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Neverwinter Custom Foundry Quest – To Be a Nasher

ddmsrealm-neverwinter-to-be-a-nasherOne of the coolest things about Neverwinter is that they have included the program they call the Foundry with the game. Any player can enter The Foundry and create their own dungeons and adventures, set within the Neverwinter game. This is something that Cryptic has done with several other games and something that many Dungeons and Dragons fans wanted.

It has been a long time coming but I have finally gotten around to finishing my first Neverwinter custom quest, “To Be a Nasher”. This is a pretty simple quest designed around the idea that one of the local Neverwinter street gangs, the Nashers, have opened up a series of trials to test potential new recruits. If they survive the trials they have the mettle and fortitude to be a Nasher. However, these trials have become so popular that many adventurers have requested to go through the trials themselves, commonly known as the “Nasher Masher”.

Well, this has evolved into both a recruiting tool for the Nashers and a local sport of sorts. Many show up to watch others try to make it through the trials and there is much gambling and drinking that usually accompanies each run.

Now is your chance to run through the Nasher Masher yourself in the new custom Neverwinter quest, To Be a Nasher.

You can find the quest in Neverwinter itself. Just search for one of the following items:


The easiest way to search for a specific quest is by the NW ID number.

Name | To Be a Nasher

After a little bit of time you can search for a Neverwinter Foundry quest by name. This is also a good field if you are looking for a specific type of quest, say a Dungeon or Swamp. Often the names of the quests will reveal what type of quest it might be.

Author | @karranor

If you like a quest, try subscribing to the author. They may very well have other custom Neverwinter Foundry quests you will like.


Please post any feedback, questions, comments or corrections to the quest “To Be a Nasher” below. Thanks for playing! Leave a reference to your own published quests and I will try to run and review them as well.

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  1. cushparl
    September 2, 2013    

    hi there!
    I just tried to do your quest, but I could not complete it, because first I got stuck in a spike trap in the last Trial (I got \perma-rooted\) – not your fault, I think it is a bug that Cryptic should fix; so I used \/killme\ – and fell through the ground at the Respawn Point. And again. And again. And I gave up. So maybe you should just lift that campfire a little.
    I encountered another bug: Just before that Trial of Traps some prisoners tried to attack me while still locked in their cells, so i was \in combat\ and thus could not proceed to the next area nor free those guys. (Again I \solved\ it by suicide).
    I don´t fell like trying again soon, just wanted to let you know about These issues. Apart from that, it was a great quest and I really had fun, until I got stuck. (I would have given you 4 stars from what I have seen so far).
    I apologize for any grammar mistakes – as you may have guessed, English is not my native language.

    • DDM
      September 7, 2013    

      Thanks for playing my quest! I am not sure why people keep falling through the floor on respawning. I have moved it and raised it already. Maybe there is an issue with the room type or something. I will try just making a respawning room off to the side.

      As for the spike traps, ya I think it is a bug. It is really annoying when it does that. I may go swap them out for something that is not so buggy.

      I will look to see if there is a way to keep them from agroing before the gate is open. Unfortunately, I think it is another (of the many) bugs in Neverwinter.

      Thanks again and I really appreciate the feedback!

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