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Star Wars TOR General Play Guides

ddmsreal-tor-tython-bark-beast-on-fireThere is a lot of content in the MMORPG, Star Wars The Old Republic. It spans a vast galaxy, has many planets, classes, and opportunities to explore. The different systems within the game can be overwhelming for any player. Luckily Star Wars TOR does a fantastic job of allowing you to enjoy the game and the Star Wars universe without having to know the ins and outs of every system.

However, a savvy Star Wars TOR gamer will take the time to learn the many different systems that are within Star Wars The Old Republic. These game systems range from character stats, character classes, looting, questing, economy, crafting, Player versus Player, social engagement, and more. If you take the time to learn how these systems work in Star Wars TOR, you can learn how best to utilize each one of these to make your gaming experience richer and the time you spend in Star Wars TOR better.

Below is the listing of general guides I have created to address some of these systems and how to play Star Wars TOR how it was intended to be enjoyed. Check back again as I will be adding more guides.

Star Wars TOR General Play Guides

  • Jumping into Star Wars The Old Republic (TOR): A quick start guide to the basics all players need to know to be successful in Star Wars TOR
  • Star Wars TOR Character Creation Guide: So you want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO? Of course you do! But how do you succeed at the game and tower over the other players? Understanding your character and building it correctly will save you regret later.

Make sure to visit the main Star Wars TOR guide section to see the other guides, including video guides, created for Star Wars The Old Republic.

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