Neverwinter Rise of Tiamat Release NotesRise of Tiamat is the 5th Module to be released for the free to play MMO Neverwinter. In this free update Tiamat herself has been summoned and the players job is to send her back to where she belongs!

This update is a big one and the developers at Cryptic have done a ton of work on Neverwinter outside of Rise of Tiamat. Check out the release notes so you can stay on top of changes that may affect your characters.

Rise of Tiamat Release Notes

New Zone: Well of Dragons

With the campaign extension comes a new zone: Well of Dragons. Join veteran heroes of the Sword Coast in the fight to foil the Cult of the Dragon at every turn. Combat cultists, drakes, and more menacing foes as they call upon the power of dragons and ancient magics. Stop them from reaching their ultimate goal: the Rise of Tiamat!

The Well of Dragons can be reached by accepting the quest, “The Return of Tiamat,” from Sergeant Knox. This quest becomes available after achieving a Gear Score of at least 10,000.

Tyranny of the Dragons Campaign Extended!

The Tyranny of Dragons campaign has been extended to prevent the Cult of the Dragon from bringing Tiamat into the Prime Material Plane!

New Artifact Gear

New artifacts have been discovered and developed, allowing heroes to further improve and customize their adventuring experience!

Artifact Off-Hand Items: These artifacts can be equipped in the Off-Hand item slot.They improve like any other artifact, but have two special qualities, found under the new “Manage Artifact Powers” option in the item’s right-click menu:

  • Class Feature: This modifies one of your class’ Class Feature powers in a special way, providing more effectiveness or new twists. The item starts with one random Class Feature bonus unlocked, but a Cube of Augmentation from the Wondrous Bazaar can unlock another random Class Feature on the item.While only one can be selected at a time, unlocked bonuses can always be chosen again for 5,000 Astral Diamonds.
  • Stat Increase: Upon reaching Epic quality, these artifacts give a +100 bonus to a random stat among the eight usually found on Artifact slot items.Like Class Feature bonuses, each of these stats can be unlocked, and unlocked stats can be chosen again for 5,000 Astral Diamonds.
    In addition, a Cube of Augmentation can also be consumed to attempt to increase the value of the chosen stat, up to a maximum of +400.

These off-hand items also provide a set bonus when equipped with an artifact main-hand item.

Artifact Cloaks:
In addition to the stats you’d expect from a neck slot item, these also provide Armor Class increases or passive Action Point gain in combat. These bonuses increase as the artifact’s quality improves.

Artifact Set Bonuses: There are several new set bonuses for existing artifacts.
These artifacts, such as the Eye of Lathander, now have an associated neck and waist slot artifact.When all three are equipped, they provide a new bonus that works well with the artifact’s main power.

Jewelcrafting Profession

A new item focused profession that allows crafting and enhancing ring, neck and waist items.

New Warlock Paragon Path, the Soulbinder!


  • Soul Spark: Various Soulbinder spells siphon the life force from targets, granting you a Soul Spark. You may have up to 30 Soul Sparks at any given time which passively increase your Life Steal each. At the end of combat the Soul Sparks are consumed to heal you.

At-will power

  • Essence Defiler: Blast target repeatedly, siphoning some of its life energy into a Soul Spark.

Class Features

  • Borrowed Time: While you have Soul Sparks, they heal you periodically.
  • Dust to Dust: When you Soul Sparks heal you they also generate extra Action Points.
  • Snuff Out: When a target within 30’ of you dies you gain a Soul Spark.

Encounter powers

  •  Soul Scorch: Expend a Soul Spark to blast a foe with black fire, dealing heavy damage. This power has no cooldown, but requires 6 Soul Sparks to be cast.

Daily powers

  • Immolation Spirits: You consume Soul Sparks to animate burning spirits to attack your foes for a medium duration. These spirits have increased damage and defenses for every 6 Soul Sparks consumed.

Patch Notes


  • /walk 1 animations have been corrected to no longer run slowly.
  • Golden Dragon Orbs are now 30% smaller so they better float by their wielders command.

