ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-senate-towerCoruscant is the planet for Star Wars TOR republic players who are done with their starting planet of either Tython or Ord Mantell. All the classes and players for the Republic will start to interact and group here together for the first time.

There is a lot more to do here than on the starting planets, so take your time to get used the “normal” way to play Star Wars TOR.

Coruscant is also one of the major planets featured in the films. This is the first of any of the planets that are shown in the movies that the players will get to experience. They do a great job in Star Wars TOR with Coruscant, giving it the same look and feel of the movie version.

Coruscant is designed for characters of level 16th-20th for the normal range of quests. You can hang out here longer if you wish–it’s easy to do! When you level up to 22 or 23, much of the planet will start greying out to you. Move on to the next planets when you are ready.

To get the most out of Coruscant, try to follow this planetary guide and keep the map to Coruscant handy. If you want the Datacrons on Coruscant, check out the video guide: Star Wars TOR ~ Coruscant Datacrons

Coruscant Spaceport

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-mapThis is your starting point on Coruscant in TOR.  There may be a quest or two to help get you headed in the right direction. Make sure to pick those up on your way through. Make your way out of the Spaceport and past the taxi location.

Pick up any quests that are available to you here and make sure you bind at any of the bind locations you see.

Senate Tower

The Senate Tower in TOR is going to be your quest hub for class based quests. Make sure to stay up to date here. I would recommend running a full lap around the inside of the Senate tower, keeping an eye on your mini map for signs of quests every time you are here. During different points in your class quest, other quests will open up and direct you to the next part of Coruscant you should explore and quest in.

Once you have picked up your class quests and any other quests in the Senate Tower, head back out. But before you take the taxi be sure to stop by the Senate Marketplace, located below the entrance to the Senate Tower.

Senate Marketplace

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-senate-marketThe Senate Marketplace has everything you need and all the amenities you will come to expect from large cities on any planet.

The first order of business is to head down the west side stairs and take an immediate left and into the cantina. Make sure to bind here. This is where you will want to log out or craft so you can earn that extra XP boost and have easy access to anything you need.

There are character gear and commendation vendors of every kind on the west side as well as class trainers. On the east side are the crafting trainers and crafting vendors.

In the middle on the north side between both wings of the Senate Marketplace you will find banks, the auction house and the NPC that can start a guild if you so choose. To start a guild, talk to the NPC just north of the Auction House with a full group (Those you want in your guild.) and 5000 credits. You will then be able to register a new guild.

Now that you are bound in the cantina, trained, geared up, in a guild and ready to rock, it’s time to head to the first area you will explore, the Old Galactic Market.

Old Galactic Market

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-old-marketThere isn’t much at the entrance of the Old Galactic Market taxi area. Head below and talk to the few NPC’s in the area and pick up whatever quests are available.  Behind one of the NPC’s is a Lore Object. This one is for the Gant race; grab it while you are here. LOC: 2227, 814, 432.

One you are in the Old Galactic Market, head north first to the few vendors that are over there. One has companion weapons and the other sells boots and gloves. It’s definitely worth a stop to make sure you and your companion are equipped. This gear is not sold in many places.

Once you head south again, make sure to stop by the cantina there and bind. It’s a great place for a rest or to log out at between quests. You might as well get that extra XP boost when you can.

Once all your errands are done, you are ready to start mixing it up in the occupied area of the Old Galactic Market.

To get the Datacron, head in and to the left. You might have seen in on your way in. Look up and to the left when you are across the bridge. There is a lift right there but don’t take it! It is broken and stops ¾ the way up. It is probably good though because it will dump you in front of the elite mob that is guarding it. Instead of taking the lift, head around the left side of the area and go up the ramp to another lift that goes all the way up. You are safe when you get to the top. You will see a couple groups up here but there is room to fight the named mob and get the datacron. Beware: he has friends that are hiding around the boxes. Sometimes there is a security chest here as well.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-world-bossTo the north east of this area, the world boss for Coruscant spawns, SD-0. Check out the massive droid if you are in the area but keep your distance. If you want a crack at him keep an ear out as he is killed frequently. It is pretty easy to get in on killing this guy.

Once you have cleared out your quests from this area head south. There is a medical droid where you can sell off your gear or stock up on stims.

When you are ready to go to the next area, I would suggest heading east. That way, you can make a clockwise sweep of this area. Work on quests as you go and you will eventually end up in the south west corner with the Guild Leader and Hagen Longmyre. Take them out and you should be about done with your quests here.

If you see a group or are a bit overpowered for this area, you can head into the Fartrader Lounge for the Heroic 2+ quest, Republics Most Wanted. This can be found in the south east of the Old Galactic Market area. Good luck!

