• Series: Droaam Invasion Pt 1
  • Level: 12 Party
  • Patron: The Coin Lords
  • Length: Medium
  • Dungeon: The Skyfall Coast
  • Recommended Party: Standard
  • MoBs: Jungle Scorpions, Jungle Panthers, Droaam Archers, Droaam Infantry, Droaam Skirmishers, Vinethrasher Warriors
  • Dangerous MoBs: Droaam Warmage, Vinethrasher Shaman, Vinethrasher Hunter, Zharig <vinethrasher High Shaman>, Kukennama <Vinethrasher Champion>
  • Buffs: Acid Resistance, Lightning Resistance, True Seeing
  • Special Note: You can get a Discreet bonus here of 5% for killing a low number of mobs.
  • Quest Stats: Detailed Quest Stats DDMs Realm Here

This is the first quest of the Droaam Invasion Series, Diplomatic Impunity.

diplomatic-impunity-henriettaFor the majority of this quest you’ll be running around in the jungle.  Make sure you don’t run ahead too far because things here are either hiding (panthers) or spawn slowly (scorpions).  You want to make sure that you don’t build up too many mobs in a single fight.  So run through one section,  stop and look around and kill whatever is chasing you, then continue on.  Hirelings and summoned creatures are actually very helpful in here.  They tend to agro on the spawning and hidden creatures much faster than a player can react to them. Use them to point out any spawns and creatures as you move through the jungle.

Once you are out in the jungle head to the southeast.  You’ll hear a DM voice tell you about a wild man village area, we’ll get to that later.

diplomatic-impunity-root-wallYou get to what looks like a dead end but there is actually a root wall that you can break down.  Break down these roots and head through the underground passage.  Just past the tunnel is a small camp with some Wildmen in it.  Make sure to break the barrels here to work on Ransack.  Explore the jungle in this immediate the area for other enemies.  You’ll run into some other root walls that you won’t be able to break down but allow you to see into another area.  Head northeast from here and you’ll encounter the first shrine.  Use it now as there is another one soon.  You can also come back to this if it is needed.

diplomatic-impunity-wildman-ambushIf you want an optional hang a right past the cat cave.  You’ll enter an area where there is panther that has been sacrificed on an altar.  Once near the altar some wild men will ambush you.  Take them out for some quick XP and a chest.

Head out of the Wildman area and keep to the right and you’ll find another shine tucked away on the ledge just above the optional you just completed.  If you don’t need the shine,  continue to the southwest.  You should be heading down a rocky slope into a tunnel that leads to Ullevian.  Make sure to talk to him about what you see of the Droaam army.

diplomatic-impunity-armyOnce you talk to Ullevian the jungle will fill with Droaam forces. The whole party must be present or he will not advance. Be sure to be ready as Droaam patrols are now all over the jungle.  If you have Diplomacy or Intimidate you’ll be able to head through the wild man village,  getting another optional and saving yourself a trip through the Droaam- infested jungle.

Head back up into the jungle. Be prepared for an ambush from Droaam forces.  Head to the right, and soon you will get to the bamboo bridge that you were just under.  Take note of the root wall that passes and that you are unable to break down.  As soon as you report back to Henritta Daes you will be able to pass through this root wall.

diplomatic-impunity-entranceUse Diplomacy or Intimidate to enter the village. Make sure to break all the urns and barrels around the area so you can get the Ransack bonus.  When inside the Wildman village make sure you head west into the little scum pond. There are few more breakables that you’ll need to get.  It is hidden behind a wall of bamboo shoots.

To make your way through the other side of the clan gates,  you will need to speak to the Vinethrasher Chief.  You can just talk to him, use Diplomacy or Intimidate against the Vinethrasher Chief depending on the outcome you want.

  • diplomatic-impunity-championTalk (No Skills) – You will fight their warrior champion, Kukennama.
  • Diplomacy – No fighting.
  • Intimidate – Fight the whole village.

I would suggest going the regular talking route.  You only fight one nasty Wildman instead of the whole village and you will still get the chest with the named items in it.

diplomatic-impunity-gateOnce the optional is completed here you can head out the gate you saw near the beginning.  Report back to Henrietta with your findings. Then head back through the wild man village all the way up to the right where the root wall is now open for you.  This way avoids a ton of extra fighting in the jungle.  You cannot get kill bonuses here, so don’t even try.

You must gather the entire party at the last root wall before it will collapse, so send your fastest person to report to her.

diplomatic-impunity-fortOnce it is down you can head up a short valley through a few ambushes.  Once you hear the War Captain call out to his troops to let you through, you can head right up to him.  You can just charge down the valley.  They will stand down when the War Captain tells them to. Have your rogue disable the traps near the giant statue faces.  These are fire traps that will cover half the arena with fire. The fight isn’t too hard but be ready for a few adds when the captain gets low on health. I would recommend, as always, take the gnoll caster out first.

Just like that the quest is done.  Follow the route on the map I made for the quickest run.  Wander if you want to grab some optionals.

Make sure you do not repeat this quest if you are looking to do the whole series.  If you repeat you will have to redo the quest to advance.