You need Voninblod. Lots and lots of it! Find out here how to get it fast and efficiently! With the Storm King’s Thunder expansion for Neverwinter comes a new set boons and some high end armor. You’ll need to collect items other than Voninblod for the expansion, which you’ll get easily by doing the Daily and Weekly quests. However, you will soon find yourself short of the Voninblod needed to complete unlocked sections of the campaign.Farming Voninblod in Neverwinter

Also, you get a lot of great gear from the Storm King’s Thunder expansion for Neverwinter, and you’ll need a lot of Voninblod to charge that gear.

How to Get Voninblod

Voninblod comes from a variety of sources in the Storm King’s Thunder expansion for Neverwinter. It will come in slowly doing the regular quests but any serious player wants to stock up. Here’s how:

Daily and Weekly Quests for Voninblod

  • Worth 18 Each

Each of the quests from any of the three adventures zones will grant some Voninblod. These zones are Brynn Shandor, Lonelywood, and Cold Run. The Daily and Weekly quests give a few. However, each zone also has bonus quests that can be completed. Most of these quests involve killing a named creature in the zone. A few are fetch quests or just delivering information back to the camps. Pick these up as you can since they do provide a little more Voninblod then the Daily Quests (50 Each).

However, completing all of the available quests won’t give you all the Voninblod you’ll need. For that, you will need to do some extra stuff.

Heroic Encounters for Voninblod

Heroic Encounters for Voninblod

  • Worth 30 for Small Heroic Encounters
  • Worth 200 for Epic Encounters

Heroic Encounters are a decent source of Voninblod. However, it is still not the fastest way to earn them. Epic Heroic Encounters will earn most players roughly 1000 per hour this way. It takes time to run through the encounter and then move to the next one.

These Encounters are worthwhile to do when you have the chance. Crafting ingredients come from them as well as Enchantments on occasion. It’s nice to collect these ingredients as you go instead of having to farm them when you get a new piece of gear that needs to be restored!

Best Way To Get Voninblod

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Working for Voninblod

Working for Voninblod - See It Far AwayThankfully Cryptic has made collecting and gathering Voninblod easier than it was for Black Ice. This is especially appreciated when your Frostborn gear will slowly degrade. You will need to feed it as much as you play. However, this feels more “worth it” as being buffed up makes getting it not too much of a chore.

Without any buffs and spending no money, a dedicated player can use these tactics and collect about 100 Ostarian Relics an hour for about 8,000.

Using the tips provided in this guide such as gear, potions, and pet, a dedicated player can use these tactics and collect about 200 Ostarian Relics an hour for upwards of 30,000. You gain much more due to getting higher quality Ostarian Relics.

Since the Storm King’s Thunder campaign costs 68,900 to complete and costs 67,420 to get the first round of store goods, it is a great thing to know how to get Voninblood fast and efficiently. And these numbers do not even take into account what it will cost to upgrade and maintain your Frostborn armor.

Good Neverwinter players will be able to take these tips on how to gather Voninblod to keep their stock up. Doing so will allow the player to get the Campaign Boons, Frostborn gear, and other perks in the Storm King’s Thunder expansion for Neverwinter.