New Neverwinter Guide - How to Create a Scourge WarlockA Scourge Warlock is a brutal spell casting character in the popular MMO Neverwinter. They make pacts with the most evil, the most vile denizens of the lower planes in exchange for powerful damaging magic. Scourge Warlocks also gain the ability to curse the most powerful of enemy bosses. Last but certainly not least, their wicked pacts give them the ability to snatch up the souls of those they kill and use them as puppets against their foes.

Sound like a fun class to play? Well it certainly is! Check out the newest of our Neverwinter class guides on Scourge Warlocks. This beginner guide introduces players to the Scourge Warlock of Neverwinter and helps them create a character. This guide will also help players learn some of the basic tactics Scourge Warlocks should use. The player guide to Scourge Warlocks of Neverwinter will also help players find their places in groups.

This guide is designed to help new players to Neverwinter or those players that are not familiar with Scourge Warlocks to get started on the right foot.

How to Create a Scourge Warlock Character