Classes and Balance

  • Control Wizard
    • Arcane Presence: Now also passively increases your recharge speed by 5/10/15%.
    • Chaos Magic Feat: Fury – Now grants 30% damage and 10% Life Steal (up from 10% and 5% respectively).
    • Chaos Magic Feat: Growth – Now heals every .5 seconds for 250% of your weapon damage (up from 200% every second).
    • Chaos Magic Feat: Nexus – Now grants 30% Armor Penetration and 30% Critical Chance (up from 10%).
    • Chaos Magic: This effect can no longer be incorrectly stacked in some cases. It will also no longer apply rapidly on powers that tick many times.
    • Chill Strike: This power now activates 40% faster.
    • Chilling Advantage Feat: Chilling Presence increases Critical Chance by 2/4/6/8/10% (up from 1/2/3/4/5%).
    • Chilling Presence: Damage bonus increased to 2% per stack (per rank) and is doubled on Frozen targets.
    • Entangling Force: This power now activates 40% faster.
    • Fanning the Flames: This power now activates 40% faster.
    • Icy Rays marked target duration has been reduced to a more reasonable time and targets can now be marked while moving.
    • Icy Rays: The follow up portion of this power now activates 40% faster.
    • Maelstrom of Chaos, Scorching Burst, and Fanning the Flame (Spell Mastery) are now correctly categorized as AoE powers and will benefit from related feats.
    • Masterful Arcane Theft Feat: Damage bonus increased to 3/6/9/12/15% on targets affected by Chill (up from 1/2/3/4/5%) and 1.2/2.4/3.6/4.8/6% per stack of Arcane Mastery (up from .6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3%).
    • Oppressor: Glacial Movement: This feat now increases the effectiveness of each rank of Orb of Imposition by 4/8/12/16/20%.”
    • Orb of Imposition: This class feature has been reverted to a previous state where it grants 5% increased control durations per rank.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement and the non-spell mastery Repel now correctly benefit from Farspell.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement: This power now activates 40% faster.
    • Renegade: Chaos Magic: Now correctly applies to allies.
    • Repel: This power now activates 40% faster.
    • Thaumaturge: Assailing Force: The damage from this power is now activated by Encounter powers rather than all damage.
  • Devoted Cleric
    • Class Mechanic Changes
      • New Mechanic: Empowered – Divine Encounters require 1 Divine Symbol worth of divine power and grant a stack of Empowered for the power used. Powers may only consume stacks of Empowered granted by their Divine versions and you may only have 3 stacks of Empowered for each power.
      • Divine Mode: Casting speed on all encounter powers has been substantially increased in Divine Mode.
      • Divine Power is now only generated by At Wills.
      • Divine Mode powers have no cooldown or target cap.
    • Dodging now costs 30 stamina (down from 50).
    • Astral Shield: Create a shimmering shield at target location that causes allies to have their defenses be 10% more effective.
    • Astral Shield (Divine): Grants Temporary Hit Points to all targets within the affected area.
    • Astral Shield (Empowered): Astral Shield now consumes stacks of Empowered Astral Shield to shield allies from a portion of incoming damage. Astral Shield blocks 100% of the Cleric’s weapon damage per stack consumed.
    • Bastion of Health: Heals allies at target location after a short delay, healing allies immediately and then applying a Heal over Time effect.
    • Bastion of Health (Divine): Instantly heals allies at target location.
    • Bastion of Health (Empowered): Bastion of Health now consumes stacks of Empowered Bastion of Health to heal allies for 10% of their missing HP per stack.
    • Brand of the Sun: This power now also grants Divine Power when the DoT component ticks.
    • Break the Spirit: You sap your target’s strength, dealing damage over time and causing them to deal 20% less damage.
