Neverwinter Call To Arms Gurrundar the VileThe free to play Dungeons and Dragons based MMO Neverwinter has another Call to Arms Event happening now through the weekend. Call to Arms Events are quick 10-15 minute battles similar to Skirmishes. Just queue up for CTA:Garrundar the Vile. Then the grouping system will get you right into the a group.

In this Call to Arms Event for Neverwinter players will battle an onslaught of lizardfolk and ultimately the black dragon Garrundar the Vile!

This event is very straight forward and a great way to break the grind through Neverwinter. Besides the offered rewards for this special event, it is a great way to increase your slayer count. Run this event to rack up dragon kills, eventually earning the title, Dragon Slayer!

Here is the official release notes for Neverwinter’s Call to Arms Event, Garrundar the Vile.

Garrundar the Vile is wreaking havoc in Pirates’ Skyhold. Aluiries Arborshate has lured the foul beast into the open giving you the opportunity to defeat the black dragon. This will be a challenging battle, but those who successfully defeat the powerful dragon could be rewarded with great items including enchantments, a new companion, unique weapon transmutes and Medallions of Battle.

  • Call to Arms: Garrundar the Vile begins: June 5, 2014 at 10 A.M PST (Pacific)
  • Call to Arms: Garrundar the Vile ends:  June 9, 2014 at 10 A.M PST (Pacific)

If you are new to Call to Arms skirmish events, these events are available for players of all levels (from 6-60)! Also, you are able to queue for these skirmishes at any time while the event is active. To learn more about these fun events, check out our Call to Arms trailer below!

If you and your party successfully defeat Garrundar, you could be rewarded with amazing items, which include: the Lizardfolk Shaman companion, unique dyes, Savagel enchantments, and of course Medallions of Battle. These medallions can be redeemed from the event vendor, in Protector’s Enclave, for unique weapon transmutes, Refiner’s Cache, and dyes.  Sword Coast Adventures will also feature a special dungeon to battle Garrundar the Vile and Medallions of Battle will also drop from all challenges within it.

In addition to the equipment drops from slain creatures (specific to your level), players could receive the following items:

Savage Enchantment

This enchantment has a pulsing glow that shifts chaotically between various shades of green. You could receive enchantments from rank 1 up to rank 5 as monster drops and from the reward chest.

New Companion –  Lizardfolk Shaman Companion

New Lizardfolk Shaman CompanionOnce an enemy, this companion has become disillusioned by the fall of Garrundar and now follows what he believes to be an even more powerful being…You!

The Lizardfolk Shaman has initial power points in Defense and Regeneration along with three defensive slots for Runestones. As a green quality companion, it has a max rank of 20 providing you with three skins from which to pick before upgrading.

The Lizardfolk Shaman has three powers and one active bonus:

Active Bonus: +2% incoming healing.

Poisoned Dart

  • 1s cooldown
  • Poison Damage
  • Fires a dart at a single target doing damage and additional poison damage over time.

Marsh Blessing

  • 15s cooldown
  • Marsh Blessing heals you and up to 3 allies for an amount based on your companion’s level and your total hit points

Power of the Marshlands (unlocks at companion rank 30)

  • Increases range that Marsh Blessing heals friendly targets by 50%.

Class-based transmutable weapons

Neverwinter Class Based Custom LookYour weapons can be transformed to take on a more primitive look.

Jungle Cloak Dye Pack

With this set of green and yellow dyes, you can blend in with the jungle surroundings of the sky pirates lair.

Are you ready to take on Garrundar the Vile and the poisonous Lizardfolk?