Winter Festival Guide for Neverwinter

The Winter Festival in Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter is a great break from the day to day routine of questing. The content in-game can get stale fast and these events offer a great break from the grind. Find out how to get all the best gear from this fun special event in Neverwinter.

In staying with the theme of the events so far, the Winter Festival has a combat event, a skill based event, and a crafting-based event. Each of them have their quirks but any player should be able to find an activity that they enjoy to earn the custom magic items and gear that is offered only during this event.


Neverwinter Custom Winter Festival Cosmetic Items

Neverwinter Guide to the Winter Festival - Fashion WeaponsThis event, like many others, has a custom cosmetic weapon look for each of the main weapon types. They all share an ice and snowflake theme. You may or may not like them but it is nice to see so many choices. You can buy scarves, fireworks, or paper lanterns that float off into the sky when they are released.

Winter Festival Mounts and Companions

Neverwinter Guide to the Winter Festival - Mimic CompanionThere are a few new companions and mounts with the Winter Festival.

With the Light of Shimril, you can purchase a green Dappled Riding Horse or Fawn of Shiallia. The Fawn is a Leader companion so I would expect many players to try to get this one. They cost 3000 and 3200 Light of Shimrils respectively.

Look below to the fortune section of the event to see how you can get the other two mounts and companions.

Monsters on Ice

The Monsters on Ice event for Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter’s Winter Festival is pretty straightforward. Just go out onto the frozen lake in the north and the monsters you find there. There is one twist; the ice is really slippery, causing everyone to slip around when they move. It makes for some fun battles.

Try to get a group if possible as it will help players rank a little better, and try to use Area of Effect powers.  This will help players get a better ranking because they have affected more than one monster at a time.

If for some reason you are having troubles ranking well because you are not a group-based area of effect character, do not despair. Even if you rank dead last, you will still earn a Winterkill Emblem, which you will need to level up your crafting. Your rank during the event only determines how many Light of Simril you will earn.

Named enemies will appear about halfway through. Unless there is a decent size group fighting them they are best ignored. They are difficult to fight on the ice. If you are trying for a good score they are definitely not worth the time and effort. It is much easier to rank fighting the regular mobs. 

Fortunes in the Stars

Neverwinter Guide to the Winter Festival - Fortune TelescopePlayers need to get their fortune every day in order to collect Stars of Fortune, which can then be turned in for the green Ice Mimic (defender) companion and Ice Sleigh mount. This can be repeated every day, so ,make sure to log in and complete the fortune quest if nothing else.

Use the telescope and see the stars, and then talk to the Astrologer. He will give you a Star of Fortune and a Mysterious Fortune to read. When you read that, by double clicking it in your inventory, you get random consumable item that may beneficial to you or some lore for your journal.

Fishing Contest

To fish you can buy just a cheap fishing pole for 10 copper and click away. However, if you are a true Neverwinter angler, you will want to upgrade to a better fishing rod and get some good fishing bait.

Fishing Rods

To get a better fishing pole, players will need to level up the Winter Festival crafting. The fishing poles are Bind on Pickup so they cannot be traded. If you plan to fish during the contests make sure to upgrade your fishing pole!

  1. Green fishing pole is the Glowing Fishing Pole. This fishing pole increases fishing speed by 10% and increases catch chance by 5%.
  2. Blue fishing pole is the Bright Angler’s Fishing Pole. This fishing pole increases fishing speed by 40% and increases catch chance by 15%.
  3. Purple Fishing Pole is a Brilliant Anglers Fishing Pole. This fishing pole increases fishing speed by 20% and increases catch chance by 10%.
  4. Orange Fishing Pole is the newest upgrade and the best you can get. For now…


  1. Green bait is the Bright Shiny Lure and lasts for 1 minute. This improves the quality of fish caught by a small amount.
  2. Blue bait for fishing is the Memorizing Lure and lasts for 2 minutes. This improves the quality of the fish caught by a good amount.
  3. Purple bait for fishing is Golden Zsorp and lasts for 1 minute. This greatly improves the quality of fish caught.


Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter Ice Fishing for Winter FestivalKeep an eye out for the colored lights over the fishing holes. The indicate how easy they are to fish. The harder the fishing hole is the more chance you have of catching the rarer fish. Also be prepared to fight because occasionally undead Unlucky Fisherman spawn and attack those that are nearby!

  1. White Fish is 1 Point: Brown Bream
  2. Green Fish is 2 Points: Blackjaw
  3. Blue Fish is 4 Points: Durgrace
  4. Purple Fish is 8 Points: Candlefish

Players can turn the fish into barrels on the docks for Light of Simril. However, before you turn them in, make sure that you have enough of the needed ingredients to do any crafting that you may need. You definitely do not want to turn a rare fish into some Lights of Simril only to find out that you needed it for your fishing rod upgrade.

  1. 10 Brown Bream for 1 Light of Simril.
  2. 10 Blackjaw for 2 Light of Simril.
  3. 10 Durgrace for 5 Light of Simril.
  4. 5 Candlefish for 5 Light of Simril.

You can also pull out bags from the bottom of the lake fishing; these will have random ingredient items for the event as well as some other things. These have winter festival ingredients, fishing supplies, seals, and even sellable treasure items.

  1. Green Bag of stuff is the Sodden Pouch.
  2. Blue Bag of stuff is the Soaked Purse.
  3. Purple Bag of stuff is the Waterlogged Bag.

Lastly, this is probably the most profitable way to get Lights of Simril, if of course, you have upgraded fishing equipment. You will be able to farm these pretty fast if you use the best gear.

The Twilight Run

This is a slalom course that you can run on a mount or on foot. There is a trade off because when you’re on foot, it’s slippery but fast. Or you can run this on a mount which is a lot slower but you stick to the track more.

My experience is that it’s best to run this on foot. Overall it is faster, you can see better, and you will be able to do a couple more trips down the course to rack up the points. For more visibility click “B” to remove the UI while you do the Twilight Run—it makes it easier by removing UI and pop-up messages.

You get a score for each run and they add up until the event is over. The highest score gets the most Lights of Simril, and everyone that participates will earn a Ring of Lights which is used to rank up your crafter so you can make some of the Winter Festivals Items.

Crafting in the Winter Festival

Most of the crafting in the Neverwinter Festival is for fishing. However, you can also make some of the fireworks and some of the crafting components that may be needed for the other advanced items. There is also one potion that you can craft as well, Lightwine. Lightwine increases Movement by 450 and Regeneration by 250 for 1800 seconds.

Make the Most of Neverwinter’s Winter Festival

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter has Fawns that Poop FlowersTake your main character into the Winter Festival event to see what is available and what you may or may not want. Once you decide that you want to try for some of the items you can easily earn what you are trying to. The first and most important thing is to participate in all of the events when they show up.

If nothing else, get a few kills in Monsters on Ice and do one run down the Twilight Run, then head over and fish. Getting counted for credit in the events will earn you the special items that you will need to have in order to progress and get the items you want. Then spending rest of the time fishing will get you the Lights of Simril you will need. Make sure to fish during the fishing event too, but this method will allow you to get the most bang for your buck.

Do not forget to hit up the astronomer and the gift giver every day for your fortunes if you want to get a Mimic or Sleigh.

Have fun in Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter’s… Winter Festival!