Neverwinter Shadow Wolf MountThere is a new limited time special even in the Neverwinter MMO. It is another Call to Arms event. This time the event is in Vellosk where you will battle the werewolves of the Gray Wolf Barbarian Tribe. As in other events The Pit Fight for Neverwinter has special limited time items and gear you can ear. There is a cool shadow wolf mount that you can get along with some new cosmetics for weapons. There are also some new die packs and enchantments that can be found. Check out this special event in Neverwinter while you can! More details below.

Call to Arms: Pit Fight

he fearsome werewolves of the Gray Wolf Barbarian Tribe in Vellosk are ready to test your mettle in a fight to the death. Are you brave enough to the enter the Totem Pit? And, are you strong enough to survive the onslaught? If you are, you could be rewarded with some amazing items including a new mount, new dyes, and unique weapon transmutes if you successfully complete the Pit Fight skirmish!

Call to Arms: Pit Fight begins: November 14, 2013 at 10 A.M. PST (Pacific) (When is that for you?)

Call to Arms: Pit Fight ends: November 18, 2013 at 10 A.M. PST (Pacific) (When is that for you?)

Answer the Call to Arms and take the fight to the Gray Wolf Barbarian Tribe!

Are you new to Neverwinter’s Call to Arms Skirmish Event? Starting at 10 A.M. PST (Pacific) today until November 18, 2013, players from level 6-60 will be able to queue for Call to Arms at any time during the event period. If you’ve missed an achievement along the way or you can’t wait to enter Totem Pit again, you’ll be able to starting later today!

 You may be familiar with Skirmishes which are available in each adventure zone. These new Call to Arms Events will be a modified version of each zone’s skirmish with some very distinct differences! Firstly, these new Call to Arms Events will be available for players of all levels (from 5-60)! If you’ve missed some skirmishes along the way, then prepare yourself to rejoin the fight to defend Forgotten Realms! Also, parties who successfully complete a Call to Arms Event may be rewarded with companions, dye packs, transmutation items (items which change the appearance of your equipment), and other unique rewards!These rewards will vary and will be unique to each adventure zone’s Call to Arms Event.

Players will also be able to queue for Call to Arms at any time when the Event is active.

Killing werewolves is satisfying but what rewards can I get? Great question! In addition to gold, Rough Astral Diamonds (during the bonus Astral Diamonds event for skirmishes), and equipment drops from slain creatures (specific to your character level!), players could receive the following items:

 New mount – Shadow Wolf Mount

 New enchantment – Cruel Enchantment

Players will receive one rank Rank 2 up to Rank 5 Cruel Enchantment during every Call to Arms skirmish completion! In addition, Rank 1 and Rank 2 Cruel Enchantments may drop from creatures while running the skirmish.

Class-based transmutable items

Completely change how your weapons look with these special Call to Arms-themed weapon transmutes!

New dyes – Gray Wolf Dye Packs

If you get a chance this weekend make sure to check out this Neverwinter event! It won’t be active for long.