    • Break the Spirit (Divine): You stun the target briefly, dealing damage and reducing their damage by 10%, stacking up to 3 times. The stun gets shorter each subsequent cast on the same target.
    • Break the Spirit (Empowered): Break the Spirit now consumes stacks of Empowered Break the Spirit to grant nearby allies Bolstered Spirit, which increases their damage dealt by 10% per stack consumed and lasts 8 seconds.
    • Chains of Blazing Light: Mark a location with a holy rune for a short duration. When a foe steps on the mark chains of fiery light Immobilize them. Damage is no longer reduced for hitting additional targets. This Immobilize is halved on players.
    • Chains of Blazing Light (Divine): Instantly marks a location, immobilizing targets for 1 second and dealing a small amount of damage.
    • Chains of Blazing Light (Empowered): When Chains of Blazing Light strikes a foe it consumes all stacks of Empowered Chains of Blazing Light to increase the immobilize duration is by 2 seconds per stack. Damage is increased by 10% per stack.
    • Daunting Light: After a brief delay, summon a powerful column of light that burns the targeted area.
    • Daunting Light (Divine): Instantly strikes the targeted location at reduced damage.
    • Daunting Light (Empowered): Daunting Light now consumes stacks of Empowered Daunting Light to increase the critical chance and severity of Daunting Light by 10% per stack.
    • Divine Armor: The Cleric can no longer generate AP while affected by their own Divine Armor.
    • Divine Fortune: This power has been reworked. This class feature now increases Divinity gain by 5% per rank.
    • Divine Glow: Deal damage to foes at target location, reducing the damage resistance of foes who are damaged by 10% for 6 seconds. Allies at the target location are healed, granted a Heal over Time effect, and gain 10% increased daamge resistance for 6 seconds.
    • Divine Glow (Divine): Deal damage to foes at target location, reducing their damage dealt by 5% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Allies are healed and gain 5% increased damage dealt, stacking up to 3 times.
    • Divine Glow (Empowered): Divine Glow now consumes stacks of Empowered Divine Glow to increase the effect radius of Divine Glow by 5′ per stack and increase the duration of the buffs and debuffs by 2 seconds per stack.
    • Divine Oracle: Prophecy of Doom: Target has lowered damage resistance for 8 seconds. If the target is still alive when this effect expires they take damage. If the target dies while affected by this power you gain AP and the power is instantly recharged.
    • Exaltation (Divine): Heal yourself and your ally, granting powerful damage resistance for 2 seconds. Empowered Exaltation: Exaltation now consumes stacks of Empowered Exaltation to increase the heal by 15% per stack. The damage buff and resistance buff are increased by 5% per stack.
    • Forgemaster’s Flame: Ignite your target with Astral Fire, dealing damage over time. Base slow for this power now slows the foe for 60% (up from 40%).
    • Forgemaster’s Flame (Divine): You unleash a burst of Astral Fire, dealing damage and slowing the target for 6 seconds. This slow stacks up to 3 times.
    • Forgemaster’s Flame (Empowered): Forgemaster’s Flame now consumes stacks of Empowered Forgemaster’s Flame to increase the damage dealt by Forgemaster’s Flame by 10% per stack and grant Astral Forge to all nearby allies when cast. Astral Forge increases the damage allies deal by 5% per stack for 8 seconds.
    • Hallowed Ground: You can no longer gain AP while Hallowed Ground is active.
    • Healing Word: Heals and applies a Heal over Time effect to yourself and all allies in a line. Max 3 stacks. 3 charges.
    • Healing Word (Divine): Grants yourself and all allies in a line Temporary Hit points every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.
    • Healing Word (Empowered): Healing Word now consumes stacks of Empowered Healing Word to immediately heal all allies in addition to the Heal over Time effect. This heal is increased based on the number of stacks consumed.
