u9-fear-factory-neihoden-close-upIt’s that time again for another update, and DDM’s Realm is ready! We’ve added new quest and item information!

This series is a dive into the macabre as agents of Xoriat toy with the poor citizens of Stormreach. This set of quests are eerily exciting—there are a few moments that are bound to make you jump! The environments and quests are really well done and I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Turbine is producing great content with this update, setting the bar high. I would love to see more of this creepy, dark, and evil type of quest. Dungeons and Dragons is all about being the hero, opposing terrible villains, and this update is very effective at making you the star and the hero!

Keep on kicking out the great content Turbine!

Website Updates

  • Update 9 Information Added
  • Update 9 Quests Added – Missing, Sinister Storage, Fear Factory and In The Flesh
  • Update 9 Items Added – More than a dozen new named items added.
  • Loads of 5th Anniversary item screen shots
  • Corrected many discrepancies between what the Smuggler’s Rest creation box said was created and what item powers were actually on the item.
  • Dream Conspiracy cheat sheet added for the bonus chests.
  • Many Older Quests Verified such as:
    • And The Dead Shall Rise
    • Chamber of Kuroush
    • Desert Caravan
    • Genesis Point
    • The Enemy Within
    • The Spawn of Whisper Doom

Expect to see some other web site improvements coming soon. I have decided to split up the development of the site into a couple steps between updates so I am not trying to do so much at once.

Have fun with the new series, I sure did! Great job on another fun update Turbine!

Play Smarter, Not Harder!