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Treasure Map Locations – Jungle of Chult

Looking for the treasure map locations in the Jungle of Chult for the Tomb of Annihilation expansion for Neverwinter? Well look no further! Below you will find the map coordinates, an images, and video guides. These treasure map guides will help you find the hidden treasures buried deep in the jungles of Neverwinter. 

Acquiring Treasure Maps for the Jungle of Chult

Before you can go treasure hunting in the Jungles of Chult you will need to have a treasure map. These treasure maps can be gained from doing repeatable quest, Patrolling Chult (6x Weekly).

Get this quest in the port city of Nyanzaru from the merchant prince Wakanga O’tamu in the northern section of the city. Make sure that you also get any of the repeatable quests that have (Patrol) at the end of their titles. These are the quests you have to complete to complete Patrolling Chult.

Treasure Map Locations - Jungle of Chult

This quest can be done up to 6 times per week. So once you have completed it 6 times within 1 week, save other patrol quests until you can do it again because you cannot get more than 6 maps a week. You can still do the quests, but you will not get maps. So you might as well move to the jungle and do the repeatable quests from the outpost instead. 

Don’t have time to hunt for the treasure map you have gotten? No worries! These treasure maps stack with the same kind/location. Save them up and go dig up a ton at once if you want too. It is usually best to pick these treasures up while you are doing other quests in the jungle. 

When you head out into the jungle, use the map and image gallery below to find the treasure map you are looking for. 

Treasure Map Locations Master Guide 

Here is a quick cheat sheet to help you find those treasure map locations in the Jungle of Chult for Neverwinter’s Tomb of Annihilation module. Click to enlarge.

Treasure Map Locations Master Guide for the Jungle of Chult

Treasure Map Locations Image Gallery

Below you can find the individual maps and locations to help you find those treasure map locations in the Jungle of Chult for Neverwinter’s Tomb of Annihilation module. 

Treasure Map Locations Video Playlist 

Having trouble finding your buried treasure with the images above? Then check out this video series where I show you exactly where to start, how to travel, and where to dig up the buried treasures for each treasure map for the Jungle of Chult.

Chultan Treasures from Treasure Maps

Chultan Treasure are very similar to the boxes that you get from the Leadership Profession. They stack which is nice. Then you can wait until you are back in town to open them. This way, you don’t have to worry about filling up your inventory. 

They have a chance to open with green, blue, or purple rewards. You will get one of the listed rewards. 

Green Treasures

  • Green Refine Stones 

Blue Treasures

  • Blue Refine Stones
  • Chultan Treasures, Voodoo Dolls, Crafting Ingredients
  • Blue Rings
    • Ring of the Hunter +1
    • Ring of the Hunter +2

Purple Treasures

  • Purple Rings
    • Ring of the Hunter +3
    • Ring of the Hunter +4
  • Legendary Rings
    • Ring of the Hunter +5
  • Mask of the Voodoo Witch

Have you gotten something else from a purple pull? Post it below in the comments.

Mounds of Loot in the Jungle of Chult

Treasure Map Locations - Jungle of Chult - Mounts of Treasure

It is great to see the inclusion of treasure maps and buried treasure once again in this Neverwinter expansion. It is a nice little bonus to the daily quests and is easy loot once you know where they are. 

If you see any issues of find more treasure map locations please let me know. I want to make sure this guide is as accurate as possible.

If you have found this Treasure Map Locations – Jungle of Chuly Guide for Neverwinter’s Tomb of Annihilation module helpful please share it with your friends. I would also appreciate a follow or subscribe to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest.

A special thanks goes out to Homer O Cole III for his continued support of DDM’s Realm. If you want to help DDM’s Realm and the Neverwinter community become a Patron to support the guides I create. 

I hope the guide to Treasure Map Locations in the Jungle of Chult for Neverwinter’s Tomb of Annihilation module has helped you get all your loot fast and efficiently! 

Play smarter, not harder!

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  1. Russel Smith
    August 13, 2017    

    Received Mask of the Voodoo Witch from one

    • DDM
      August 13, 2017    

      Very cool grats! I will add that to the purple possibilities.

  2. Soakhan
    August 13, 2017    

    Got twice rings of the hunter: +3 and +4 ilvl 440 and 480

    • DDM
      August 15, 2017    

      Very nice! Thanks for the post.

  3. Russel Smith
    August 15, 2017    

    and just got the +4 ring of the hunter

    • DDM
      August 15, 2017    

      Grats thanks!

  4. Nikodemos
    August 15, 2017    

    Legendary Ring of Hunt +5

    • DDM
      August 15, 2017    

      Wow! Grats! You got that from a Treasure? Thought those only came from hunts.

  5. adam
    September 20, 2017    

    u can get plus 5 rings double offense with just maps???? wtff

    • DDM
      September 24, 2017    

      That’s what they say. However, I have not been lucky enough to verify it yet. :)

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