u13-spinner-of-shadows-damage-to-summon-spidersUpdate 13 is out, Web of Chaos for Dungeons and Dragons Online. It weaves a tale of how the Lords of Dust are being manipulated by the drow to open pathways to Kyber so they can hunt down and collect Kyber Dragonshards. The purpose is unclear as to why they seek Kyber Dragonshards, but the trouble they cause in the process is unmistakable.

There are three quests in this free to play series; Lords of Dust, Servants to the Overlord and Spinner of Shadows. For those of you out there that did not get to see the movie at the end of the quest series for Update 13: Web of Chaos, here it is. This is the movie that plays when you turn in the end reward for the last quest in the series, Spinner of Shadows.