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Win a Cameo in the New Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Dungeons and Dragons Movie PosterI hope everyone had a great and safe Holiday!

I was catching up on my Dungeons and Dragons news when I came across this on Robot Viking ( You can win a role in the new and upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie! I thought I would pass this along to you. Good luck with your entries! Time is short, get them in before the new year.

The guide I posted to day might help get you started! Making a Great Dungeons and Dragons Character


Did you know that there’s a new D&D movie in the works? It’s called Book of Vile Darkness, and you can actually win a walk-on role. Not only that, you get to create the character you’ll play in the movie. That’s a pretty cool contest.

Silver Pictures is the production house bringing this new D&D film to life. This is the company that produced Sherlock Holmes, V for Vendetta, and Ninja Assassin. Unfortunately they also produced the first D&D movie. All I can say to that is: this one can’t possibly be any worse than the first one.

Primary filming is happening in Eastern Europe (whose chief export for many years was, in fact, vile darkness), but there will be additional scenes shot in Louisiana. That’s where you come in. Use the new D&D Character Builder online tool (which, yes, means you have to subscribe to D&D Insider to enter the contest) to make a new character and write up to 100 words of description and backstory. That’s not a lot to go on, but if your character is judged the best, you’ll be flown to Louisiana, done up in makeup and costume and filmed in “an epic battle scene.”


Read the full entry details at Wizards’ official promotions page and see if your character is awesome enough for the silver screen.

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