ddmsreal-tor-tython-datacron-cosOn all of the worlds in Star Wars The Old Republic, better known as Star Wars TOR, there are many hidden and ancient secrets to uncover while you explore. One of the most widely sought after are the Datacrons. These Datacrons are hidden around each of the planets in Star Wars TOR.

When you find and use these Datacrons they permanently increase your characters abilities. It’s no wonder they are prized by players! Here is the listing of the Tython Datacrons along with a video to help you find.

Good luck on your Datacron hunt on Tython!

Star Wars TOR Tython Datacron Video Guide

If you are looking for specific Datacrons on Tython you can skip ahead in the video using the following times as a guide.

  • Upper Kaleth: 0:18
  • Elarian Trail: 0:47
  • The Forge Remnants: 1:30

The Star Wars TOR ~ How to find the Tython Datacrons video can also be viewed here: http://youtu.be/hk8So6m60is

Star Wars TOR Tython Datacron Table






How to find the Datacron

Lore Unlocked

Elarian Trail -33 -101 +2 Endurance You can get to this one by looking for the cave by the river that heads south. The LOC of the entrance of the cave is: -28, 19 Galactic History 9: The Force Wars
Upper Kaleth -641 -71 +2 Willpower You can get to this one by running up the fallen pillar near the medic driod on the path to Heroic 2+ quest, Chamber of Speech. Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster
The Forge Remnants -90 920 Blue Matrix Shard This one is protected by a war leader.  It is accessed by following a mountain trail in the back of the ruins at LOC: -196,819 Galactic History 11: The Tionese Face the Hutt Empire

Tips and Tricks to Making it to the Datacrons

Star Wars TOR character controls are sluggish and not too responsive. It can be very frustrating trying to get some of these Datacrons. Use some of the tricks below to help you get to the Datacrons for your character bonuses.

  • Remember to Toggle Sprint – Some places you need it, others it will hinder you.
  • Make sure to pan you camera around to make sure you are lined up for jumps or falls.
  • Dismiss companion if they get in the way.
  • In high lag areas try to go after the Datacron at off peak times.
  • Use edges and walls as guides for running and jumping.

Play smarter, not harder!