    • Lance of Faith: This power now deals 25% more damage.
    • Prophecy of Doom (Divine): You deal instant damage to target foe. This damage is doubled if the target is affected by Prophecy of Doom.
    • Prophecy of Doom (Empowered): Prophecy of Doom now consumes stacks of Empowered Prophecy of Doom to increase the duration of Prophecy by 2 seconds per stack and the damage resistance debuff by 5% per stack.
    • Punishing and Soothing Light: These powers now drain Divine power half as fast.
    • Righteous: Fire of the Gods: This feat no longer incorrectly damages foes in an AoE or crits any more.
    • Searing Light: Throw a powerful beam of light through targets in front of you.
    • Searing Light (Divine): Damage caused by this power also heals any allies within 15′ for 100% of the primary damage dealt.
    • Searing Light (Divine): Fire a beam of light through targets in front of you, dealing 15% of the damage to enemies around them.
    • Searing Light (Empowered): Searing Light now consumes stacks of Empowered Searing Light to strike with increased Armor Penetration. Ignores 10% additional armor per stack.
    • Sun Burst: Now does the old Divinity version as its baseline.
    • Sun Burst (Divine): Applies a damage over time effect to all foes in the area of effect. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times. Grants Empowered Sun Burst for 15 seconds if you hit at least 1 target. Max 3 stacks.
    • Sun Burst (Divine): This power now also applies a HoT effect to allies.
    • Sun Burst (Empowered): Sun Burst now consumes stacks of Empowered Sun Burst to increase the knock distance and the heal potency by 15% per stack.
  • Guardian Fighter
    • Knights Valor: Now targets the closest 5 players rather than an unlimited number.
  • Great Weapon Fighter
    • Allied Opportunity Feat: Damage Bonus increased to 6/12/18/24/30% (up from 2/4/6/8/10%) and the Combat Advantage Duration is increased to 1.5/3/4.5/6/7.5 seconds (up from 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds).
    • Group Assault Feat: Damage bonus increased to 2/4/6/8/10% for each additional target struck (up from 1/2/3/4/5%).
    • Instigator’s Vengeance Feat: This power has been reworked. Now grants 10% increased damage at all times. This value is increased by 10% each time you are struck in combat, up to a maximum total increase of 50%.
    • Intimidation Feat: This feat now deals 7/14/21/28/35% of your power as damage (down from 10/20/30/40/50%).
  • Hunter Ranger
    • Biting Snares Feat: Now generates 20% of your AP (up from 10%), increases your damage by 30% (up from 15%), and Control durations are increased by 60% (up from 30%).”
    • Disruptive Shot: This power now correctly benefits from Control Strength.
    • Fox Shift: This power now correctly only generates AP once when activated rather than per hit.
    • Pathfinder: Bear Trap: This power now correctly benefits from Control Strength.
    • Piercing Blade Feat: This feat now correctly looks at damage after resistance instead of incorrectly using damage before resistances and immunities were applied.
    • Swiftness of the Fox Feat: This power has been reworked. Your Melee encounter powers shorten the cooldown of your Ranged encounter powers by 3/6/9/12/15%. Your Ranged encounter powers shorten the cooldown of your Melee encounter powers by 3/6/9/12/15%.
    • Trapper: Thorned Roots: This feat has been redesigned. Now deals 40/80/120/160/200% of your weapon damage every second.
    • Wilds Medicine: This feat is now half as effective in PVP.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • Creeping Death Feat: Almost all powers that deal Necrotic Damage are now correctly identified as such, and should activate this feat much more reliably.
    • Dreadtheft: Players may no longer activate other powers while Dreadtheft is firing if the primary target has already died.
    • Fiery Bolt: The Curse Consume portion of this power will now work far more consistently and should always deal the correct damage now.
