firefly-universe-online-title-3Hello there Browncoats! I know there has not been nearly enough information on Firefly Universe Online. Well I have good news, they are still trucking along! They have released some new information that the Alpha test stage of the game test is coming up! They will be sending anyone with an Ident on their website an invite! So go there now and sign up!

Why are they doing this? Simple, most normal games are built by big development companies that have their own in house team to work with them for the alpha game testing. Firefly Universe Online is NOT your normal game. This is being developed by a group of dedicated fans in their spare time, without compensation. That’s right, this is a fan driven game being built by artists, programmers, animators and story tellers, all driven by their love for the ‘Verse and Firefly. They need your help. If you love the ‘Verse like I do sign up and help out in any way you can. Let’s make this game a reality and a diamond in the rough success story. Like them, share this article and spread the word! ~ Make sure to sign up by March 15th for your alpha game testing invite.

Now that you have signed up just sit back and wait for your alpha invite. Then follow the instructions and work with the team to make this game come to life.

I am super excited to see this game move forward and I hope all the fans get out there and toss their support on it as well.

Spread the word! You can’t stop the signal. Enjoy this preview trailer they just released.

Keep up the great work DarkCryo and team!