ddmsrealm-star-wars-ord-mantell-fort-garnikThere are some great changes coming to Star Wars The Old Republic better known as Star Wars TOR soon. TOR has only been out a little over a month now but they are already announcing some of the upcoming game changes that we are in store for. In fact they have already released one minor content update (1.1) adding a few things to the game surrounding the Rakghouls. The changes to TOR that are coming up are going to continue to be involve with the Rakghouls.

Also, those in guilds can rejoice as it looks like some badly needed guild amenities are finally coming to TOR. We should be seeing a guild bank soon and hopefully a few other amenities as well. However, a guild bank is badly needed and a good place to start! I’m hoping for some guild function that allows us to mail guild invites to offline characters or our own alts.

For more information on the upcoming changes to TOR, check out “Coming Up – Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview Trailer”  video from YouTube below for more Star Wars TOR info.