Keep an eye out as you move through here as there seems to be lots of crafting nodes to hit (If you’re into that sort of thing).

Black Sun Territory

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-black-sun-gearheadAs you fly in on your Taxi, you will notice that you seem to enter a warzone. You land on top of a platform with a few NPC’s and amenities but there is a battle raging all around you. It’s easy to get distracted so make sure that you unlock this bind point here.

Make the rounds of the NPC’s to collect quests. Once you are done take the elevators down and start clearing things out.

The first thing you will notice is that to the north of the taxi landing area is a small Heroic area, Black Sun Dockside Slums and in the east of that the entrance to the Black Sun Clinic for the Heroic quest, The Face Merchants. This quest should have been called Face Off…anyway… Keep an eye out for groups if you want to do this quest. However, it is not too difficult and most TOR players should be able to solo this without too much trouble.

Heading south takes you into Black Sun territory and the many quests to complete.

At the end of the walkway to the southeast, you’ll find a Black Sun Gearhead which you’ll probably need for a slayer quest. But there are also some the other direction, so if you want to speed things up, stick to the west.

Following the easterly path will give you plenty of MoBs to work through your quests. Keep an eye out for Captain Theraguin in this area. He’ll give you a quest to push deep into Black Sun territory.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-water-works-controlBefore you head deeper south into Black Sun territory, make sure you jump into the Hydro Supply on the far western edge of this outdoor area. Once that is done, march in deeper. There is also a Black Sun Gearhead over on the balcony which you may need for a quest. If not, he might just have a nice item for you.

Head south, clearing out or avoiding enemies (whichever is your preference). A Black Sun Cutter Droid is tucked in a small room on the east side. If you want a shot at a nice piece of gear, drop the droid on your way through.

When you get down to the Black Sun Cantina, you should have a few things to do in this area, including collecting a Datacron!

To get the Datacron, go to the south east corner of the wide open area around the cantina. You should see a large stack of crates. Climb onto the crates. When you reach the top, you can jump over to a balcony. Follow this balcony to the east and look for some pipes just below it, heading to the north. Jump out onto these pipes and follow them to the north to another balcony. Take this balcony west and jump out onto the second set of pipes that are heading south. These connect with what is left of the first balcony. When you get to the end, turn and jump out onto the top of the sign below the balcony. Be careful: there is a gap and you can easily fall through it to waiting enemies below. At the end of your run on the sign, jump over to the last balcony and then move over to the +2 Endurance Datacron. Congratulations!

If you have the ability to collect crystals, the area around the Black Sun Cantina is a great place to farm them.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-black-sun-vigoTake care of any other quests you may have in the area. There is another NPC in the courtyard that has another optional quest, Agent Folaris.

If you take her quest or have more quests to complete, finish cleaning out your quests in the most southerly section of the Black Sun Territory.

If you find yourself in this southern area, look towards the north east of the very last section to take on the Black Sun Kingpin. He is not too difficult and has a good chance of dropping some loot.

Speaking of loot, stop by the back rooms of the Black Sun Headquarters and take out the Black Sun Vigos for another good chance at loot. One is located in the south central and one is located in the eastern room.

That should do it for the Black Sun Territory. If you took the side quests from the NPC’s in the area, you will need to make your way back through to turn them in. If not, you should be able to call your shuttle and head back to the beginning.

Justicar Territory

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-justicar-alleyThere is not much at the entrance to the Justicar Territory. Make sure you bind and sell and repair if you need to, then head in and get to work.

There is a quest just inside the area where the NPC’s become hostile. I would also recommend heading south first and picking up the quests over there too. This way you can have all the quests for this area with a minimal amount of backtracking.

Once you have collected all of the quests in the south eastern section, head to the northwest and grab the quests. Be careful as these NPC’s are so close to enemies that you may be attacked as soon as you come out of the cut scene, so be prepared.

The Heroic 4 quest is right here. You can knock this out quick if you are in the area. It is a pretty tough one with lots of elites and champion mobs, so find a friend or three if you want to do this at level.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-pipes-to-datacronOnce you head into the dock area, look for a large stack of crates. This is what you will want to use to get up to the +2 Cunning Datacron. Climb up the boxes then use the pipe to head north. You will see three pipes that you’ll need to jump onto. They are perpendicular to the one you are on, so it’s very easy to overshoot them and fall below. The trick to this is to hug the wall when you jump. Then you want to jump on and use the pipe cowlings that attach to the wall. These are much bigger surfaces for you to jump on and they will help guide you up to the top. Once you are back on the pipes that head north, it’s easy to make it rest of the way. Run across the big pipe and then move to the higher pipe that is heading south. This will take you across to the platform with the Datacron. It is just behind the crates.

Now that you have your Datacron, you can head out onto the docks themselves and clear out and collect things for your quests.

