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ddmsrealm-neverwinter-view-of-cityNeverwinter is a free to play Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition based massively multiplayer online role playing game. Neverwinter is based in the city of Neverwinter where the 4th Edition rule set picks up in Forgotten Realms after the fateful Spellplague that changed the word as we know it.

Here is a quick list of resources to help you get started with the free to play Neverwinter MMORPG.

Neverwinter Game Review

This should be your first stop if you are wondering if the Dungeons and Dragons free to play MMO Neverwinter is right for you. Find out what I think of Neverwinter and how it fits into both Dungeons and Dragons and the vast selection of other MMO’s out there.

Click Here to Read: Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter MMORPG Review

Neverwinter Player Classes

There are the classes that a player can play in Neverwinter. These are the iconic characters in Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition versions that most gamers will already know, whether they know Dungeons and Dragons or not. There should be some class that will fit your gaming style. Check out the guides below to learn the ins and outs of each one to find the right one for you.

Neverwinter Quick Class Summary

Check out  this quick overview of the Neverwinter playable classes.

How to Create a Basic Controller Wizard in Neverwinter

This is an in depth guide on a Controller Wizard in Neverwinter and how to make one that you will enjoy and how to play it well in the game.

How to Create a Basic Devoted Cleric in Neverwinter

This is an in depth game guide on what a Devoted Cleric is and how to make one that will play well and be fun in Neverwinter.

How to Create a Basic Great Weapon Fighter in Neverwinter

This detailed guide will help you learn what a Great Weapon Fighter is in Neverwinter. It will help you make one that is both fun and effective.

How to Create a Basic Guardian Fighter in Neverwinter

This in depth and detailed guide will help you learn what a Guardian Fighter is and how to play this fun class well in Neverwinter.

How to Create a Basic Trickster Rogue in Neverwinter

This detailed guide will help you discover what a Trickster Rogue is in Neverwinter and how to get the most out of this devastating but tricky class.

Sort Through The Many Moneys of Neverwinter

Neverwinter by far has the most complicated economy that I have seen in a game. They have many different types of currency, used for different things, and some, not all, can be traded or sold back and forth. If you find the convoluted and confusing economy of Neverwinter as confusing as I did you might want to check out this player guide to make sure you have the many moneys of Neverwinter figured out.

Click the link to read the game guide: The Many Moneys of Neverwinter


More Neverwinter Player Guides Coming Soon!

I have a ton of other guides currently in the works. Please keep checking back to see what guides are added. You can also Like DDM’s Realm on Facebook or follow our Twitter feed @DDMsRealm for instant notification about new additions on DDM’s Realm.

If you have any ideas or guides you would like me to write please let me know!

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