Dungeons and Dragons Online Crystal Cove Challenge QuestIf you are anything like me you love to jump in and farm these rare events. Crystal Cove is a fun and unique event open to everyone over 3rd level. There is a ton of great unique loot that can be had. The quest Crystal Cove is designed in such a way that it really does take a group of people working together to be full successful.

I have written several guides on this unique event that has been resurrected again. As with the other events in DDO they become an irregular treat now and again as the developers turn them back on. There are small windows to capitalize on these and now is one of those times!

Each job in Crystal Cove is important; the Scout, the Clearer, the Babysitter. Last but certainly not least is the Torch Runner. This is the person, at least it should be one person, that runs the torches for the quest. The torches are what the kobolds use to find their way to and from the deposits of crystals you need to collect. I have seen the frustration, as many groups seem to have issues with getting a good Torch Runner. After running the event nearly 100 times and being the torch runner in most of those I think we have developed a system that works really well. Running this with a full group doing 25th level we almost always finish up in about half the time.

The other jobs are important, but the Torch Runner seems to be the one that vexes many and can trip up a group. This video is meant to help out that specifically. It does not address any other part of the quest. For that I will refer you to my other write-ups on Crystal Cove.