick up your first HEROIC quests, Personal Challenge.

This is a good time to take a bit of break playing your class quest for Star Wars TOR and group up with a good mix of classes. This will be the first time you will get to see what an accurate group dynamic should play like in Star Wars TOR. Missing two classes on each starting planet makes it hard to get a good feel for it. Plus at this point everyone should have their Advance Class chosen for Star Wars TOR and be falling into their roles.

Jungle Expanse (Heroic Area 2+)

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-kreggThis is the heroic area where the quest Personal Challenge takes place. If you picked up the quest and have a group, head on in and start taking out Mandalorians.

Make your way about halfway back to the Spaceport Expanse and follow the eastern edge. You will come to a large tent here. Once you have killed enough to get Kregg’s attention, head into this tent and click on the safe in the back. This calls in Kregg. He comes flying in on a jetpack immediately so be ready for a fight before you hit the safe.

There is a Gundark Alpha that roams up and down the road in the area. It drops good loot so kill it if you see it.

The Unfinished Colossus Slave Camps

From the outpost near the Jungle Expanse you can easily reach the Slave Camps at The Unfinished Colossus. When you get there, talk to all of the NPC’s, sell and repair your loot, and do anything else you need to before you venture in.

Just inside you will find lots of slaves. This place is full of mostly large groups of weak mobs. Area of Effect works great here.

Wander around and take care of any quests you might have. If you look to the south of this area, there is a platform that is high above the dig site. Take the elevator up to the top and fight your way down to the end to take on Rose Maanki, a champion mob that can drop some good loot. She is not too tough, but you should still be careful. Send in your companion first to spread the damage around.

Finish up the few quests you have here, then move in further to the next area.

The Unfinished Colossus

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-colossusThis area has been taken over by more and stronger slaves, so be more aware of what you are fighting and where. There are also a handful of places that they have set up as ambushes, so expect a couple of extra enemies to appear when you attack them.

The upper section is the “solo” area. Taking the elevator down to the lower section is the Heroic area. It can be deceivingly hard down here so make sure you take a group.

If you have the quests for the bottom of the Unfinished Colossus, be aware there is a nasty ambush that spawns on you when you plant the explosives. Be prepared for a good fight! Luckily, there are usually a couple groups in the area and the “standard” thing to do is help the groups around you with the nasty fights. This tends to be the “norm” in hard locations in Star Wars TOR, so lend a hand if you can.

Staying up on top, do whatever you need to for your quests. If you find yourself in the northern area, the Rebel Slave Coordinator can drop some good loot. Take him out if you see him. He is not too hard.

If you find yourself at the foot of the Colossus, look for Incitor Martonn. He is pretty dang tough but reliably drops some nice gear. Keep a careful eye on your surroundings here as it is easy to get to close to other enemies which will make a tough fight much worse. Good luck!

That should complete this “leg” of the map. Call in the shuttle or head back on foot. Repair, sell, train, and do whatever you need before you head into the third “leg” of Dromund Kaas questing.

Hadra’s Camp

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-lord-inathNow that you are all up to speed on your quests, head out of the south gate again, but this time head west on the road. Follow it to the south, and you will come to the large camp where Hadra’s Forces are entrenched. Just moving into this area will get you the Hadra’s Defeat quest. This area is a (Heroic 4) so bring friends and lots of them. This area is full of elite and champion mobs so watch your fights closely. This is probably the most deadly place on Dromund Kass.

There is great loot and XP to be had here with a good group. However, a bad group will lead to frustration and expensive repair bills. Tackle this area with patience. If you are a new player in the area, it is likely your first contact with truly challenging content. Take your time, work together, and you will be rewarded!

If you have a good group, take care of any quests you have in this area. Before you disband, head to the southern end of the territory and hunt for Lord Inath. He is a tough fight as well, but well worth the experience and loot you can get from him. When you drop him, make sure to hit the lore point at his tent.

You will run into areas like this throughout Star Wars TOR. With a good, well rounded, and efficient group, you can gain an amazing amount of XP and loot in an area like this if you can move from group to group smiting your enemies. It’s worth “farming” if you have the time, energy and have the group to do it.

Initiate’s Valley

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-speeder-initiates-valleyThe Initiate’s Valley runs between Kaas City and the Revanite Camp. It goes past Hadra Forces.

To the North West of the road is a sacred shrine that may have a quest or two.

Head due west and you will come to the rift. If you follow that north, you will see a ship with a Mandalorian Prowler. Drop this enemy for a chance at some good loot.

Off to the east is the Mandalorian area where there is a camp or two. You will head through this area later on the quests for the Revanite Camp.

When you return on these quests, head to the far eastern part of this area. There is a small island with a few Mandalorians on it. One is a Mandalorian Elite Hunter that is not too hard and can drop some good loot as well.

You will come through this area a few times. Stop by and kill these elite mobs for some a chance at good loot and XP!

Also, if you find yourself in the area, grab the bind point and the speeder route so you can get back here quickly later.

Revanite Camp

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-h-8The Revanite Camp is home to the strange offshoot sect, the Revanites. Run through the quests here if you want to. The area can be skipped if you are in a hurry, but I would suggest completing the quests. It’s a fun storyline and there are some good rewards.

