u9-sinister-storage-warehouseSinister Storage is located in the Harbor in the Warehouse District. Local citizens have been complaining of strange happenings going on in the area and you have been tasked with finding out the scoop. You soon find Morley in the warehouse they are using for their nefarious plot. Soon you will learn what has happened to all those that have gone missing! Get ready for wave after wave of the beasts of Xoriat.

  • Series: The Taken
  • Level: 15
  • Patron: Free Agent
  • Length: Long
  • Dungeon: Creative Objects Storage
  • Recommended Party: Standard
  • MoBs: Warehouse Worker, Taken, Xoriat Render, Greater Thaarak Hound
  • Dangerous MoBs: Mahlurat, Shaarak, Mind Flayer Mages, Anikstyll
  • Buffs: Standard, Electric Resistance for Mahlurat, Death Ward
  • Special Note: After the first round, many mobs burst from crates so be ready for them.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

Bstormreach-chronicle-zol-4efore you head in make sure that you have spoken to Tessa Aster and you are on the right step of the Harbinger of Madness quest series so you can get the extra reward when it is done.

When you zone in, make sure to buff up and make sure that nobody moves further in until you are ready. This quest only takes about 10 minutes so you will not need to extend buffs. There are no secret doors, traps or other side things you need to worry about so just move into the center and be ready for a throw down.

If your group is having trouble with the quest I would suggest hanging out in one of the corners and fighting there. That way you can fight fewer at a time. If you remain in the center you will have the maximum amount of monsters agro you as each wave begins.

There are a few storage shelves and pillars around the area so be aware of ranged spells and line of sight.

u9-sinister-storage-warehouse-workersIf you are a ranged person or a caster you can get on top of these for a high level view of the melee fighting below.

First Wave – Warehouse Workers

As you come in Morley calls out from the 2nd floor to you. He taunts you some then calls on the warehouse workers to be done with you. There are 15 in all that you will need to take care of. The first wave is warehouse workers. They come in a few respawning waves so if you get stuck and can’t find any more make sure to run a lap around the room to see if there are any respawns where you have already been.

Second Wave – The Taken

u9-sinister-storage-taken-swarmThen next wave comes right in on the heels of the first. This time he is happy to show you the new creations. Be ready for them as many of the crates in the room will explode, revealing the Taken. If you are in the middle, quite a swarm will come your way. Once they are done pull the rest from the outer edges of the room. You will need to kill twelve of them before you can advance to the next round.

Third Wave – The Taken and Their Allies

The third wave is a big wave of enemies that come in. You will have to kill 20 in all. This wave will have Taken, Greater Thaarak Hounds and Xoriat Renders. Make sure that everyone has Death Ward or good saves as the hounds can insta-kill you. u9-sinister-storage-houndsIf you find yourself running low on HP/SP/Clickies, and need to shrine, this is the wave to do it. Have someone, preferably an intimitank, grab agro from one of the hounds. Then make sure that nobody attacks it. This will allow everyone to shrine and rebuff while the hound stays on the one that grabbed them. Once you are ready to advance to the next wave, go ahead and kill the hound. I suggest a hound because if you have Death Ward, they really are not much of a threat. They do little damage and are easy to wrangle.

Fourth Wave – Destroy the Taken and Greater Thraarak Hounds

u9-sinister-storage-anikstyllThe 4th wave is another one full of the Taken and Greater Thraarak Hounds. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Mind Flayer Mages. They tend spawn in the shadows and tend to stay there. They can make your day an unhappy one if left unchecked so make sure you get on them as soon as possible. This is a good time to double check buffs and make you have grabbed the collectibles around the room, because soon the big guys are going to show up.

Keep an eye out for rare named monsters in this wave. In a few runs this is where they spawned. Take them out and prepare for the final wave before the boss fight.

Fifth Wave – Mahlurat Arrives

u9-sinister-storage-mahlurat-arrivesThis is the final battle as a nasty boss shows up. Make sure you heal up, buff up and are ready for the throw down. There will be more spawns in the room but try to stay on him where he spawns and the other spawns should leave you alone. Make sure that you are buffed up with electricity resist and protection from elements. He is a tough Xoriat Render with an affinity for electricity. Toss whatever buffs you can, including short term buffs, since the chat between Morley and Mahlurat does not take long.

Once he dies the quest will complete so make sure you have your XP Trinket on. Loot the chests but do not wander as there will be more mobs that will have spawned on the outside edge. When you are done either recall or make a run for it. Running out is easy enough and faster than recalling. There is no reason to stick around and finish the last few mobs off unless you are really desperate for guild reknown. Heh!

u9-sinister-storage-mahlurat-attacksThe Sinister Storage quest is a pretty simple, straight up quest and fits well into the series! Next, it seems like the Stormreach Chronicle has figured out where they are making these abominations in the quest, Fear Factory!