    • Temptation: Soul Bonding: Life steal shared is reduced to 125% of the life steal done (down from 200%).
    • Tyrannical Threat: You can no longer incorrectly generate AP while Tyrannical Threat is affecting you.
  • Trickster Rogue
    • Bait and Switch: The Bait and Switch Dummy will now more effectively taunt targets and grab their attention.
    • Blitz: Damage increased by roughly 20% and the maximum number of targets increased to 7 (up from 5).
    • Cloud of Steel: Applies a stacking damage buff on the target for 4 seconds. Each stack increases the damage of Cloud of Steel by 5%, stacking up to 8 times.
    • Cloud of Steel: This power no longer has charges and activates slightly slower and now deals 10% more damage.
    • Concussive Strikes: This feat will no longer daze the rogue in rare cases.
    • Courage Breaker: Damage increased by roughly 15%.
    • Dazing Strike: Now always activates at the same speed as stealth and should hit targets far more consistently.
    • Deft Strike: Now slows targets for 80% (up from 60%) for 5 seconds (up from 3 seconds) and damage increased by roughly 15%.
    • Dexterity: Rogues now get an additional .5% deflect chance per point of Dex for a total of 1% for each point past 10.
    • Dodge: Rogues now roll 50% farther when dodging in combat and their dodge cost has been reduced to 30% of their stamina (down from 50%).
    • Duelist’s Flurry: The bleed from Duelist’s flurry now deals 20% more damage and now activates faster.
    • Executioner: Shadow of Demise: Shadow of Demise can no longer activate itself and can only be applied to a single target.
    • First Strike: Damage bonus increased to 33% per rank (up from 5% per rank).
    • First Strike: Now provides 30% bonus damage at rank 1 (down from 33%) and provides an additional 15% when ranking it up (down from 33%).
    • Gloaming Cut: Base damage of this power has been reduced by roughly 15%.
    • Impact Shot: Base Damage increased by roughly 15%.
    • Lashing Blade: Stealth: Now strikes with 50% increased Critical Severity.
    • One with the Shadows: Can no longer be wasted by triggering from Shadow Strike.
    • Path of the Blade: Now hits 3 targets each tick (up from 1), duration increased to 20 seconds (up from 10) and deals roughly 33% of its original damage.
    • Shadow Strike: Stealth: Daze increased to 4 seconds (up from 3).
    • Shadow of Demise: This feat no longer requires you to use an encounter power to apply. It may be applied to several targets again. Passively increases stealth regen by 20% and prevents regeneration being stopped.
    • Shadow of Demise: Now deals 50% of your damage to the target (up from 35%).
    • Shadowy Opportunity: Now correctly activates with ranks in this feat, rather than ranks in Ambusher’s Haste.
    • Sly Flourish: The damage on this power now better reflects the activate time of each hit. The damage of the second, third, and final hits have all been increased. Overall damage now increased by 15% on all strikes.
    • Sly Flourish: The final hit of this combo now applies Broken Armor for 15 seconds. Broken Armor causes targets to take 5% more damage from all sources.
    • Smoke Bomb: Now deals Poison damage over time to all targets caught within it.
    • Stealth: Stealth depletion is now based on base stealth Duration rather than modified duration.
    • Stealth: Now also grants 100% Critical Chance in addition to Combat Advantage and using At Wills while Stealthed now drains 15% of your Stealth Meter per attack.
    • Stealth: Stealth depletion from damage is now directly related to how much damage the target deals. You lose an amount equal to the percent of HP that you lose in the attack.
    • Whirlwind of Blades: No longer ignores Damage Resistance and Immunity and can be Deflected.
    • Whirlwind of Blades: Now increases your Power by 20% per target hit (up from 10%).
    • Wicked Reminder: Damage increased by roughly 10%, maximum stacks reduced to 3 has 3 charges and 1 charge is refilled every 5 seconds and reduces the target’s defenses by 7% per stack (up from 4%).