When you head south of the Revanite camp, take the western branch and head off the main path. Tucked off in the north western corner of this area is H-8, the Defective Demolition Droid. He is a bit tough but drops blue loot quite often and is worth killing. Especially since there is a lore point right behind him you can get, ‘The Obliteration of Kresh’ Lore point both at LOC: -1007, 1166, -1.

Across the road the other way is Sharpclaw, who is a 12c Savage Vine Cat. Be careful–there are lots of respawns around this area. LOC: -344, 1594

Just past Sharpclaw, up on the hill, you’ll see a Datacron sticking out. It’s tempting to try to get it now, but unfortunately, you cannot reach it. I will show you how to get that in the next leg of exploring Dromund Kaas. Star Wars TOR seems to make a habit of taunting you with a Datacron you can see, but not immediately reach, so you should try to get used to it. If you need to know how to obtain the Datacron now, skip down to Lord Granthan’s Estate to find out how.

Do your thing in the Revanite tunnel. Make sure to check the end of the Revanite tunnel as there is another named creature, a Gundark Groundshaker. Take this creature out before you finish the Revanite quests, since it will send you back to the camp and you will miss out on the chance for extra loot from this named beastie and the great XP it gives.

Once you have finished up the Revanites, killed the named MoBs a few times and pined over the Datacron you can’t get, head back to the city.

Sell, repair, train, etc., then take the speeder out to the next area, The Wall. It’s time to deal with Lord Granthan.

The Wall

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-the-wallThe purpose of this huge wall is to keep the Sith creatures from pouring out all over Dromund Kaas. The The Sith creatures are both terrible and powerful. Lord Grathan uses them for his experiments.

Your class quest series, as well as several other quests, will take you past the wall and to the west to deal with Lord Grathan. If you picked up the Heroic quest, you will want to head in past The Wall and down to the east. If you head east, bring some friends…

Lord Grathan’s Estate

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-grathan-estateHeading south west from The Wall will take you into the Lord Grathan’s Estate.

Just to your right (west) of the entrance, there is a small hill. Follow this up and you can take out a Grathan Inquisitor for some decent XP and a good chance at some decent loot.

Heading south and then east from there, you may or may not have quest objectives. I would suggest heading over here though to get the lore point, ‘Grathan Forces’ at the very least.

If you are up for a challenge and want to try your hand at killing Jedi, look to the south for a large antenna. At the base of this you will find a Jedi Guardian by the name of Karric Soik. Buff up and go to town on him. How does it feel to take on your first Jedi? Loot up and follow the southern wall towards the main Estate.

When you get close to the main estate, you should see a tent in the south area where you can pick up another quest. Grab that quest so you work on it as you complete the quests you have in the area.

Before you head into Lord Grathan’s Estate, head to the north of it and move around behind it. On the north west edge you should see a pathway you can take up into the mountains. Take a look at your map, this area is right behind the Datacron you saw behind Sharpclaw! Now you can head through the caves and grab the +2 Endurance Datacron that is waiting for you. If you are having trouble finding this the entrance to the cave is at -712, 1527 which leads to the Datacron that is at -794, 1460, 0. You will unlock ‘Galactic History 20: Chancellor Blotus’ codex lore entry.

Once you have the Datacron, head back to Lord Grathan’s Estate and finish whatever quests you have. Finish up the area and head back to Kaas City.

The Malignant Bog (Heroic Area 2+)

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-sith-templeIf you have a good group and want to venture into the nasty Malignant Bog, do it now.

This area can be tough. The creatures here are tough and always come in groups of 3 or 4. Make sure you have one person, preferably your tank, starting all fights or you are likely to bite off more than you can chew.

Keep an eye out as you move around to collect the runes. There are a couple of champion Yozusk Rockcrushers that give good XP and loot and are not that hard (For champions in a Heroic Area).

Make your way to the south on the west side and you will come to a small island with three champion enemies on it: Dr. Pammel Tarqus and his pets Wraith and Shadow. You can tackle them if you have a full group, but otherwise I would suggest leaving them be.

Whether you decide to butcher Dr. Tarqus and his pets or not, use them as a guide to help you get to the next Datacron. Directly to the east of their camp is the path that leads around to the waterfall with the glowing Datacron you have already spotted. It might take a little searching but you should see a small cave that will then lead around to a secluded pool with another named creature and the Datacron on the top of the waterfall.

First, keep your distance from the big bad Yozusk Platesmasher and get the Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron on the waterfall. It is located at -188, 1738, -110 and will give you a Yellow Matrix Shard as well as unlock the lore entry, Galactic History 18: The Hutt.

Next, once everyone is ready, attack Yozusk Platesmasher. If he is too tough, jump off the waterfall and follow the river west. It will not follow you. This great escape route is why you got the datacron first, before attacking!

On the north side of the western edge of the swamp is the temple you must enter for the quest. Knock that out real fast if you are working on the quest.

