Harbinger of Madness Series for DDO, Update 9

Part 1 – Missing

u9-missing-school-dining-roomTo start off the series, head over to the Harbor and talk to Tessa Aster. She is located right outside Baudry’s Warehouse. She will tell you about a story that will help you with the Stormreach Chronicle.

People are vanishing from their homes, and even straight off the street in the Saltire District. If you want to be a reporter, you can investigate the disappearances. Godwick Spurge is just down the road and he will give you the details. Talk to him and he will meet you just inside the Saltire District.

The Saltire District is located under the bridge of the harbor down near the water. You will see a new quest entrance here that will lead into the Saltire District.

Run through the Missing quest to find out a little more information about the Missing and who might be behind it.

When you are done, head back to Godwick Spurge in the Harbor to hear the conclusion of the story and to get your end reward for the quest.

Part 2 – Sinister Storage

u9-sinister-storage-warehouseHead back over to Tessa Aster and inform her of your discoveries with the Missing in the Saltire District. She will tell you that the information you found has lead them to a warehouse where mysterious things are happening. She sends you to talk to Parker Pipewort to get the details.

Parker Pipewort is just down the road in the same area towards Cerulean Hills. He tells you more details, including the suspected warehouse across the courtyard.

Gather up your party and head in when you’re ready.

This is the shortest of the new series of quests for Update 9.

Stop by and talk to Parker Pipewort for your end reward. Then visit Tessa Aster to see where the story goes from here.

Part 3 – Fear Factory

u9-fear-factory-mind-flayer-scientistsDon’t forget to go talk to Tessa Aster about what you found out in Sinister Storage and where to go from there. You don’t want to miss out on advancing the series quest for the named end rewards, given upon completion.

Your information, combined with what some of the other reporters have found, they now have an idea of where to go.

Tessa tells you about Blode’s Curio Shop. She suspects Morely is there, and suggests it might be the best place to investigate.

She sends you to meet Felicity Mallow, who has the details you will need for the Fear factory.

Speak to Felicity Mallow and she will tell you the details and bestow the third step in the series, Fear Factory.

Blode’s Curio Shop is right next to the quest Kobold’s New Ringleader. It’s just across the road from where you talk to Felicity Mallow. When you are ready, jump into the shop with your group to uncover what is happening.

After finding and destroying the Taken areas you chase Morely to the last one where you uncover who is truly behind this madness.

Report back to Felicity Mallow for your end reward. Then head over and let Tessa Aster know what you discovered.

Part 4 – In The Flesh

u9-in-the-flesh-balcony-booAfter talking to Tessa Aster she will direct you to talk to Hector Hyssop who is near Felicity Mallow. Run over to him and he will tell you that he has found out that the mind flayer behind it all has taken up residence in the Harborview Lofts. He has been watching them since he heard the news.

He bestows the quest In The Flesh to you. Your mission is to head into Harborview lofts, find the mind flayer behind all the trouble.

As soon as you are ready, head across the street to the quest entrance and put an end to this menace once and for all!

u9-in-the-flesh-end-rewardAfter defeating Yaulthoon in an epic mind battle, the threat to Stormreach is over and many will be happy to hear the madness is over.

Speak to Hector Hyssop and tell him what happened to Yaulthoon. Once you receive your end reward go talk to Tessa Aster and tell her the final chapter in the story. She will reward all your hard work with a chance at some very interesting named items. Good luck on your rewards!