On the south most western dock, there is a Justicar Commander that is prime for the looting. Be careful not to use one of your knockback abilities and fling him off the side. It will be a little hard to loot him then. However, this can be a good tactic to use if he is too tough for you to defeat and you just want to get the console he is guarding.

Make your way south, killing and collecting as needed by your quests.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-jessa-bo-denIn the west side of the south area, you’ll find the Justicar Computer Labs. In the back of these there are a couple of elite MoBs you can drop for some loot.

The Justicare Detention Center is on the west side. To the north of this area is the quest NPC, but if you want a little more XP and loot, clear out the south area including the Justicar Prison Watchman.

Finally, head to the far south to finish up the last of your quests. At this point I would take the shuttle all the way back to the Senate Marketplace Cantina. Sell your loot, repair, level up or anything else you need to do. When you turn in the last of the Justicar Territory quests, they will lead straight into The Works so you should be ready for the next leg of the Coruscant when you get there.

The Works

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-works-battleTaking the elevator in the Justicar area to the Works is how most players will find this area. It works out well so you can do the quests at the north end, turn them in, then be ready to do the quests in the south end where the Taxi will drop you off.

Sell, repair, and bind. Then collect any quests in the area.

Make your way through the area taking out enemy droids and working on quest objectives.

If you are after the Datacron, follow the path straight, turning only when you must. When start seeing Cthon beasts, you are in the right place. In the northeast you will see some crates that allow you to jump up onto a pipe. Follow this pipe around The Works. If you run into an obstruction or it looks like you have to jump down, you’ve gone the wrong way. These pipes will lead you over to the west side of The Works. It’s an easy run, just be careful so you do not fall down. You will come to a Datacron for a yellow matrix shard at the end of your path. Use it, then jump down using the electric pillar next to the platform. You are very high up and could die from the fall. Luckily if you jump down here you will be safe to heal/regenerate.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-qyzen-on-fireIf you follow the Datacron path, you will find yourself suddenly in the middle of the dungeon. You might need to backtrack to finish off your quests. Do what is needed, working from the north of The Works south.

Over in this area you will find a group of Troopers holding off some droids. Talk to the NPC and he will give you a Heroic 4 quest in the Jedi Temple. Make sure to grab this on your way through.

Finish up your quests, and then head to the south western part of the area. Here you will find a speeder and a medical droid where you can sell your loot and repair your gear.

If you need to train up or head back to the senate, do it now. If you have a bit of time left, head into the Jedi Temple from here. There is not much there so you can accomplish what you need to do quickly.

The Jedi Temple

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-jedi-temple-ruinsOnce you get to the ruined Jedi Temple, there is a small run past some standard imperial mobs. Run in and to the right and then up the elevator.

Just to the west when you exit the elevator is the Lost Assembly Vault. This is where you take the colored matrix shards to assemble holocrons for your character. You may not have enough yet, but keep this place in mind as you will undoubtedly be coming back.

To the east is the entrance for the Heroic 4 quest, Enemies of the Republic. There are some tough mobs in here so make sure to take friends. Even if you feel overpowered and the mobs here are green or have just greyed out this will be very difficult to solo.

The inside of the ruined Jedi Temple is pretty basic. It really is just one big open area that has been wrecked. There are lots of imperial troops here and it is easy to stumble on them if you are not paying attention. So be careful and mindful of where you go so you don’t have any nasty surprises.

ddmsrealm-star-wars-tor-coruscant-sith-infiltratorSpeaking of nasty surprises, there are a few elite Sith Apprentices in the area. A few of them wander around so keep an eye on them. You definitely don’t want them joining in on a battle already in progress.

The ruined Jedi Temple is a great place for archeology. There are a ton of nodes here and since it is so small, players are not here for very long.

Next, head to the east or west depending on any class quests you have. Pick off imperials at your leisure.

Before you leave the Jedi Temple, make sure to run up on top to the Mezzanine using the huge fallen pillar. Follow that to the south and east once you are up there all the way around to the south platform. Be very careful once you get there. There is a very mean champion, Dark Sith Anev Xydes, who is overseeing the imperial looting of the temple. Take him on if you are brave or if you have friends. Otherwise, hug the eastern edge and move out into the center of the temple. Carefully drop down onto the stone outcropping that has the +2 Strength Datacron. From here, summon the shuttle to come get you or carefully jump down. You are higher than it appears and will likely splat if you just try to jump down.

With that all done you should be done with Coruscant! This is a very interesting planet and a blast to run through. It has the feeling portrayed in the movies and is broken up to offer a good amount of variety.

Check out DDM’s Realm Star Wars TOR video: How to get the Datacrons on Coruscant

Play smarter, not harder!