Continuing along the southern edge of the Malignant Swamp to the east, you will come to an open area with a lake in it. This is where the world boss for Dromund Kaas spawns, The First. It is a huge, nasty, ugly beast that will trample right through anything that gets too close.

If you are raiding The First, form up at The Wall. When everyone is ready, jump down into the ravine the bridge crosses. You can follow the river all the way down to The First. There is one Yozusk Rockcrusher down under the bridge like a troll, but otherwise you can make a straight shot there without having to fight stuff. It is a pain to have to backtrack and collect people that get lost or separated running overland in the Malignant Bog.

Kaas City Expansion District

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-expansion-districtBy this point you should be well on your way through Dromund Kaas and your class story quests. The southern exit to Kaas city is no longer your destination as you will start getting quests heading out the western exit instead.

Keep a close eye on the travel routes that are offered. There is a kind of funky break up where you may not be able to travel exactly where you want to with taxis. So keep this in mind when you are moving around. This is a good thing to keep in mind playing Star Wars TOR. You can literally shave off hours of travel time by planning your traveling around carefully using your Fast Travel ability, speeders and even medical respawn points.

Make sure to bind and pick up your travel points as you head into this area. There may be a few quests you need to do immediately outside of the city, but most of the quests are further away.

When you get past the area with the malfunctioning droids, head down the hill to the north. You will come to a small area with some NPC’s. One will give you the final nasty Heroic quests on Dromund Kaas, Friends of Old. Don’t worry about this quite yet.

On the western side of the small encampment you will see some crates. Jump up on top of those and you will see a path that leads through the mountain. Follow that path to get to the next Datacron, which is a +2 Cunning Datacron. Its LOC is -1,220, 210, -48. This will unlock Galactic History 22: The Second Great Schism. You can easily jump down to it, then back up, avoiding any of the nasty enemies that are in the Mercenary Landing Site, a very tough (Heroic 4) area.

Mercenary Landing Site (Heroic Area 4)

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-mercenary-landingIf you have a good group or are ready to rock Friends of Old, then you will want to take a full group into the Mercenary Landing Site. This area is full of very tough mobs so tread carefully here. The first part of the quest is done on the top level. Once you have completed the first half, you will need to head over to the east side and take the lifts to the bottom.

At the end of the road is a small house where Lord Tytonus is. Go in ready for a big fight; you’re going to get one.

Outpost Warden

This leads into the last outpost that you will go to on Dromund Kaas for Star Wars TOR. This should be the last area you have left to explore. The final stages of your class quest should be in this area.

Make sure to bind, unlock the speeder route and collect all the quests you want. Sell any left-over loot and repair for the final push through Dromund Kaas.

Dark Temple Grounds

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-dark-temple-groundsThe Dark Temple Grounds is a large expanse of land leading up to the Dark Temple itself. There are many crazed and insane enemies. This gives you a bit of a taste of what you will find inside.

Stay on the eastern side and head up onto some walkways near the Dark Temple when you approach. You should be able to find Field Commander Tripton ripe for the looting. Of course, you will have to kill him first. He is not too tough and if you need a few rounds of healing or recovering, jump off the side of the walkway. It takes him a minute to follow you. However, he is not too hard so prepare yourself for a battle, and fight well and he should not be much of a problem.

When you get to the entrance to the Dark Temp, head over to the west before you actually enter. There is a Possessed Sith Reaver that you can take out for some decent XP and a chance for more good loot. It’s worth the small side track for the XP and Loot.

Finish up whatever quests you may have outside then head on into the Dark Temple.

Dark Temple

ddmsrealm-tor-dromund-kaas-dark-temple-sanctumThe Dark Temple is a grand monument to the Sith Lords of the past. Ancient mysteries surround this place and its curse, and its power, draws many to it. However, few escape the temple with their minds intact.

The last step of your class quests should be inside. There are a few quests you can pick up and complete here as well.

If you are looking to complete every quest make sure you head to the second floor and talk to the Twi’lek that seems to be possessed. His quest is quick, pretty easy and gives out some good rewards.

There is also a champion Fallen Lord at the end of the stairs on the eastern side. He has three friends that will help him if you attack so be ready. The Fallen Lord and his followers are tough so be prepared for a hard fight. Try to fight him on the top level. That way, if he begins to eat you, you can jump down and escape. Just be sure to do this before the fall itself will kill you…

Wrap up everything you have here and then head back to Kaas City. You should be done with Dromund Kaas and ready to explore the wider Star Wars TOR galaxy! At this point in your story, you should get your space ship by whatever interesting means and have the ability to travel all over the known galaxy.

Pay attention to your class story quest as it will direct you to the planets that will advance your story in Star Wars TOR.

This is a good time to take a break from your class story and explore Star Wars TOR some. Learn about your ship and how to upgrade it. Try out some space missions and look around to places you just can’t wait to see. Just pay attention to the recommended level range and be extra cautious should you explore planets outside of your level range and ability.

Since there is no forced, set way to advance now in Star Wars TOR these guides will broaden out for the Empire. I will go through the planets as fast as I can and give you similar guides to each one in turn.

I hope these are helping you make your way through Star Wars TOR. Make sure to get the most out of every planet!

Play smarter, not harder!