A Stay at the Inn Quest Walkthrough and Guide

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-courtyard-ambushNow that you are done with the nasty, boggy swamp it is time to head inside. The next quest in the Netherese Scroll series for Update 16 of Dungeons and Dragons Online is the A Stay at the Inn quest.

The Harpers keep you on the trail of Oriphaun’s  journal messages he keeps leaving all over The High Road. This time the Harpers suspect that Oriphaun left one of the messages in the tavern. Head on over to the center of The High Road wilderness adventure area and you will find the quest right next to a shrine.

If you haven’t retrieved Oriphaun’s journal entry regarding this quest you can find it on the roof just over the quest entrance.

Series The Netherese Scroll Part 4
Level 24 Party
Patron The Harpers
Length Medium
Dungeon The Old Man’s Face Inn
Recommended Party Standard Party (Rogue if you want to disable the couple traps inside)
MoBs Sellsword Archer, Sellsword Skirmisher, Summoned Shadow, Netherese Wizard, Umbral Rat, Umbral Worg
Dangerous Mobs Branson Blackboot, Tarys, Twilizen,  Wyle
Buffs Standard plus Freedom of Movement and Deathward
Special Note Someone who can open locked doors for optional XP and loot.
Quest Stats Detailed Quest Stats on DDMs Realm Here

When you zone in, summon pets and hirelings and get everything buffed up. When you are ready, go in and talk to the cowering NPC in the center of the courtyard. You will get a little conversation out of him before the Netherese notice you and attack! He runs off to the corner while you fight several waves of Sellswords. Once the Netherese are done attacking you head over to the corner where he is cowering and finish your conversation. He will give you a key to the inn to get you started.

The Inn

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-inn-ambushMake your way over to the inn and start smashing and trashing the place as you move in. When you get to about the midpoint of each hallway the doors will spring open and enemies will charge out. Give them the beating they so eagerly ask for. Once you make a complete loop and kill all of the enemies within the inn you should get a message that the innkeeper’s door is open and he would like a word with you.

The innkeeper’s door is in the west side hallway. There is also another locked door. If you can pick locks and find secret doors, go through this door and search the next room for a secret door. Inside the next room there will be an optional chest. Even if you can’t get into this room smash the stuff in front of it to help you get to that Ransack bonus XP number.

Once you talk to the innkeeper, he will give you a key to the barn and tell you that the key to the tavern is in a chest at in the hay loft but you better not touch anything else in there, or else…

The Barn

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-barnAcross the courtyard is the barn. Pop it open with the key you were given and head inside. When you get to the middle of the interior of the barn, a Netherese wizard, Wyle, will call out to you from above, interrupting your attempts to slaughter the poor cows. He will summon a few rounds of shadows and umbral creatures. Take care of these shadow creatures with ease using Ghost Touch. When the waves are done the lever near where you entered will unlock.

Wyle will taunt you a second time. So head up there and show him a thing or two. There are a few umbral rats on the way up there. Make sure you have Spell Resistance and Freedom of Movement going. True Seeing is also a good buff to have as Wyle will Blur himself while he blasts you.

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-innkeeper-secret-stashOnce he is dead head up to the hay loft and loot the chest. I know that the innkeeper warned you about taking his stuff, but you will want to take his journal. It tells you how he is an underhanded traitor. He needs to be dealt with. Mainly, because he will give you some extra XP and loot! Woot! Go smack him down between him stunning you then move onto the last and final bit of the A Stay at the Inn quest, the tavern.

The Tavern

Make your way into the tavern and smash what you see. You can get Ransack easily in here and there is no reason to miss out on the easy XP.

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-tavernInside the bar you will see a chest. Ignore it for now, this is the end chest. I don’t know why it is just sitting there. It probably should pop when you complete but what are you going to do?

Anyway, kill the few MoBs that are up here and the barriers to the stairs leading to the basement of the tavern will go away.

As you make your way to the basement make sure to smash the stuff stashed under the stairs so you can get Ransack. There are two sets of stairs so make sure you get them both. You can smash all of the stuff in the basement too because all of the NPCs are waiting for you to talk to Tarys before they attack. So clear it all out and clean it all up.

When you are ready to throw down, buff up, place Crowd Control around the room if you want, and then talk to Tarys. The conversation is short. No monologuing for this one. Two sentences into the conversation,  Tarys will attack along with all of his minions. Clear out the little minions fast and then clean up the shadow and umbral creatures he will summon periodically to annoy you. And believe me, this is only one of his many annoyances.

Tarys is a high level Netherese Necromancer who loves to summon tons of extra fodder for you to fight. While Tarys does that he also fills the basement with Acid Fog. Once that is done he tosses Chain Lightning around like it is going out of style. Unfortunately, this Netherese wizard has seemed to learn a thing or two from player characters.

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-twilizenWhen Tarys gets to about 40% health he will stop being attackable and say he is tired of this. He will then summon a giant sized named shadow called, Twilizen, hooray! As soon as Twilizen joins the battle Tarys becomes attackable once again and starts back on his same old tricks. At this point I suggest ignoring Twilizen and kill Tarys. Kill that annoying caster that is blanketing the area with Acid Fog. Acid Fog gives all of your enemies a concealment miss chance which you can’t do anything about other than trying to dispel the fog, which is a pain. So instead, slice and dice the caster and then worry about the much less threatening, but equally annoying (if you don’t have ghost touch), Twilizen.

Once they are dead, search the basement for another crate. If you smashed it all before, then this should be easy as it will be the only one target-able. Smash it and inside you will find the barkeep. Ask him about the piece of the Netherese scroll and he will hem and haw for a moment, then realize it was upstairs at the bar all this time. Surprisingly, it is right next to the mystery chest you couldn’t open before.

ddmsrealm-ddo-u16-stay-at-the-inn-end-of-questRun up to the tavern and wait for the barkeep to point out the IOU behind the bar. At this point, equip any XP boost items you have and then click the IOU to grab it. Just like that, quest completed.

Loot up and head out. You are almost done with the Netherese scroll piece series for Update 16 to Dungeons and Dragons Online. Make sure that everyone in your group turns in the quest and talks to Rina before you finish up the series to be sure that everyone gets the nice series rewards.

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