Devoted Cleric Feat Rework

  • Virtuous: A tree focused on layering healing effects on allies and preventing harm.
    • Lasting Wishes: You heal for 2/4/6/8/10% more.
    • Have Faith: Allies under the effect of your Heal over Time effects take 1/2/3/4/5% less damage.
    • Urgent Prayers: Applying a Regeneration or Heal over Time effect to an ally below 10/20/30/40/50% HP will also cause them to be healed for 150% of your weapon damage.
    • Unbreakable Devotion: Your Heal over Time effects grant allies a shield that ignores a flat amount of damage. This amount is equal to 10/20/30/40/50% of your weapon damage.
    • Purity: Your Regeneration and Heal over Time effects have a 2/4/6/8/10% chance when healing an ally to heal for 3 times as much.
    • Virtue’s Gift: Your Heal over Time effects are increased by 20% while you are above 95/90/85/80/75% health.
    • Cleansing Fire: Your damaging encounter powers have a 10/20/30/40/50% chance to apply a Heal over Time effect to all allies within 20′ of the target. This effect heals for 350% of your weapon damage over 15 seconds. This effect does not stack.
    • Shield of the Divine: When you or an ally within 30′ of you takes damage they receive a Heal over Time effect from you that heals for 500% of your weapon damage over 10 seconds. An ally cannot trigger this effect while already affected by Shield of the Divine. Additionally, Word of Healing, Bastion of Health, Divine Glow, and Astral Shield no longer directly heal allies, and instead apply a Heal over Time effect to affected allies for double that amount over 12 seconds.
  • Faithful: A tree focused on using large heals to save allies from death, even able to bring them back from the brink of death.
    • Resounding Beliefs: Your direct healing powers heal for 2/4/6/8/10% more.
    • Desperate Restoration: When you or the target of your healing are below 30% HP you heal for 6/12/18/24/30% more.
    • Divine Intervention: Your direct healing spells have a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to grant the target 150% of your weapon damage as Temporary Hit Points.
    • Shared Burdens: Your direct healing spells also heal allies within 20′ the target for 4/8/12/16/20% of the original heal.
    • Chaplain’s Strength: When a foe is within 30′ of you your healing is increased by 2/4/6/8/10%
    • Test of Faith: When taking damage you gain a stack of Faith. Every 3 seconds a stack of Faith will seek out a nearby damaged ally and heal them for 60/120/180/240/300% of your weapon damage. You can only gain a stack of Faith once every second.
    • United by Faith: For each ally within 30′ of you your healing is increased by 1/2/3/4/5%.
    • Agent of the Divine: Your healing spells now heal for 25% less and store the difference on the target as a “Gift of Faith”. While an ally has Gift of Faith on them, when they drop below 45% HP the Gift of Faith is expended to immediately heal them for the full amount. Additionally Word of Healing, Bastion of Health, and Divine Glow no longer apply a Heal over Time effect, but instead grant the amount they would have healed directly to Gift of Faith.
  • Righteous: A warrior of unshakable faith who decimates foes in the name of his diety.
    • Astral Fury: You deal 2/4/6/8/10% more damage.
    • Furious Intervention: You generate 2/4/6/8/10% AP when dealing damage.
    • Righteous Suffering: When you take damage you deal 2/4/6/8/10% more damage for 10 seconds.
    • Bear Your Sins: Foes who are under the effect of one of your Damage over Time effects take 2/4/6/8/10% more damage from all sources.
    • Piercing Light: Your damaging powers have 2/4/6/8/10% additional Armor Penetration.
    • Condemning Gaze: Your damaging encounter powers apply a stack of Condemned to affected targets for 30 seconds. If a foe reaches 5 stacks of Condemned they take 3/6/9/12/15% more damage from all sources for 15 seconds and will not gain new stacks of Condemned until this effect expires.
    • Fire of the Gods: When you critically strike a foe they are set ablaze, taking 20/40/60/80/100% of your weapon damage every second for 15 seconds. This effect does not stack.
    • Avatar of the Divine: When you enter combat you gain Avatar. Avatar increases your damage by 40% and increases your cooldown speed by 40% for 25 seconds. After you have activated Avatar you cannot benefit from it again for 60 seconds. Avatar will reactivate automatically when it is ready. Leaving combat cancels Avatar and resets its cooldown.


