u8-summerfield-burningThe Dungeons and Dragons Online quest Assault on Summerfield is the first quest in the continuation of the Droaam Army invasion for Update 8, Assault on Stormreach. The Droaam army has finally begun their assault on Stormreach and breached the section of the city known as Summerfield. Your mission is to bolster the cities defenses to try to keep the Droaam forces at bay. This great quests of urban guerilla combat is a fresh and fun. The perfect way to kick off Update 8.

Assault on Summerfield Quest Details

  • Series: Droaam Invasion
  • Level: 13 Group
  • Patron: The Coin Lords
  • Length: Medium
  • Dungeon: Summerfield
  • Recommended Party: Standard – Ranged and/or charmers are fun here.
  • MoBs: Droaam Digger, Droaam Gnoll Archer, Droaam Infantry, Droaam Skirmisher, Droaam Conscript
  • Dangerous MoBs: Droaam Combat Engineer, Droaam Vanguard, Droaam Warpriest, General Tagherist, Droaam Siegemaster, Khin Brokentusk
  • Buffs: Fire Resistance, Acid Resistance, Tumble/Feather Fall (Jumping off rooftops)
  • Special Note: Watch out for archers and ambushes around dark corners.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

Quest Walkthrough

u8-summerfield-captainOnce you zone in, summon any hirelings or pets. Throw individual buffs but wait on group buffs.  Go to the defensive area and speak to Captain Markus. Once you do, the attack will begin.  Once the Captain is active, hit him and the soldiers with group spells. Make sure to stay on the Captain and kill the mobs that attack him.  The enemy will throw a total of six portals up on the wall.  They will throw one on one side to draw you off, and then shortly after that a center portal opens which could quickly take out Captain Markus.  Don’t fall for the ruse.  All the other guards will join the fight if you want some additional help.  Heal up, check for extra chests and throw extended buffs on the Captain and his men so they will last until you have to defend Captain Markus at the end.

u8-summerfield-defenseA shrine will appear and a couple new objectives will pop up.  Shrine up and rebuff if you need to and jump off the wall into the Summerfield District.  Keep an eye out for archers on the roof tops and for loads of drone soldiers that are hiding around many corners.  Make your way slowly through the city taking out the Droaam forces, rescuing the Stormreach guards and getting any collectables you want.

u8-summerfield-battlesI like to take the advantage away from the ambushing archers by clearing out the area going from rooftop to rooftop.  It is a much safer and more effective way to take out all of the enemies, especially if you are under level or struggling with this quest.  You can range many things below and escape off the other side of the building if you need to.

The buildings you can enter in the area will remain locked until you take care of the initial looting objective.  At this point you can head back and finish up or continue to clear the area for the extra XP.

Basement Apartmentu8-summerfield-apartment

There are some breakables, guards and more Droaam here.  There are also several collectibles and a secret door under the stairs.  The fireplace is trapped.  It has a rune on top of it, just under the gem, that opens the secret door.  Inside both secret rooms you will find wounded guards.

Summerfield Warehouse

Watch out for the ambush once you get into the main room:  several Droaam soldiers will enter.  There is a secret door in this room across from the door you can see.  Make sure to get all the breakables in here.

u8-summerfield-warehouseCarlo’s Bookshop

Watch out for the floor traps in here–the entire area is covered with them.  Use the bookshelves to avoid them. You can time the one by the door to hit the lever.  Be careful as you enter the next room as another ambush can get you.  There is a Wounded Guard back here as well.

The River Crossingu8-summerfield-bridge

On the south end of the zone you can see where the Droaam have crossed the river.  There is a nasty named here but at the time of this writing he does not have a chest.  So unless you are going for optionals its best just to leave this area alone.  With the named gnoll, Droaam Vanguards and Droaam Combat Engineers it can get sticky!

Securing the Area

u8-summerfield-bbbasherWhen you head back into the internal section and lock the Sally port be ready for an ambush there as some of the Droaam soldiers have followed you.  Once the ambush is done, run up to Captain Markus. Make sure he’s healed and buffed.  You will get your last objective, Defeat General Tagherist.

He will spawn below in the courtyard. Send down your tanks but keep your casters up top.  They can heal and nuke from above while your tanks take out the mobs.  If you are going for kills make sure that the General is the last thing you kill. Once he dies the quest completes and all counts will be locked. The General is nasty with a blade barrier-covered maul!  Way cool! You’ll also have a bunch of reinforcements as they’ve broken down the city barriers.

Some may agro to those up top so be sure to keep an eye out on the Captain. If he dies, you fail the quest.

Even after the General dies, roaming mobs can still attack you, so be careful.  There will be a chest down in the courtyard where the General entered as well as up by Captain Markus.  Make sure to get them both so you don’t miss out on any loot.