u9-dead-eyeAre you looking for a gift for that gamer you know? Are you trying to find something to get that certain person you know to become a game? If so you should give them the gift of gaming! The best part of it is that this gift is free! Are you not too keen on giving a free gift? Sweeten the deal with these two games by giving them additional gaming time and in-game resources to make their experience that much better! Here are two great games that are free to play with many more features that can be unlocked either in game or with a few extra dollars. Make sure you join along with the person you are giving this to so you both can enjoy gaming together.

Dungeons and Dragons Online


Play Dungeons and Dragons Online for Free

This is a great free to play MMO based on the hugely popular fantasy gaming system Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons Online is primarily based in the newest campaign setting, Ebberon. However, recent in game events have bridged the planes and you can now also travel to the Forgotten Realms and go on adventures and quests there as well. The developers of DDO have hinted at an agreement with Wizards of the Coast that allows them much more freedom to make and explore the wider Dungeons and Dragons multiverse so there may be many more settings to come.

Dungeons and Dragons Online was one of the first MMO’s to have real action combat, where timing matters and your ability to dodge attacks and time your counter attacks really matters. With an very in depth private dungeon system you do not have to worry about farmers and campers stealing your quest goals as each group gets its own instance of the dungeons. There are wide open wildernesses with the more traditional MMO tasks of finding rare monsters or killing a certain number enemies as well. Following the table top Dungeons and Dragons you will also find traps, secret doors, puzzles and riddles cleverly integrated into the dungeons which gives a much more detailed and immersive experience than many other MMOs. I urge everyone to try out this great MMO.

  • Follow this link to get Dungeons and Dragons Online for free! : https://bit.ly/gu6OY1

If you are looking to give a little bit more than a free subscription to Dungeons and Dragons Online include some Turbine Points with the gift. Turbine Points are what they will use inside the game to purchase things from the Turbine Store. This can be as basic as a healing potion up to buying account unlocks that will grant access to large sections of the game. Make sure that you sign up for the account and then purchase the Turbine Points to make sure they go to the right account!

Star Wars The Old Republic


Play Star Wars TOR for Free!

Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG just recently went free to play as well. If you think the person you are looking to get gaming this year is into Star Wars and a more futuristic type of game instead of a fantasy game this is the one to try!

Unlike Dungeons and Dragons Online, Star Wars The Old Republic follows a more traditional path and play style in the MMO genre. Combat is much more turn based instead of being twitch based. Many of the missions, what Star Wars TOR calls their quests, are story based but boil down into the hunter and gatherer style of play. One of the best things about Star Wars The Old Republic is that all of your interactions with NPC’s (Non Player Characters) are cut scenes. This means that you move into a short scene with everything acted out with full voice overs and cinematic. Even the tiniest and shortest quests in the game have this feature which has the effect of making it feel like you are your character and really pulls you into the story. This makes Star Wars TOR very fun to play. Even when playing different classes in the same area it doesn’t get very repetitive. The NPC’s might have the same things to say, roughly, but each class has entirely different attitudes, goals, and decisions to make which adds a whole new level of immersion that most MMO’s fail to achieve.

Star Wars TOR Full Game Access!

If you are looking to give a little more then a free download of Star Wars TOR then you may want to buy a full access game time card so that they have the opportunity to check out and experience all of the great features that Star Wars TOR has to offer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Online Game Time Card 60 Day

If you want to purchase a few Cartel Coins, the in-game currency to purchase store items, you can go here to by in game Cartel Coins and other features. : http://www.swtor.com/buy

Get Star Wars The Old Republic as a gift for a gamer or get Dungeons and Dragons Online or get both, they are free after all! Just make sure that you also get an account for yourself so you can enjoy this gift with them! I wish more people would give the gift of gaming. It’s a fun and easy gift and the best part is that this is a gift that both you, and the gamer you are giving it to can enjoy!