Trickster Rogue Feat Rework

  • Saboteur: Sustained DPS focused on being able to reactivate stealth quickly to land hits for increased critical bonus.
    • Flashing Blades: Your At Will attacks deal 1/2/3/4/5% more damage while your stealth meter isn’t full.
    • Shady Preperations: Entering Stealth reduces all of your cooldowns by 3/6/9/12/15%.
    • Knife’s Edge: Activating a Daily power reduces all of your cooldowns by 5/10/15/20/25%.
    • Return to Shadows: Dealing damage when behind a target with Encounter Powers refills 5/10/15/20/25% of your Stealth Meter. This effect cannot trigger when leaving stealth.
    • Gutterborn’s Touch: Dealing damage when behind a target grants you Gutterborn for 6 seconds which causes you to ignore 2/4/6/8/10% more Armor on the target and increases your Power by 2/4/6/8/10%. This effect does not stack.
    • Ambusher’s Haste: While Stealthed you gain a damage bonus of 5/10/15/20/25%. This bonus diminishes as your stealth meter drains out.
    • Shadowy Opportunity: When you deal damage from stealth you deal an additional 15/30/45/60/75% of your weapon damage as Piercing Damage. Piercing Damage cannot be deflected and ignores defenses.
    • One with the Shadows: Every 15 seconds you gain “One with the Shadows”. While you are affected by “One with the Shadows” the next time you deal damage you instantly refill your Stealth Meter and gain a 20% damage buff to Encounter Powers for 10 seconds.
  • Scoundrel: A brawler who debuffs foes and can take a lot of damage.
    • Roll with the Punches: You have .5/1/1.5/2/2.5% more Deflect Chance.
    • Bloody Brawler: You have .5/1/1.5/2/2.5% more Lifesteal.
    • Survivor: When your HP is below 30% you gain 2/4/6/8/10% increased deflect chance.
    • Savage Blows: Dealing damage to foes increases your Lifesteal by .2/.4/.6/.6/1% for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
    • Concussive Strikes: Your Critical Strikes and attacks from behind the target daze foes for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Foes can only be dazed this way once every 5 seconds.
    • Low Blows: You deal 5/10/15/20/25% more damage to foes who are Dazed, Stunned, Immobilized, or Slowed.
    • Mocking Gesture: You gain 2/4/6/8/10% Deflect Chance for 10 seconds after entering stealth.
    • Skullcracker: Every 15 seconds you gain Skullcracker. While you have Skullcracker your next attack Dazes the target for 4 seconds. While a target is affected by Skullcracker your attacks will extend the Daze on the target by .5 seconds, up to a maximum of 6 seconds. You deal 25% increased damage to targets affected by Skullcracker and also grants 25% increased move speed.
  • Executioner: Uses stealth to try and deal as much damage as possible in a single strike.
    • Arterial Cut: You have 3/6/9/12/15% increased Critical Severity while Stealthed.
    • Grim Pleasure: Your Critical Strikes increase your Power by 1/2/3/4/5% for 4 seconds.
    • Vicious Pursuit: Foes you damage take 1/2/3/4/5% more damage from you for 6 seconds. This effect does not stack.
    • Twisted Grin: When a foe within 30′ of you dies you gain Twisted Grin for 10 seconds which improves the damage of your next attack by 2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5%. This bonus is doubled while in stealth.
    • Last Moments: You deal 5/10/15/20/25% more damage to foes who are below 40% HP. This threshhold is increased to 70% while you are stealthed.
    • Exposed Weakness: Stealth also causes you to ignore 5/10/15/20/25% of your target’s armor.
    • Shadowborn: Entering Stealth grants you 20/40/60/80/100% increased power for your next attack.
    • Shadow of Demise: Dealing damage from Stealth places “”Shadow of Demise”” on the target for 6 seconds. When Shadow of Demise end the target takes 35% of the damage the Rogue dealt as Piercing Damage. Piercing damage cannot be deflected and ignores armor.

 Paragon Path Changes

  • Anointed Champion
    • Anointed Holy Symbol: Now grants half as much Temp HP to better reflect new Divine Mode behaviors.
    • Exaltation: You bless your ally and yourself, healing both of you and granting increased damage dealt and increased damage resistance.
  • Iron Vanguard
    • Ferocious Reaction: This class feature now deals 25% of your HP in damage (up from 10%) and heals you for 25% (up from 10%).
  • Spellstorm Mage
    • Storm Spell: Chance to activate increased to 30%, but can only trigger on critical hits now.
    • Sudden Storm: This power now activates 40% faster.
  • Master Infiltrator
    • Gloaming Cut: Does not drain Stealth Meter when used from Stealth.
    • Gloaming Cut: Now deals up to 25% more damage as the target’s HP diminishes (up from 20%). This effect is increased by 25% per rank (up from 5%).
    • Impossible to Catch: Stealth: This power no longer makes you immune to all damage but now also increases your damage resistance by 50%.
    • Shocking Execution: This power has been redesigned. If you strike a target below 20% HP this power refunds 100% of the AP used to cast it. This effect can only be triggered once before the Daily will consume AP. Ranking this power up will increase that Health Threshold by 5% each rank.
  • Whisperknife
    • Advantageous Position: Now provides 20% resistance (up from 10%) and now lasts for 2 seconds per rank (up from 1).
    • Disheartening Strike: Damage reduced by roughly 10% and now lasts 15 seconds (up from 7.5).
    • Hateful Knives: Combat Advantage time increased to 6 seconds base (up from 3).and damage increased by roughly 50%.
    • Vengeance’s Pursuit: Initial damage increased by roughly 20% and follow up damage increased by 50%.
    • Vengeance’s Pursuit: Now correctly breaks Crowd Control on the teleport.
    • Vengeance’s Pursuit: Tooltip now lists the total damage this power does, instead of the damage the initial throw will do.

 Content and Environment

  • Castle Never: Resolved the door in front of Dracolich fight to prevent multiple players double-interacting with it and closing the door.
  • Domination PvP: When a PvP match ends a power will trigger to immediately revive all dead players to prevent them from spawning dead if they close the results window too quickly before being revived and going back to their previous location and taking an injury.
  • Lair of the Pirate King: The puzzle treasure chest near the ledge has been slightly redesigned.
  • Resolved several minor lighting issues in Protectors Enclave.
  • Skirmish and Call to Arms queues now all support Vote Kicking instead of sometimes allowing an all powerful party leader.
  • The Broker quest now auto-completes for any players who still have it as the Auction Broker is no longer used.


  • Cult of the Dragon White Dragonwings should no longer be able to chain freeze players with their spinning ice strike projectiles.

Graphics and Performance

  • Resolved several client crashes involving FX calling animation skeletons.
  • Resolved several client slow memory leak issues.

Items and Economy

  • All enchantments and other items that give RP dropped through Fey Blessing, Dragon Hoard and Tymora’s Blessing enchantments are now Bound to Account. This change is not retroactive.
  • Bilethorn: The secondary tick of Bilethorn is now correctly classified as a Damage over Time effect.
  • Currencies now have more appropriate caps on how many can you can have at a time. Some others such as expiring event currencies are regular items again due to technical limitations.
  • Golden Dragon artifact weapons are now be salvaged for 1 Dragon Forged Steel.
  • Guardian Fighter Profound PvP armor set bonus will once again increase their Block meter by 30%
  • Potion of Heroism is now useable from inventory.
  • Tyranny of Dragons Campaign: We have increased the drop rates for Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind (Boon 4) and Breyer’s Draconic Investigations (Boon 5).
  • Tyranny of Dragons rewards: Increased the drop rates of artifact belts in the Epic versions of The Shores of Tuern skirmish and the Lair of Lostmauth dungeon.

User Interface

  • Boss names and health bars have received a slight update to make them more useful and noticeable.
  • Currencies now all show an item gained notification in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Resolved an issue with the tooltip delay setting not affecting all instances of tooltips such as equipped items and statistics.
  • Store items now display in two columns regardless of the UI Scale setting.
  • The Currency bag has been updated to display most currencies into presorted lists including Event Currencies, PvP Currencies, Lockbox Currencies, Campaign Currencies and Dungeon Seals. Bounty items are still stored in a bag so they can be traded.
  • The Home window has received a significant update to its layout and functionality. It now features notices of upcoming events and promotions as well as still providing quick access to the daily quests from Rhix and the upcoming hourly events. Clicking on any of the listed items should bring up more details about that item.

As you can see there have been tons of changes and adjustments on top of Neverwitner’s free Module 5, Rise of Tiamat.

Servers are up, let’s go send Tiamat back to Well of Dragons!